Mommy SOS: The Hunt for Spring Clothes

Spring decided to come uncommonly early to the northeast this year – last week we enjoyed a string of sunny days with highs in the mid 60’s-70’s!  While spring’s early arrival is very welcome, it caught me a bit off guard in terms of Jasper’s basically non existent warm weather wardrobe.   Last week, I took advantage of crazy 8’s sale to order him some rash guard shirts and swim trunks, taking heed of Jill’s advice that these tend to sell out quickly by the time summer rolls around.  I also scored him some ridiculously cute things from Baby Gap during their Friend’s and Family sale, but it wasn’t much and I planned to round out his wardrobe with basics like long and short sleeve Tees from the usual places like H&M, Old Navy and Target.

That was the plan anyway.. but I struck out completely everywhere.  I don’t know WHAT is going on at the moment, but H&M’s early spring toddler line was surprisingly disappointing, and the racks at Old Navy looked like they’d recently had a fire sale (for all I know they DID and I missed it!).   Even Target where I like their super soft vintagey tees were completely out of anything in Jasper’s size.  So now I’m sort of out of ideas.. where have you found some good deals on cute spring toddler clothes?

I also need a pair of boys toddler shoes that can get dirty in daycare’s often muddy yard. Jasper’s only pair of shoes that currently fit him are the adorable nike’s he’s wearing here:

They are totally adorable, but are also largely white and I’d like to keep them that way at least for a little while!  I didn’t see anything I liked in BRU’s shoe area, (unlike last fall when I scored those awesome brown puma’s for a steal!) and don’t really know where else to look.

Despite our shopping fail, we still managed to have some fun trying.  Jasper was absolutely CAPTIVATED by the Easter Bunny at the Easter photo set up… so long as he didn’t get too close that is.   I wish I had gotten some pictures of it, but I wasn’t quick enough with the iPhone.

I did manage to get some iPhone pics of Jasper and the Old Navy Modelquin Dog with which he was quite enamoured.. only after approaching him very cautiously of course!

So please, help me out with some tips!  Where have you had the best luck with clothes for the little one this spring?

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Allison says:

Check out They have some cute stuff and random sales all the time. Just got my son a couple tees for $7.77. They are super soft!

Ann says:

Another vote for Kohls! I was pleasantly surprised when I was there a few weeks ago. Good luck!

missy says:

Carters and Osh’kosh just launched online stores – and offer free shipping on purchases over $50. I’m psyched to take advantage of this – we live 2 hours+ from the nearest Carters and forget trying to find Osh’kosh! Both stores have super cute duds for little dudes this spring.

jenn says:

i have bought most of lucas clothes at kohl’s. do you have a kohl’s by you? they carry 2 of my fav brands – osh gosh and carters, as well as their own line, jumping beans. and their sales are awesome. carter’s outlet is also good, and i agree with childrens place and old navy online. for shoes – has black adidas soccer shoes for little boys. cute and black :) i avoid payless anymore – their tennis shoes were $25! i can pay that for something i love instead of something that is just ok. i also love second hand stores for play clothes. i scored some keen’s for $3.50 that are brand new!

katie says:

This has nothing to do with what you posted about today but something I thought you would enjoy!

I am also having very little luck as well…maybe the stores are not as ready as we are for the spring time!!!

Rebekah says:

I got most of my DD’s spring/summer clothing from Kohl’s and Old Navy. Mind you I purchased everything online though as I never have much luck finding her size in the store. It’s like everything other toddler in the area wears 18 months too and there’s never anything on the shelves… I love Kohl’s Jumping Beans line for girls, but have never really looked at the boy’s line. However, I will add that Kohl’s seems to be pretty good about sales. I got all of DD’s clothing from Kohl’s during a 60% off sale, and managed to find a 20% off coupon code to stack on (and free shipping too)!

Oh, and I second Payless, especially if he’s just gonna get them muddy…

Sheri says:

We scored some great sandals at Kohls that look like Keens for $12 – they were half off. And I’m currently in the hunt for size 6 toddler rain boot that cost less than $20. So far, I’m totally striking out. Any thoughts?

Lindsay says:

I like to get Colin’s shirts from the Carters outlet. They have great prices! Especially if you sign up for their coupons (I think you can do that on their website). I usually still get his jeans/shorts from Gap though. I don’t mind spending more on his pants because the quality is so much better and I think that they make the Carters shirts look cuter. (or something!)

Jamie says:

Nice photos. Btw, where did you get Jasper’s bear? It’s really cute!

Jennifer says:

I like to stick with Children’s Place, Baby Gap and Gymboree. I just prefer the quality and will pay a few bucks more for something that will last all summer. Everything else seems like it washes twice and is done. Also a huge lover of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Found a London Fog rain jacket for $12 this weekend!

For shoes, I had a major score at with a pair of $80 Umi shoes for $16 and a pair of $80 Venettini shoes for $16. There aren’t many white toddler shoes on there so it’s a big selection of gray and brown!

Kristy says:

P.S. Famous Footwear has a website you can order from

Kristy says:

I odered a TON of stuff for JoJo online from Children’s Place (beware, their clothes run big). Their clothes are really cute and not expensive. Old Navy had cute stuff too, but I find that Old Navy’s clothes don’t last well in the laundry. I also love Marshalls and TJ Maxx and Carter’s. I like Famous Footwear for shoes (payless is great too)

kari says:

for shoes – we have been loving
or amazon.. search by size, lots to choose from.

and we are big tj maxx fans :)


Lacey says:

I just caught a really great 50% off sale at Children’s Place. T-shirts for $5, jeans for $12, shorts for $7.

ariana says:

Ok, will have to hunt online more!

Erin, I didn’t see any at my local target. But my local target sucks LOL.

Will check out CP and payless, thanks Pam!

Claudia, I want to go checkout Next Direct but their website is down :(

Claudia says:

Have you tried Mini-Boden and Next Direct? They have really cute things. I might be able to get you a coupon code for Next, so email me on Facebook if you decide to get something there.

pam says:

I’d say 75% of what my boys wear is from Children’s Place. I love their t-shirts, they’re so soft, and they have great sales. Shoes, we get at Payless. It’s a must with triplets. Alas.

Erin says:

I got some cute stuff at Children’s Place and Gymboree, even though Gymboree is a bit pricy. I also love Target’s shoes. Most of Eli’s shoes come from there, I even got him the MOST adorable Converse from Target!!!

mandoo says:

We’re having the same problem here… We bought some ridiculously cute clothes from Old Navy and Gap during the FF sale and the in laws are gracious enough to buy some clothes for our guy from Janie and Jack too. It’s enough to get us through for a while, at least, but I know our guy will be moving up in sizes during the summer too, which means TWO wardrobes.

I went to H&M and Target and struck out at both too. I’m hoarding a 20% coupon from gymboree and waiting for the first of their spring clothes to go onsale so that we can stock up for the rest of the season.

Aimee says:

I have found that Old Navy in store has a horrible selection for little boys but on line there are a ton of options! While Gap is cute I just can’t spend money on something my son will cover with grease in 5 minutes. I actually have a hidden drawer of “Nice go out in public clothes” that is hidden from the grandma’s because they both seem to lack any common sense between play clothes and nice clothes! :-) H&M is usually good. That’s a bummer they aren’t this spring! I think the best shoes for junk shoes are at payless.