Jasper Talking with his Mouth Full

Usually when I pull the video camera out Jasper lunges for it wanting to see the “baby” inside, but last night while he was distracted by eating and watching his first year video I managed to elicit a few words of him.. I wanted to get him saying his thank you (tea too) but since he was cooperating I kept going..

Tea too for watching!

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Pamela says:

Jasper is so adorable!!!

Esther says:

So precious…so we had our 18-month appt today for the twinkies and Jasper and my boys are the same exact height, 32in…but just 18lb and 19lb…:)

heartartz says:

What a little sweetheart!
You made my day!

jbhat says:

He is sooooo cute. Talking. Ariana, it’s just amazing.