Are We Better Yet?

Three vomiting episodes and one giant poop explosion later, I am SO ready to go back to work and bring Jasper to daycare!! How awful is that?

I don’t know how you stay at home moms do it.. though I suspect you have more activities and playdates planned than working moms – but still. I realized long ago I am not cut out to be a full time SAHM.  I feel guilty just saying that, and I’m sure some day reading this will add a few extra zeroes to Jasper’s therapy bills, but there it is. I have to learn to accept my shortcomings and move on.

There are just so many times we can play with the same toys, the same activities “lights!” (as we have to go over to the dimmer and flick it up and down 30 times) and “Press!” (when we have to go to the microwave and press random buttons) and the same 4 walls.

I suppose this is also just a case of cabin fever – usually just making it out of the house for an errand or two cuts down on the boredom factor. But with a sick baby and an “on the verge” sick mommy we’ve been housebound for longer than I can seem to remember.. and I’m losing it.

The one saving grace is that this happened not too long after Christmas so we have a few new toys to play with. .. I think the Shoenhut piano is turning out to be one of his favorites so far. It’s funny because before getting this piano we would marvel at how Jasper seemed to almost play chords on pianos rather than banging  like most toddlers – what a prodigy!

Fast forward a few weeks later and his favorite way to play the schoenhut is with his butt. Yes, we have a genius on our hands people. That or the second coming of Jerry Lee Lewis!

Which brings me in a round about way to the true point of today’s post – what was your babe’s favorite toy from the holidays??

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Pics by Mic says:

I love the pic and what a story you wrote! It will get better! If it doesn’t, and you go crazy, make sure and take some people with you, I have been there and it gets kinda lonely! LOL Great pic and Good Luck!

Beth says:

I don’t have kids (and I honestly don’t know if I will), but I think about this a lot –I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a SAHM either! And in the circles in which I run (read: conservative Christian), it feels like a crime just to think that….

Jill says:

I’m not cut out to SAM, either. I give SAHMs a lot of credit, but it is just not for me (which is a good thing, since we could never survive on DH’s teaching salary!).

Ava’s favorite gift is her Little People blocks. She loves them because they stick together easily, so she is able to build with them without them toppling over. Little People have taken over our family room. Her second favorite toy is this incredibly loud, headache-inducing Brobee microphone (Yo Gabba Gabba) from my mother-in-law. It is honestly the most annoying toy I have ever encountered. When MIL calls, I am tempted to hold the thing up to the phone, while pushing the button for 15 minutes straight.

I hope Jasper feels better soon!

Shane says:

I waited to respond about G’s fav new toy to see if my first reaction would change.. but nope. He’s played more w/ the empty boxes over the last week. I taped up the Amazon shipping boxes and boxes from some of our gifts. They are big blocks to him – carry around the room, stack them, throw them, and CLIMB on them. He puts them next to the table or sofa and climbs up and down — with the soundtrack of him saying “UP”, “DOWN” over and over and over.

Sarah says:

Finn enjoyed each new thing for a few minutes max and then ran off to spend hours throwing everything out of his “assigned” kitchen drawer, trying to toss things he shouldn’t into the garbage can, pulling all of the books off of every shelf, yelling and pointing “UP!” and “DOWN! over and over again,” and spinning in circles until he got dizzy. I was so excited to give him his little wooden flute in particular, but all he wants to do it toss it across the room.

anne marie says:

you’re doing a great job being a mom. working or not! and i am sure jasper loves being able to be around other babies at daycare.

favorite toy.. i would have to say the cozy coup kid will not leave it alone. and the ball popper you push

pam says:

oh man, there is NO shame in admitting you aren’t cut out to be a SAHM. i felt the same way over the holidays. I was literally counting down the minutes until i could brign the boys back to daycare and go to work.

favorite toys they got? anything choo choo or thomas-themed. sigh. oh, and the magna-doodles.

Kelsey says:

Drew loved his slow-moving marble chute! We are so proud that he actually knows how to use it, too.

michelle says:

Yuck! Hope you feel better soon, both of you. I am on the other side, I yearn to be a SAHM. But, of course, if I got my wish, I probably wouldn’t be able to deal with it all the time. I don’t think it is bad either way. I feel guilty being at work and only half here. Of course, my job is lackluster.. maybe if I was doing something I truly enjoy….. ok, went off track… by far the favorite toy was his Little Tykes guitar… has real strings and plays Love Shack, Message in a Bottle, and others. Maybe Jasper and Jack should start a band ;o

ariana says:

Thanks for the sympathy guys.. and for listening to my pathetic whining! :)

Lisa, Jasper has played with that ball popper at friends’ houses and always loves it!

kari says:

hang in there you sweet thing.
i am with you – i have no idea how sahm’s do it.

that photo is insane!

Heather says:

Oh…favorite toy is this square Elmo “house” with fabric sides that comes with balls to throw in and out.

Heather says:

Oh, you poor thing, you do need some outings! We live probably not to far from you, so I can sympathize with the cabin fever! Here are a few fun things to do…
If it’s not TOO crazy cold, the Bronx Zoo is great and the bug carousel is enclosed and heated in the winter. The Bronx Botanical garden still has the amazing train show on and on weekends, perhaps some activities in the children’s center is still available. Elmo Live is coming to Poughkeepsie in early Feb…what else? Any mall with any moving ride on toy that you stick a quarter in.
Does this help? Hopefully you’re all feeling better soon!

Laurie says:

As the daughter of a full-time working mom and a full-time working mom myself, I don’t see it as a shortcoming, though I feel the same guilt you do. As I was growing up, I never, ever felt like there was something I couldn’t do if I also wanted to be a mom–and I think this was largely due to having a mom who was passionate and talented in her work and as a parent.

Lydia also loves her schoenhut piano, as well as her sock monkey. It’s her new sleeping friend!

Eva says:

I couldn’t wait to get my daughter back to daycare on Monday, and you know what? She was really excited to go back too! All I can say is thank goodness for daycare, because I would absolutely go nuts without it.

So sorry things have been rough for you lately, hopefully it all gets better soon! Hang in there! I was feeling sorry for myself today and then a man at the pediatrician’s office was telling me how rough he has it with his teenager… Makes this stuff seem easy! :)

Mrs Brown says:

I just saw Jasper’s jungle in Mothering magazine! Congratulations!

Lisa says:

My daughter’s favorite toy was the Playskool Busy Ball Bopper (she’s just shy of a year).

jbhat says:

Oh, and the favorite present this year was the Recylcing Action Pack!

jbhat says:

Ugh, I feel your pain. Our whole house, except for our newest little one, was sick with the dreaded swine flu for about a week around Halloween. It was the longest/worst week I’ve had in recent memory. You can’t go and do when people are sick, and being housebound is Not Fun for children. I would have just read and slept and watched movies if it had been just me, and maybe have even enjoyed the down time. But that’s just not possible with kiddos.

Alicia says:

Awwww – not being a SAHM doesn’t make you less of a damned good mom. If it does, then I’m in big trouble! Yes, the office is my refuge…

Owen is just past 3, and he won’t have anything to do with anything that is not a motorized train. Could care less about animals, coloring, catching or throwing, or eating now – its all about frickin motorized trains. Sigh…

Ashley says:

My daughter loves the Cozy Coupe. She is in it most of the day when she’s not pulling every stitch of clothing out of her drawers. I have a very curious and active toddler.