KidsCraft Playhouse Giveaway!

When Jasper’s KidsCraft playhouse arrived, I barely had one side put together and Jasper was already playing in it!  Seriously, this is by far his favorite “toy” and mommy loves the fact that it’s made from 100% recycled materials and that we can decorate it together by drawing on the outside.

Everything detail of this playhouse is well thought out from the adorable little chimney, the sun shaped “skylight” to the little mail slot!

Here it is when we first got it, still a blank canvas:

and a few days later after we had time to “decorate” a bit (you can see Jasper’s contribution on the front window!)

All you have to do to enter is visit the KidsCraft website and come back and  leave a comment here stating which playhouse you’d like if you win (Creation cottage  or Shuttle Imagination) by midnight Thursday April 15th. The winner will be chosen by and announced Friday April 16th.  Contest is open to US residents only.

If you just can’t wait until then to get your hands on one, they are available at the KidsCraft website for purchase or from Creation Cottage ($59.95) and Shuttle Imagination ($69.95)

I wish you lots of luck, this is by far my favorite giveaway product ever (Jasper’s too!)

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Alysha says:

Creation cottage! What a fun, creative plaything. Thanks for the chance!

Suzanne Oliver says:

The Shuttle Imagination for sure. My husband recently recorded the last Space Shuttle Take-Off. Now, my 2.5 year old, Dylan, hands me the remote and demands ‘SPACE SHUFFLE, Mommy!’ We’ve seen it a thousand times now.

PS: Ariana, he may surprise you one day by counting backwards as well… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I think it was from Yo Gabba Gabba, but surprising just the same when it came out of his mouth!

Yael Weiss says:

I think Micah would like the Shuttle Imagination! :) ps. some of your blog posts really hit home–started reading when we were both pregnant (I had a blog then too)…you were ahead of me by a few months so I’d read to see what to expect ;)
My little guy also thinks spring is license to stay outdoors all day (especially if swings are involved but even if they’re not!)…but thankfully no poop incidents yet (though now that I’ve mentioned it they will surely happen).
Thanks for the great reads!
Yael :)

Stephanie says:

I love your tutorials for photoshop and love this giveaway even more. I have 2 little boys who would love to decorate this home to make it theirs… I hope to win the Creation Cottage!

Crystal says:

Are you kidding? These things are Amazing! My little man would love love love the cottage. What an genius product. Thanks for sharing this, and a thousand other things.

sarah strunk says:

I LOVE this! I love the creation cottage. I have never seen anything like it. This is the best giveaway EVER!! Thanks Ariana!

Kelley says:

Awesome giveaway!!! I would love the creation cottage. This is so neat!

nora says:

creation cottage, for sure!

Alicia says:

They’re both adorable, but I’m envisioning more peek-a-boo in Creation Cottage! Thank you!

Monika Chinai says:

Creation Cottage looks like Fun!

Stephanie Grant says:

I think Zane would love the Shuttle Imagination!

Creation Cottage. Fun!

Goldy says:

Creation cottage for sure!!! My girls would LOOOVVVVEEE it!!!!!

LaurenN says:

LOVE this giveaway!! Creation Cottage would be our preference:)

Catherine B. says:

Nathan would love the Creation Cottage! What a great giveaway!

Audrey says:

These are just adorable! The creation cottage is my favorite. :)

Lala says:

Ooooh, what a cool giveaway! I think my little one would have a blast with the Shuttle Imagination!!

Kelly says:

The cottage!! It would make a great present for his first birthday coming up… the trick is to find room for it :-)

Kate Mitchell says:

Amazing!!! Jackson would be beyond stoked about this. I love them both but he’d love the window on the cottage! Thanks for the givaway!

Beth says:

I’d love to have the creation cottage for my daughter.

Janet says:

The cottage please!!!

tina behle says:

My 18 month old son would love the Shuttle Imagination! It would fit perfectly in an empty corner of our small little house! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Becca says:

I love the Creation Cottage :-) And I know that Jayci would LOVE it too!

Sarah says:

Henry & Nolan would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Creation Cottage!!!

Andrea says:

The cottage is my fave. Love the curtain!

Lauren says:

I love both! But if I had to choose, I would say the creation cottage. My husband and I are both artists, and it would be so fun to decorate it with our little guy!

Grace says:

Love the Creation Cottage!!!

Stephanie says:

I really think Cole would love the Creation Cottage! What a fun idea!

Lisa says:

What a great find! The Creation Cottage looks like a great alternative to plastic playhouses.

Stacy says:

The creation cottage – how cute!

pamela says:

love the cottage!

Whitney says:

B is obsessed with play houses…and would love the cottage. What a great idea – I love that it’s made from recycled materials, and that it will allow her creativity and imagination soar by decorating it!

andrian says:

Creation Cottage!!! Love it :)

Lisa S. says:

Definitely the shuttle imagination! I had a similar shuttle when I was a kid- my mom saved up cereal box tops and sent away for it!

I would love the cottage for my daughter!

amahrey says:

too cute! what a hard decision. i think my lo would never come out of the cottage. i imagine he and the cat would be hanging out all day :)

Sarah says:

Creation Cottage is adorable!

Lisa says:

I love the creation cottage- looks like tons of fun!!

Sarah says:

Although both are great, I would love the creation cottage. My little girl would have so much fun in it!