Season Finale of House Shot with the 5D Mark II!

Thanks to a friend’s facebook post, I just learned that the season finale of house scheduled to air on May 16th was shot entirely with the 5D mark II:


I watch the show anyway, but this will be so fascinating! I tried using the 5D Mark IIs video once and couldn’t really figure it out so never tried again, but this is really inspiring me to go back and give it another try.

The amazing thing about video on a DLSR is that you can get the same shallow DOF and bokeh with video that you can with still images.  I’m going to give it some more practice and let you know how it goes because the trend for most new even entry level DSLRs to have video included now, it’s crazy to overlook or ignore it completely!

Anyhow, thought this was an interesting factoid you all might appreciate :)

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Justina says:

Wow… I never knew that! That’s another reason to add to my “Why I need to buy a new SLR” list! :p

And yes, please let us know how it goes, in case my list finally convinces me to get a Mark II! :)

Lindsey says:

That is crazy! I’ve never tried using the video on my mark but I’m going to now. I love House anyway so I can’t wait to watch!