My Mom, Original Icon

Urban Outfitters is having what I think is  a really cool contest called “Original Icon” in which you submit a vintage photo of your mom looking fabulously retro and stylish. When my sister told me about it, I KNEW I had to enter my mom because my mom truly WAS a style icon..the kind of girl that fashion magazines would stop in the street and take photos of for those real people trend columns.

Not only was she gorgeous with a great fashion sense, but her friends were also trend setters and creatives like one of her flat mates in London who was (is) a fashion designer who designed many of her clothes.  Here are some of the pictures I entered:

We have always had amazing prints from my parents’ past lying around.  As a child I can remember looking through them and being amazed that these care-free fun stylish people were MY PARENTS once upon a time!  I truly believe that looking at all of those vintage pictures was the start of my love for photography.

In addition to those prints, my parents have boxes of forgotten slides and negatives which is why I researched and bought them this amazing scanner for Christmas capable of scanning slides and negatives.  This is a huge leap in technology – I remember not so long ago that a slide or negative scanner used to cost close to $1000, now you can get a flat bed scanner with an integrated slide/negative carriage for around $100!!

If you have old slides and negatives, I highly recommend getting on of these units, it’s like finding hidden treasure!  Like this image of my mom, grandmom and me on the beach that I’d never seen before two days ago:

me, mom and grandmom at the beach

Of course the challenge is finding the time to go through them all, infact the scanner had sat untouched until this contest prompted us to get in those boxes and dig.. but I’m so glad we did!

If you have or do enter your mom into the contest, leave a comment with a link to your mom’s picture because I’d love to see :)

PS: contest ends on April 16th so hurry!

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kellie says:

oh and there’s still a helipad there

kellie says:

it’s quite an icon here and one most londoners would recognise, even just from the white chimneys :)

Michelle says:

OMG. Beautiful mom and grandmother. Wow.

Brittney says:

Love those! Here’s one I submitted of my grandmother.

Jule says:

Ariana..Your mom was so BEAUTIFUL! Esp love the photo by the helicopter…! Extreme style! You must get all your beauty from her! Lucky you! She’s soooo pretty!

ariana says:

Shane, My mom said “It was the 60’s, if you can remember it you weren’t really there!” :)

Kellie, she was shocked that you recognized it but it was indeed Battersea!

Heather says:

It seems like she looked just like you! Good luck! She deserves to win!

jbhat says:

Hey, great idea above about having your mom do a blog post or two. And I send compliments too. What gorgeous women, what great genes! I love these photos and hope that you do a regular feature with more images that you find. Blasts from the past can be so amazing.


Licia says:

your mom is beautiful! i see where you got your creative side from.

kellie says:

i just noticed that you put london in, doh! :)

ariana says:

Kellie, great eye!! I’ll ask my mom if she remembers exactly where!

kellie says:

where were the first 2 taken? the 2nd one looks like battersea power station in london – not to far from me :)
great pics. i love the ones of my mum in massive platforms and a big fluffy sheepskin coat!

Shane says:

wow. great images. Certainly a resemblance- if you had posted images w/o text I may have thought you found some super retro Photoshop Actions. Awesome images!!!

Ava has a new scanner (still in the box) that has the slide/negative attachment. I have a bunch of slides to scan from a period of shooting whales and dolphins. And need to get my hands on slides/negatives from my grandfather and parents.

Can you give your Mom a blog assignment? Ask her to take those images and write a blurb about what was going on in the picture and how they make her feel now!

Kristen says:

Fabulous photos and your mom is gorgeous!!! I so hope you win, seems as if this contest was perfectly meant for you two!

ariana says:

You guys are all so sweet, I’m sure my mom will love reading these comments :)

kari says:


if she doesn’t win, i am never buying from urban again.


Tiffany says:

Wow – those pics of your mom are amazing. So stylish! I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the resemblance in the last picture. I see how much you (as an adult) look like your mom and how much Jasper looks like you as a baby!

The slide scanner is really interesting. I can see some family members finding that really useful. Good idea for future gifts!

Samm Ivri says:

Gorgeous photos of your mom. And I love the one of the 3 of you. Treaures!

Kimberly says:

What treasures… amazing pictures!!! Your mom was gorgeous… you look so much like her! Love the one on the beach… your grandmom in a bikini?!?!? LOVE.

My mom was quite the hot little number as well… waist-length blonde hair… and a professional dancer. I should see what I can unearth of her… I know there are some pretty fabulous photos of her lying around somewhere! :)

Lourdes says:

Listen, if you/she don’t win that contest, there is something wrong in the world. What a fashion plate!

Lindsay says:

Your Mom is so beautiful! I think this contest is perfect for her and she’ll win!! Good luck!