Mr. Manners

“teatoo for the dental floss mommy!”

This is too funny not to share..

There really aren’t any words that Jasper says regularly that I don’t understand, so imagine my surprise when he started saying what sounded like “boobies” when asking for things recently. I could NOT for the life of me figure this one out. No one says boobies to him (that I’m aware of!) so I just couldn’t imagine what he was saying or why he was saying it.

This morning I finally deciphered his code: Boobies = “more please!”

Why he says some complicated words with perfect diction (including the word more and please) but others he just totally botches is beyond me, I’m just glad I finally figured it out!


The funny thing is, at the same time that this “more please” appeared he also started saying “teetoo” (thank you) whenever you give him anything.   Who is this polite little toddler and what has he done with Jasper?

I’m taking the fact that I haven’t gone particularly out of my way to stress manners but he’s still picking them up on his own as a very good sign.  I may just produce a productive, contributing little member of society after all!  Just not sure I can take credit for any of it :)

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mandoo says:

Jasper is too adorable! I love it when kids pick up manners from good modeling, instead of excessive “stressing” from parents who are more or less cave people in their own approach to manners… And “teatoo” and “boobies” are by far my favorite that I’ve heard so far!

The toddler speak slays me every time! Noah’s new thing is “meeeese me” for excuse me when he toots or burps followed by maniacal laughter (which his father encourages).

Esther says:

I think that Jasper is very very advanced in speech…for sure!!!!

Jess says:

Hilarious!! We recently experienced a similar situation…only my son says “Ah-pussah” which sounds a whole lot like a lady part. Just like you, we weren’t sure what he was trying to say & obviously we don’t say that word. lol We finally figured out what he’s talking about…he just wants A pizza! hahaha

jbhat says:

Oh, you are modeling that polite language all the time, but just aren’t aware of it. Plus school helps too, of course.

What a charming little fellow he is. Teetoo is pretty darn cute.


vanessa says:

Teetoo has got to be the cutest thing I’ve heard all week! Teetoo for sharing!

Melanie says:

that is so cute!! isn’t it funny how they can say some words perfectly and then simple ones all weird!? Zoe can say long words like dinosaur, octopus, etc… yet she botches people’s 2 syllable names and calls the stroller a “Gah-go”.SO weird!!

Heather says:

I have to credit Jake’s reasonably good manners to daycare. I’m always so pleased when he says “please” and “thank you” and wish I could take credit for it, but I’m not sure I can!

Natalie says:

haha aww that is adorable! What a cutie :)

That is so cute! I love when my little one says “Tank Ooh,” aka. Thank You…. So cute to hear it come from a 13 month old!

kari says:

i love it!!
take the credit where credit is due.
and its due!
great job mama!