Happy 19 Months Jasper!

Jasper & Mum Mum

Dear Jasper,

Today is your 19 month birthday, which means you are officially closer to two than you are to one!  You have always had an independent streak, but lately you’ve been asserting your opinions so much more, like how you decided that you ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT wear one specific shirt, for no apparent reason other than it doesn’t strike your fancy.   You insists on walking (“balk!”) everywhere by yourself, no longer content to be carried back and forth to the car or to any destination.

You are shy but flirty, making little doe eyes at pretty girls you meet at the playground.  You are still obsessed with happy birthday and shocked your daddy and I when you sat at your little piano and banged out your own rendition, playing and singing along like a seasoned crooner.   You have also become fascinated by cars recently, particularly the cozy coupe ones that have at the indoor playground.  In fact, there is no car too small for you to attempt to sit on, even matchbox sized ones!

You are much more adventurous with food these days, much to my relief. You recently demanded to try the tempeh, kale and kasha that mamma was eating a few nights ago even though they had spice seasonings you were completely unfamiliar with.  But no food can hold a candle to your beloved sour patch gummy bear vitamins for which you literally flap your arms in excitement.

Your love of certain things and places now leads to outright temper tantrums when they are all done or we have to leave – mommy has had to become a master of bribery and distraction when we leave the playground or when after you finish your last gummy bear or bite of cereal bar.

But most of all you are a constant source of laughter and entertainment – like when you strike a yoga pose and say “goga” or “yoda” or this morning when I saw you standing in front of the toilet hands on your pelvis in an adult pee stance – no doubt imitating what you’ve seen daddy do so many times!

Watching you grow up so fast I am constantly reminded to cherish every hug, even the ones that come in the middle of the night because you woke up scared and can only be soothed by rocking in the glider with mommy. Or when you run crying into my arms for comfort because you slammed your little fingers in the cheese drawer.  Or even when you wake up (too early) and I hear you calling “Mommy, Momeeeee…” Those are the moments that I live for, the ones that make me feel like the luckiest person alive simply because I am the one you run to, the one you call for and the one who kisses your boo boos and makes them all better.

I love you monkey moo.

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Dawn says:

I love this. Choked me up a bit. Jasper will love it… once he can read! :)

Samm Ivri says:

Aww….sweet! He sounds like an absolute joy to be around. Happy 19!

jbhat says:

Happy 19 months to Jasper and Co. I love these letters so much.

Our little one is 7 months today. I marvel at how L O N G it took to get to be 7 months pregnant….and then at how these last months have just flownbylikethat. It kills me.


Kristy says:

Happy 19 months Jasper! This is so beautiful and so true! JoJo will be 2 in less than a month and I can hardly stand it! Where did the time go? (never mind the fact that my Kyle will be 8!)

kari says:

Happy 19 Jasper!
It’s your golden bday… at least until you turn 19 YEARS old… and we aren’t in ANY hurry for that day to come!!
kari and liam

ariana says:

Yes, Marybeth..once upon a time :)

So sweet! I had to giggle reading about Jasper and the piano-aren’t you a musician? Sounds like he’s taking after his mom!

Tina says:

Beautifully put. I’m tearing up a bit. :-)