Speed Demon

It’s been a while since I posted a video of Jasper, but certainly not for lack of trying. The day before Valentine’s day I tried to video tape him saying “I Love You” to no avail.. as soon as I pulled out the video camera he would lunge for it screaming “Baby! Baby!” because he knows that he can watch videos of himself (baby) on it.

So I’ve learned to be stealthy.. I sometimes go in the other room and turn the video on so he doesn’t hear the tell tale “blipup” sound of the video recorder starting and then walk into the room and hope he doesn’t notice me recording him.  It works on occasion.

But this particular video is something that my dad has been bugging me to get on film for a while now because it’s so vintage Jasper: Jasper running around the house at top speed, bear in one hand, the other hand waving wildly almost as if propelling him to higher speeds!   But because it’s not something he does on demand, I wasn’t sure I’d ever capture it… but I’m so happy I did!

Without further ado, I introduce you to Jasper Speed Demon:

I hope that someday, when the occasion calls for caution – like when he learns how to drive a car (!) – I will be able to teach my little adrenaline junky the value of slow and steady.  A mom can always dream right?  ;)

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Ava says:

I love that you got this on video. You’re right — it is hard to capture.
My dad says G runs like a little cockroach. It’s hilarious, but kinda true!

Meghan says:

too much cuteness!

Esther says:

Same thing here! The boys go nuts between dinner time and bath time- same thing times two!!! :)

nanette says:

Love it!!!

Our little gal also demands the video camera (and now the regular camera since she knows I can show her pics of herself on it) each time I pull it out.

kari says:

speedy mcspeederson!!!
love it, especially his sound effects!

jbhat says:

He certainly is speedy. A blur, in fact.