Thanks for the Inspiration

I had no idea when I casually decided yesterday to make the lightscoop giveaway entry question about your new year’s resolutions that I would be so inspired by your answers..

For example there were so many of you doing the 365 project that I realized I was being lazy not trying to do my own, so I am starting today –  a week late but better late than never!

The view outside my parents’ living room

I love the idea that I can take images that document our lives and don’t necessarily have to worry about limb chops, catchlights, eye contact etc., that I can do photography for photography’s sake and for it’s ability to tell a story no matter how mundane or sublime.

I also just enjoyed hearing what was important to all of you, realizing that we share many of the same goals – eat better, exercise more, spend more time engaging with our children rather than on the computer (that is one I REALLY need to resolve to do!) and of course, take better pictures.

Luckily, that is one I can help some of you with – at least a little bit I hope…

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I listed a few of my posts that talked about phography basics and not just photoshop at the bottom of the photoshop tutorials page (which really needs a better more all inclusive name now!)

I just wanted to mention that because it seems like there were many responses that said they wanted to learn more about their cameras and particularly about shooting in manual mode (trust me, it’s worth it) and I plan on adding more photography basics tutorials soon – suggestions for topics are always welcome!

But most of all I wanted to say thank you for giving me a little peak into your lives, both old friends and new, I feel like I know so much more about you now. It was also the perfect distraction when I was feeling downright AWFUL (I got Jasper’s stomach flu of course – oh, and did I forget to mention the poor boy puked in his bed in the middle of the night two nights ago? )

Now, for MY new year’s resolutions because it’s only fair that I share as well:

I plan on organizing this blog better so the information is easier to find
I want to get my photography business fully functioning
Complete the 365 project
Make more time to comment on OTHER people’s blogs
Get to the gym more often and eat better
Take better charge of my finances
Commit to being HAPPY which can mean small things or huge ones, and maybe being miserable for a while but still do the work to make room for the seed of that happiness to flourish.

So thank you again and have a great weekend!

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Lisa E says:

I love your site and I look forward to more to come! I have learned so much from ClickinMoms about shooting in Manual, Metering, BBF, etc. I learned about this site from you! Thanks! Hope everyone in your household gets feeling better!

Shane says:

Not sure of your current efforts for better financial control, but check out Mint ( I’ve been using MS Money for >15 years and need to migrate to Quicken soon since MS dropped support for MS Money. I started using Mint recently (mainly via the Mint iPhone app) and dig it. It doesn’t replace the details from MS Money for me, but it gives me good insight into my spending and gives reminders. I’d like to add more detail to the Mint budgeting, but so far i like it.

Lisa says:

I LOVE your photoshop tutorials and look forward to your photography tutorials!

kari says:

i like the idea of the project 365 also.
hmmm..maybe somethng to add to my list.

since i also am less than pleased with the kickoff of this year. i have put off starting the new year until next week… i am cordially inviting you to join me.

my plan is to spend the next two days as-is… and thinking,really thinking about “fresh starts” and how THIS year a fresh start can equal some lasting changes for the better… then, write them down… and start working on them on MONDAY.

(written like a true procrastinator right??)

hang in there and have a great weekend!

jbhat says:

I never enter giveaways (well, I take that back. I entered one right before Christmas–and won!), so didn’t comment yesterday. But your goals are admirable. Makes me feel somewhat shallow. I resolved to stop buying lattes and to drink green tea instead. One workweek down. My fantasy is that I will save so much extra money that I will be able to afford a housekeeper.

Your last resolution? Whatever you mean, I am sending you lots of supportive thoughts.

jenn says:

here is a link to my project 365.

still hoping everything works out for you!! being happy is the most important thing!

Lisa says:

I’m doing the 365 project – I’m so excited to use it as an opportunity to learn more about photography.

With that said, I’m really looking forward to your photography basics tutorials! :)

Jenna says:

Sounds like a GREAT plan!

I look forward to more awesome tutorials! Would love to see more topics on Lightroom if you’re up for it :)