A Tale of Two Newborns Part II

This is the second of my newborns from this weekend.. well, actually the first because it was my Saturday shoot and Drew was my Sunday shoot :)

Meet baby Sihanna.  She was a good sleeper and not quite as difficult to pose as Drew. Actually, technically Drew slept more, but Sihanna slept deeper so she was easier to pose when sleeping!

How beautiful are mom and baby together??

and dad was such a natural with Sihanna, you would really never know this was their first baby!

Let me know if you have any questions about newborns and I’ll try to help.. as far as props and things I brought, I filled an entire SUV as I mentioned yesterday. Here is just some of what I brought:

1. Beanbag and boppy for posing (this is what baby lays on under the blankets)

2. Lots of blankets

3. Hospital pad to go under blankets and protect beanbag and boppy from pee

4. Small space heater that blows hot air on baby to keep baby warm while naked

5. baby crack machine for white noise (the Homedics Lullaby Sound Machine from BB&B)

6. Lots of hats and props

7. Savage paper and backdrop stand

8. Barnwood floor

9. Ikea Doll Bed (Duktig)

10. Large white scarfs I got from Marshalls to wrap mom and baby in

11. Clamps from Loews/Home Depot to clip blankets to backdrop stand or dining room chairs.

I think that’s it, but I’m sure I’m forgetting something because there was just so much!!  Photographing newborns is almost as exhausting as HAVING them.. but almost as rewarding too :)

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Gwen says:

LOVE your work! Amazing! I am dying to set up a real studio, but it’s not in the cards right now, but I have to ask, where did you get your barnwood floor?

ariana says:

Thanks Gwen! I got it from “Bargain Outfitters” just search for barnwood :)

Ashley says:

Gorgeous pics! thank you so much for posting this! Especially your list! I LOVE Your props! You are amazing! So talented!

Sheri says:

These are beautiful! I wish you lived closer so we could schedule a session with you. If you’re ever headed toward Ithaca, let me know!

ariana says:

Hi Kelsey, you need the largest size… unfortunately the most expensive!

Kelsey says:

Hi! GORGEOUS photos I love all of your tutorials as well they are explained so well I can actually follow since I am a beginner! Since I am trying to establish backdrops and props I am wondering what size your barnwood floor is? I have been thinking about acquiring something like that I am just not sure what size to get! Thank you so much and for all of your wonderful posts!

ariana says:

Hi Lori, my name is Ariana ;-) but to answer to your question, I used savage “Bone” for these doll shots(though white would work just as well) and for the parents shots on white background. For the boy shoot I used sky blue behind the doll bed and Bone for the parents. Here I used a black velvet curtain for the parents shots on black but I just ordered a Denny manufacturing black background to use for that and maternity. The only other seamless I might consider for newborns is coral for a doll bed shot with a girl, though I sort of like the softness of the bone here :)

Hope that helps!

Lori M. says:

Hi Rebekah! I just came across your blog through your newborn post processing videos on Clickin Moms. Love it! A question for you…how much seamless paper do you take to a session? What are your favorite colors? I too joke about with my clients that I’m “moving in” when I go to set up for a newborn session. Thanks for all you do!! :)

Maddie says:

The bed and green chair are just stunning as props. Such a great idea! Beautiful photos as always.

Kristen says:

Oh my adorable!

BTW, you’re so ready to submit, I stalked your set ;)

kari says:

sweet.sweet.sugary sweet.

LOVE the mom and baby shots! the lighting is out of control heavenly!

Lisa E says:

Beautiful Photo’s! I understand about photographing Newborns. They are exhausting and time consuming. They are also unpredictable. The last shoot I did, the baby would never sleep.

Would you happen to have a picture of what your set up looked like?

Samm Ivri says:

Beautiful! What cuties!

Jenna says:

Those are wonderful! Great job on the hats!

ariana says:

Thanks Rebekah, I’m sorry to say that I have so much yarn from so many places and none with the wrappers still on, I don’t think I can pinpoint what they are! The pink one was some multi color chunky yarn I got at either Michaels or AC moore, and I trimmed it with some natural color Lamb’s pride wool and a strand or two of some sort of eyelash like yarn in the braids.. sorry I can’t be more specific!

Rebekah says:

These are so awesomely gorgeous and sweet! I make hats myself, and love the yarn you’ve used. Would you mind sharing what kind/colors they are? =)