A Tale of Two Newborns

and the moral is… Exhausting! But exhilirating.

As luck would have it, all three of the newborns that I had lined up to shoot (that sounds very bad doesn’t it?) were all born within days of eachother, which meant that if I wanted to photograph them before the 14th day, I had to schedule two this past weekend.

My shoot on Saturday was 4 hours, and yesterday’s marathon session was 5 hours long. That plus loading and unloading an entire SUV of props etc. and Jasper deciding that his new wake up time is 6:30 am and I feel like a sleep deprived new mom all over again!

But, it was sooooo worth it.

Here are a few of Baby Drew from yesterday:

Can you believe that hair???? Jasper still doesn’t even have that much hair :)

And look how radiant and in love with him mom and dad are..

See more, bigger, better of baby Drew on my photography website.  You can also see the settings I used for each image on my Flickr set if you are curious. Mostly I used my 50mm 1.4 lens and occasionally when I needed a wider angle I used the Tamron 28-75.  It was a tricky shoot light wise because we had a big sliding glass door and the sun kept coming in and out, I had to change my settings a LOT.

The target baby doll came in very handy as Drew’s “stunt double” as I called her.. invaluable for testing positioning and getting my settings/exposure correct before putting the baby into position.

I haven’t posted a sneak peak of Saturday’s newborn yet (a girl!).. stay tuned for pics from her session tomorrow!

PS, the adorable bed in the first photo is the Duktig doll bed from Ikea (that I painted white).

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Chrissy says:

Love this pic! What color exactly is the paper?

Ashley says:

GORGEOUS pics!!! I love that bed! Your pics turn out amazing! I hope I can get pics at least 50% as good as yours!!! Thank you for posting this!

ariana says:

Lisa, I always shoot auto WB, but I shoot using a digital grey kard so I can adjust WB in LR (or ACR) after.

If you post a URL I’ll take a look at your images and see if I can offer any suggestions!

Lisa E says:

Thanks Ariana- I have a bean bag and blankets and they never turn out like your’s did. I am still in Awe over the lighting and how clear your pictures are. Maybe its my camera processor, but shooting with a 1.8 lens with lighting they do not turn out this clear.

Also what is the WB set to on your camera? Since you do very little editing, I am curious to see what the WB is set too? I keep mine on Auto and the pictures turn out warm/yellow.

ariana says:

Thanks everyone. Christie, I’ll try to put something together. I’m not editing these too much, mostly just minor exposure adjustments and white balance, and then with newborns you usually have to take out a bit of magenta.

Lisa E., I do always have to ask about the light in the clients home.. usually for newborns because the set up is smallish (a bean bag with blankets) all you need is a large window or better yet a bay of windows or a sliding glass door. These were shot in front of a sliding glass door. The #1 tip for newborn lighting is that you want the baby’s head facing the light source, not their whole body.. so if your light source is coming from the right, you want the baby lying with their head to the right and feet to the left. This is to avoid “flat” lighting and to cast the most flattering shadows down their body. I learned that trick from the wonderful people at ILP! (Ilovephotography.com).

nanette says:

Oh my goodness! These pics are enough to make me wanna jump my hubby! “Let’s make a baby!” HAHAHA! So cute!

Abbey says:

Ariana, these are amazing! You really know how to make the best of the light. Any tips you care to share?

Lisa E says:

Absolutely amazing! They look just like studio pictures! I have such a hard time using Natural light in other people’s homes. DId you know ahead time the lighting situation? How did you do the back drops? Thanks for sharing!

Christie says:

Beautiful shots Ariana. I was wondering if you would care to do a post comparing your photos SOOC vs the final product? And then, talk us through the types of adjustments you are making to achieve the final result. I’d be very interested!

Kathy says:

Totally drop dead gorgeous. You are so talented!

Jill @ babyrabies says:

You are so amazingly talented! Gorgeous.

Emily says:

So beautiful! It was such a treat to see these!

trina says:

too cute- the first pic is my fav!

kari says:

its clear… you have found your calling!
words cannot describe how lucky this little family is to have these moments captured!

what a sweet baby!

mandoo says:

Those are phenomenal photos and I particularly LOVE the miniature bed idea. Just makes my ovaries kick into overdrive notwithstanding the fact that I’m on Day 5 of being home with a sick infant with the stomach flu / cold!

Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see more.

jbhat says:

Precious. What a sweeet family.

ariana says:

Oh, there were accidents LOL! It’s part of the territory with newborns. While mom was feeding him she kept a diaper loosely wrapped over him, but as for other times, it’s just unavoidable.. everything just goes in the wash!

Justina says:

Wow! Great shots! Especially loved the ones taken with the parents! Just wondering, how did you ensure there were no accidents since baby was diaper-free?

ariana says:

Thanks Kristen!! Hows the prepro app comming?? Now that I finally have some newborns I think I’m going to start working on this in earnest :)

Kristen says:

Oh my adorable!!! Absolutely perfect. I can’t even pic a fav, I love them all. I have got to get that bed on my next Ikea trip.