Jasper Recommends: Boogie Wipes

I’ve been meaning to extoll the virtues of Boogie Wipes for… almost a year now I think! I actually won them in a giveaway on Jill’s awesome blog. I have to admit, I was less than excited at first.. the only thing I have ever won on a blog giveaway and it’s a glorified snot rag? Well, now that I am the self proclaimed queen of the sickies, I am finally getting around to telling you that there are more to these wipes than meet the..er.. nose.

First of all, they are soaked in saline. Saline is what is in those nasal sprays that you use on stuffy noses – it actually DISOLVES the caked on boogs – brilliant!  Secondly, they also contain soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E.

But most important of all, Jasper loves them with a devotion I didn’t know could be reserved for something as mundane as a tissue. But he does. In fact he often runs towards them saying “nose, nose!” because he loves to wipe his nose with them (snotty or not).  I credit boogie wipes for the fact that Jasper will not only let me wipe his nose but will also wipe his own nose and has recently started actually blowing his own nose! ( I am irrationally excited about this new motor skill –  almost as excited as I was about him starting to walk because it is almost as useful!)

Personally I like the fresh “original” scent and the grape scent more than the menthol, but whatever scent you buy, I guarantee you will be “blown” away. Pun intended :)

Boogie wipes are available at BRU and Target and probably other places too, but those are just the ones where I’ve consistently noticed them.

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Stephanie says:

I love how when you flip open the container it says “Snot your average wipe.” Cracks me up every time.

Sounds like they’re coming out with new products:

Boogie Mom says:

What great conversation Mommies! Thank you all so much for your honesty and feedback on the product. I love that we can learn so much about what to do better (or the same) by reading comments like this. Really appreciate you all taking the time to post!

The Boogie Moms

LOL. Glad you like them! I picked up our first pack from Walmart nearly a year ago and we’ve been stocking the diaper bag with them ever since. They are just much gentler on those poor, icky, snotty noses. Also, I use them to clean out eye crusties sometimes. We haven’t tried the grape scent yet. I’ll have to give that a go and see if that’s more enticing for Kendall. He doesn’t hate them, but he’s not in love with them. Happy to hear Jasper is enthused about them :) Do you follow @BoogieMom on Twitter? You should send this review to them.

nanette says:

Em doesn’t mind these, especially the grape-smelling ones. She doesn’t love them like Jasper does, but still…

Also, she adores the crinkly sound the package makes. I can usually distract her with that while I’m busy concentrating on her boogies.

ariana says:

@ Linsey, cool – tell her she’s a genius :)

@Shane, I can’t get Jasper to “agree” to the nose spray anymore.. well not without two people holding him down! I’ve seen generic brand saline drops/spray at CVS..

Shane says:

I also dig these wipes! G doesn’t love them and still fights the nose wipes, but it’s easier for us when we use them to get the crusty stuff off. Sometimes I first hold the wipe on his nose/face without wiping so the saline soaks in. Then I can wipe stuff off easily. We keep some in the diaper bag, downstairs, and in the nursery.

for the little noses, i wish they had infant sized that were about 1/2 the size. These things aren’t too cheap either. If anyone finds a generic or store brand, please post.

Lindsey says:

Ben loves them too! He’s partial to the grape scent. The women who created these lives right by me!

jbhat says:

I have never heard of these, but I’m going to “boogie” on down to Target to pick some up.

Thanks for the product tip!

ariana says:

Alex, it’s good to have a differing opinion! I guess there’s no way to know if your babe will like them without trying.. but you have to admit if you are going in for the wipe (with or WITHOUT their assistance) on a stubborn crusty, these beat regular tissues to get the job done better no?

Alex says:

It’s funny you posted this today because I was just cleaning my diaper bag out yesterday and found some Boogie Wipes and thought “I should put the review up on my blog” but unfortunately I can’t say the same about them. I still have two pretty full packs. I don’t know if its not so much that they don’t work, but that Phoenix still didn’t like them. I thought getting the boogs out with those would help and he wouldn’t fight so much. But he still does. But I’m not a waster so I plan on using the packages up and hopefully soon I’ll get better results.

Lourdes says:

Thanks for recommending these Ariana. I saw them at the store the other day but didn’t pick them up because I didn’t really know how useful they’d be, but now I want to give them a try!