Is there anything more magical than a baby’s expression when they are playing with bubbles?

Jasper is slightly obsessed with bubbles since starting Gymboree.  Now, we walks by the counter where I keep them and points up and says “bubble” …

Fall Fashion – for Mom & Baby!

Kimberly sent me the link to Baby Gap’s new toddler Deauville collection & baby Deauville collection the other day and I have been obsessing ever since, there isn’t anything that I DON’T want for Jasper for fall:

Babies in the …

And the Pediatrician Says..


In the complete OPPOSITE scenario to when you take your car to the mechanic and it operates perfectly, Jasper picked yesterday – the day we visit the pediatrician – to get his first ever stomach bug.  Poor little guy must …

No means No! Or Does It?

Remember that -er, “theoretical” discussion we had a while back on discipline?  The one where the expert said the key is redirection and that saying “No” is not the answer.

So what do you do when your toddler’s FAVORITE …

Pumpkin Patch

It’s official – I am that crazy photographer lady. The one who pulls up to the teenagers working at the local farm and asks where the pumpkins are.

“The pumpkin patch is that way M’am..”

“Ok, but is that like …

Reflux Revisted

Sometimes, mommy intuition knocks so hard on the brick wall I call a brain and STILL I manage to overlook the obvious.

My mother was talking with an old childhood friend of hers whose daughter Ali has a son with …

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden