“Outside, mommeeeee, outSIIIIIDE!”

This is Jasper’s new mantra and it’s created a bit of a dilemma.  If the french doors are open so that the fresh air comes inside, Jasper takes it as a cue to let himself outside – I can’t even begin to enumerate the dangers this presents but I’m sure you can imagine!  So either we stay stuffy, or we lock the screen door. Seemingly a simple solution, but when the screen door is locked he pushes on the screen – I give those screens a prognosis of about 2-4 days.

Anyway you look at it, Jasper has taken the arrival of spring to mean that he must be outside at all times lest the wrath of toddler be permanently unleashed.   So at any given time you can find me in my parents’ yard trailing after Jasper while he  explores.  My parents find this endlessly ironic, because to say that I am not outdoorsy is a vast understatement.   In typical karmic fashion, I have been blessed with a child who is in so many ways my opposite.

The upside is that I can bring my camera  along on our little jaunts which makes them quite a bit more entertaining, for me at least (not sure Jasper shares my sentiments!)

Yesterday I thought to bring my 85mm 1.8 out of hibernation for the occasion.. and wow.  I’ve always thought I was a zoom girl, but when I pulled up all of my shots in lightroom I was amazed that every single one had 100% nailed focus on the eyes.  A nice change from both my Tamron 28-75 AND my 24-70L which seem to have much more temperamental results.

Here are some results of our wanderings..

and though the following have some technical issues (blown whites) I love how it captures Jasper enjoying three of his favorite things: Pop pop, outside and helping:

By the way, Jasper surely gets his love of the outdoors from my Dad who from early spring to late fall spends every free minute working in his yard!

All images taken with the 5D Mark II, Canon 85mm 1.8 at about 2.5 and 200  ISO, varying shutterspeeds.

Enjoy your weekend, indoors or out!

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Ugh. My son is constantly saying (yelling?) “play outside!”. Like you, outside is probably the last place I ever want to be, so I’m happy my husband will keep him entertained for hours while working on the yard and playing with the dog.

On the bright side, being outside is SO stimulating, it really helps both Haiden and Piper, my 8-month old, sleep SO well at night!

Jen says:

Long time lurker, but just thought I would offer a suggestion.

My daughter is CONSTANTLY “maaaahmeeeee otsiiiiiidddddeeee” and pushing on the screen. I put a baby gate in front of the screen and it’s solved our problems so far. She can’t lean against the door and we still get fresh air in the house. I’m not sure how this would work for you, maybe close one french door? Just thought it might help. :)

Pamela says:

Gorgeous Pictures!

Sara B. says:

Yes, although he was fine last year. We stuck him on Zyrtec…hopefully that helps!

kari says:

fab photos! the color and composition in the first one is out of control gorgeous (and so is your little man of course)

liam is also VERY into OUTSIIIIII (he forgets the D)right now.

ps – love the tiger shirt – raaar!

ariana says:

Thanks Heather!

Anne Marie, I DO love it now.. but only on the full frame. Really didn’t like it much on the xsi.

Sara, poor Marino!!! Is it seasonal allergies?

Sara B. says:

Marino is the same way. Obsessed with “outside” and “park.” Mind you, he breaks out in hives everytime we set foot outdoors right now, but he is not deterred by that. I’ve taken to telling him “it’s raining” to stop him from asking! Seriously, his face gets all swollen up; it’s awful. I know, I’m a bad mama for lying!!

anne marie says:

i knew you would love your 85mm one day! i love mine sooo ohhhh much! LOL at the holes in your dad’s jeans. hilarious! ashton wants to go out side alllll the time as well. he can’t say outside but he goes to the door, starts screaming while banging on the door demanding i open it up this instant second or else!

Heather says:

GORGEOUS!!! Love these. Can’t blame him can we? Not me. If it weren’t raining today . . .