Happy 20 Months Jasper!

Close EnCOWnters

Dear Jasper,

The biggest change I’ve noticed in you this past month is that you are finally coming out of your shy little shell.  Last week at gymboree you actually tapped the airlog during the freeze song!  When I took you to meet cows for the first time I was sure you’d cling to me not wanting to get too close, but you walked right up and even touched one cow’s nose while feeding him some blades of grass.

This past weekend we went to a large baby shower and instead of me having to hold you the whole time, you let all sorts of people hold and watch you.. mommy even got to take some pictures because you were so content socializing with everyone.  In fact, that night we had a bunch of people back to the house and you didn’t want to go to bed even though you skipped your nap.   We were getting ready for bed and you sat up and said “Everybody!” because you wanted to go out to the living room and be part of the party.

You are completely in love with cars, and when I try to put you in your carseat you squirm out of my arms so you can run to the driver’s side door, climb in and sit it the driver’s seat where you love to honk the horn and then demand the keys!   Mommy got you a cozy coupe and the first thing you did was run and sit inside and said “Jasper’s Car!” like you couldn’t believe that it was really yours to keep.

This past week you got to spend some time with your Great Auntie Diane who came to visit from Scotland.  You love her very much, the first thing you do when we get home is ask for Mum Mum, Pop Pop and “Auntie Diet” as you call her.   I’m sure nobody is happier than you that’s she’s had to extend her trip because of the Volcano in Iceland.. someday you’ll know where that is!

You have gotten more cuddly lately, if I ask you for a hug you come running into my arms with enthusiasm. And our new favorite game is cuddling, this morning we cuddled in bed for almost 10 minutes and you barely squirmed.  You are also learning empathy, if I pretend to cry you look very concerned and will give mommy a big hug so that she feels better.

As with every month, I can’t believe that it’s possible for me to find you more sweet, more entertaining, smarter and more delightful than you were the month before but you continue to surprise me every single day.


Your Mommy.

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jbhat says:

You write such good letters! Such a good mommy you are.

Happy birthday, Jasper. And happy 8 months to my little one. So funny that some day they will basically be the same age, but that now the gap makes the hugest difference in the world.


Kimberly says:

So sweet…
James just finally tapped the air log at Gymboree yesterday for the first time, too!!! Not sure why they’ve been so shy about it!!! Silly little boys…
Happy 20 months, sweet Jasper!

Claudia says:

Aren’t they absolutely adorable and precious at this age?! So sweet. =o)

kari says:

happy birthday jasper!!!
you are a blessing.
kari and liam