Hoppop Toddler Tub Giveaway

When hoppop wrote to let me know about their new baby care line I was INSTANTLY won over by their eye catching modern designs.  I love their pottys:

but what really caught my eye was their adorable Bato bath which they kindly offered to send me to review:

I was actually gushing about this bath to Nanny Amy recently and her response was “He’s still in a baby tub?”  Um… yeah.. weird I know. But I just find it SO much easier to fill up a baby tub in the shower stall than deal with bathing him in either a gigantic tub that I would actually have to get IN to wash or the one at becoming-home that has sliding glass door panels and has bit of a drainage issue.. nothing major, but it does make prone to getting scummy more often than not.

So Jasper has been bathing in his Primo Eurobath since he was born and I do highly recommend that as an amazing tub that will take you effortlessly from newborn to toddler.  (The Bato doesn’t have the young baby soft sloped side so I see the Bato as a tub you would upgrade to as baby gets older.)

The Bato is deeper than the Euro tub, which is nice for keeping a toddler warmer and I read that there is something about the way it’s constructed that actually keeps the bath water warmer longer.  Also, it has differently sloped lips on each end to facilitate head rinsing over the edge.  My ONLY criticism on the more practical side is that the little drain cap isn’t tethered to the tub, a small detail on the Eurotub that I really appreciate.

So as a mom, I think this tub is adorable and functional, but the photographer in me was even more excited about it’s potential as a photography prop! I love the color pop it provides compared to the standard baby in tub pictures:

So I’m very excited about my new tub/photo prop and you should be too, because Hoppop has agreed to let me host a giveaway for the Bato in your choice of color!

All you need to do is go to the Hoppop website, click on “products” from the top menu and then “hoppop care” from the bottom bar and then click on “Bato” on the right side where the products appear and come back here and leave a comment saying which color you would like if you win!

Entries will be accepted until Friday April 2nd, Winner will be chosen via Random.org and announced on Monday April 5th.

If you just can’t wait until then to get your hands on one, they are available on amazon or from select retailers listed on their website.

Good luck!

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gillian hosman says:

I would definitely pick the fuschia – beautiful

Jennifer says:

Love these – would pick the lime!

nicoleM says:


Heather says:


Cari K says:

I like the lime.

Sarah T. says:

What an adorable tub! I’ve been looking for an upgrade to Sophia’s infant tub. I would love the Fuschia!

Susan says:

Love the tub, very slick and modern looking! If I were to win I think I would like Lime. Great pictures of your little one in the tub.

carolyn says:


Erin says:

Love the Aqua!

kayleen says:

Love it, Jasper looks so cute in the tub pictures! I would love the Lime !!

Stacy says:

I am loving any green right now. The lime one would be awesome!

Dee says:

Love the lime one that Jasper is in, its a grt bright color.

Alison says:

LOVE the aqua!

Meghan says:

what a great product! love the lime :)

Mrs Brown says:

Fuschia! It’s Ellie’s fav colour!

Chrissy says:

I love all three colors actually! I am pregnant and am finding out today (!!!) if its a girl or a boy so I think I’d go lime for girl and blue for boy. ; )

Maddie says:

no question about it – lime all the way, baby!! p.s how gorgeous is their website?

Stephanie C. says:

I love the aqua one!

Jennifer says:

I love the aqua . . . perfect for a newborn baby boy!

Ashley says:

They are all gorgeous but I would have to choose the aqua.

Maggie says:

If I won, I would like the lime tub please!

Sarah says:


Bethany says:

Aqua all the way – cute!!!! Pick me!!

Dawn says:

I was going to say fuschia until I read everyone’s response. Now I’m thinking aqua.

AmandaG says:

That’s cute! I was just thinking about this the other day. Don’t want to go to the big bathtub yet, but my kiddo is out growing his baby tub. I like the aqua.

Ashley says:

Love aqua. It’s always been my favorite color for everything. ;)

Suzann says:

I would love the lime!!

Ginny says:

LOVEing the aqua!!! I would seriously love to have this for my 6 month old – so tired of getting in the tub with him every night!

jenn says:

So hard to choose between the lime and the aqua….but I think lime is my fave!

Tamara says:

I am loving the lime! I am seriously in love with this tub! Thanks so much. Jackson would have a blast with this. {as well as mommy to take pictures}

Claudia says:

Aqua is awesome! Our bathtub situation stinks, so excited about the possibilities of this tub. We have a bathtub with a door that is so awkward and another one that is too deep. This tub seems functional and is super cute too!

Justina says:

Wow… Without doubt, my favs the lime one! :) Your photos of Jasper are looking good, as always!

Kim A says:

This is so CUTE! Aqua for me!

Britt says:

I love the aqua!

Jenny says:

Fushia hands down…

I kind of love the Fuchsia! Thank you so much :)

wanderluster says:

I love it in lime! And what a great photo prop!!

Farah says:

Jasper is such a cutie! My little one is nearly 9 months old. Your blog has been so inspiring and educational! For the giveaway, lime please…! : )

Estela says:

These are really neat!! I would love the Aqua Bato!!

Renee says:

WOW! This is GREAT! I have the Primo bath right now for my 8 mos old…this one looks fantastic! And, what a neat idea for a photog prop! I’d love it in lime! :)

Jill says:

Oooo, love this! And with 3 little girls, I like the fushia. Great giveaway!

Joy says:

Oh that Bato tub looks awesome! I would love to have a lime one! =)

Klo says:

I would love a Lime one!!

Emilee says:

I love the Lime too =)

Sarah says:

I really like the aqua!

Jess says:

Pure Awesomeness! Lime please!! :)

Tenille says:


Stacie says:

Your pictures are adorable! My pick would be lime.