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A lot of people write to me and ask where they should start learning about photography.  Other than practice, practice, practice, my #1 recommendation is to start actively participating in photography messageboards.

I’ve blogged about this before, but I’m using the excuse  that Clickinmoms is having a membership sale to reinforce the point!

If you enter code “Friend” when you join, you’ll get 10% off your subscription.  In the interest of full disclosure, as an “affiliate” I get 10% for every member that I refer, but I hope ya’ll know I wouldn’t EVER recommend it if I didn’t feel it was well worth the $8 a month!

Now, I’ve also blogged about before and this is a free site that is so full of good info that it will have your head spinning.  But I also want to point you to a few great B&W actions created by members there that I regularly use (you will only be able to follow these links if you are a registered member).

Lemondrop’s B&W action

My new favorite “DSR’s Warm B&W action

Also, there is an entire forum called “Share a Square” devoted entirely to free actions and templates, including many gorgeous page layouts, announcements, storyboards etc. An amazing resource! (Clickenmom’s also has an amazing free actions & templates area called “Pay it Forward“.)

Since I last blogged about message boards, the (finally!) created a photography board that is also a nice resource. One of the members even started a blog that addressed some of the FAQs about processing and shooting, equipment etc. that is pretty helpful, particularly because it’s difficult to search the bump.

A lot of girls on the bump have spoken highly of the Two Peas photo messageboard “classes” (also free) and there are some great ones referenced in this thread, I particularly loved Amy Wenzel’s post about interacting with kids, as that is such an important and challenging part of children’s portraiture!

Lastly, if you join ILP or clickinmoms please friend me so I can see your photos!

Clickinmom’s profile

ILP Profile

Hope to see you there.. :)

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amanda says:

thanks for the punkfictionphoto blog shoutout ;)

Ava says:

I’ve been a big fan of . While not as many PRO talents on this forum, it’s a small community, but really supportive and informative.

ariana says:

Oh yes… I forgot to mention that productivity in every other are of your life will take a drastic hit :)

Lisa says:

Oh no, what have you gotten me into???? I foresee hours upon hours at ILP in my future.

Emily says:

Thank you! Thank you!