Happy 18 months Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

It’s your half birthday! Funny though, every day seems like your birthday because you insist on me singing happy birthday anytime we’re in the car.. or that I pick up my guitar. We sing happy birthday to you, to mum-mum, pop-pop, bear, daddy, paci and pretty much anyone else you know. And your first birthday party video and your first year video are in constant rotation at your request. I knew some day you’d like to watch them, I just had no idea it would be so soon!

This month you transitioned full time into the toddler room in daycare – which is a big change from the infant room, but one that it seems you were ready for.  You are saying so many words now it’s impossible to keep count, but I must admit my favorites are the ones you mispronounce.. like “bootash” for toothbrush!

When we go to the doctor later today I will be very surprised if you haven’t finally climbed the weight percentile a bit because you have recently decided that you like food – a lot.  In fact you have become such a foodie that there pages of certain books I have to be careful to skip over at bedtime like the donuts in the Dr. Seuss book that you think are cheerios, or the “Little miss muffit” page in our nursery rhyme book because you think I am saying “muffin” and then try to run into the kitchen to get a muffin!  Today you enthusiastically ate a huge helping of brocolli and I swear a mother was never so proud of such a mundane accomplishment.

You anticipate EVERYTHING, like when I start brushing my teeth you position yourself near my towel and wait for me to finish washing my face and hold the towel out for me to dry my face with.  But the cutest thing is that you say “thank you” while doing it because I always say thank you to you for getting me the towel!

Your imaginative play has grown so much the past month or two, you now regularly feed and give bear drinks and the other day I even saw you make two of your wooden characters kiss.  Speaking of play, you can build block towers at least 15 blocks high! I LOVE watching you carefully position them, checking their balance before cautiously taking your hand away.

When I watch you play like this I can’t help but be in complete awe of all you have learned in such a short time.  18 months to go from helpless to helpful, from screaming to singing, from being entertained to being entertaining.

I can’t even imagine how many more wonders the next 18 months will hold and I can’t wait to find out!


Your mommy.

Stats update: 23lbs 15 oz (still 10-20th percentile) and 32 inches (25-50th percentile – finally some height progress!)

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jessica says:

What a sweet, sweet, photo! Your blog is awesome!

Kimberly says:

Happy 18 months to your sweet, super-smart boy!
SO glad to hear about his newfound appetite!

Interestingly, Jasper and James are just about the same weight… and Jasper might even be a teeny bit taller than James!!

Sarah says:

So fun to hear about the imaginative play (I’ve loved watching Finn start to do that just in the last few weeks) and so glad to hear about the healthy appetite! Happy 18 months, Jasper! You make such a cute little model for your Mommy.

Esther says:

How sweet….Happy 18 months, Jasper! We are just 5 days after you- in fact, you share the birthday of our little cousin, too! Your weight is awesome, you have about 5lb on us! That’s awesome! Keep up the great eating, bog boy and your Mommy will be very happy!

Alicia says:

awwww – love reading these letters! what cherished keepsakes! and… he’s just so darn advanced for his age!

ariana says:

jb, happy birthday!!!!! I didn’t realize you were born on Jasper & Stella’s (and Kari’s son Liam’s) half birthday. So cool :)

jbhat says:

Lots of celebrating today!

Happy 18 months to Jasper, and happy 6 months to my little one. And happy birthday to me too! I am 41 today.

Love your letters to Jasper. I must do this for my little one too.

kari says:

happy 18 months sweet boy!

Heather says:

Happy Birthday Jasper! What a lucky boy he is to have a mom that takes such amazing photos!