Christmas Card Photo Shoot?

Most of the people who have been contacting me wanting to do a shoot are looking for a photo they can use on their Christmas cards – so I figured we might as well get in on the action too!

Inspired by how adorable Mason looked all dressed up, I remembered the cute little Kenneth Cole outfit Jeff’s work friends bought Jasper for his first birthday. It was 18 month old size, so I was pretty sure it wouldn’t fit but was pleasantly surprised – in fact, the pants were even a little tight around the waist! The shirt and jacket were a bit “roomy” but looked cute enough, particularly when the jacket was buttoned. My favorite part of all though may be the shoes.. those are a size 5 and are like clown shoes, not safe at all for walking, but ok for a quick photo!  And of course, bear had to be part of the action..


Big Trap




All images shot with my Canon digital rebel xsi and Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens at these settings:
f3.2, SS 1/200, ISO 100

As usual, getting him to make eye contact was a challenge, but with the help of this cheap chair from Ikea, at least he was still for two seconds! I must admit, the chair was a bit scary though (it was my first time using it though I bought it for ever ago).. he kind of kept leaning forward looking like he was going to fall off face first into the brick – but he sort of managed to balance on the edge there!

So what do you think – Christmas card worthy (the last one maybe?) or do we need something at least red or green in there? What are you dressing your kiddo in for your holiday photoshoot (if you are doing one) and where did you get the outfit?

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Dee says:

Ariana, Totally agree about chopping off the head as long as you have an excellent composition. Wanted to say that totally loved Jasper’s superman costume pics, he is a handsome fella :)
And maybe a santa hat would be a good accessory to Jasper’s suit if you plan on using it for the Christmas Cards. Also I think the hat kind of gives you a point of reference that this pic was taken around the holidays (I am talking abt when you have collected boxes and boxes of Jasper’s pics and one day he comes up and asks you when was this pic taken, you can say around Christmas :) LOL!)

Shane says:

@christina – we’ve never used the nice pretty padded bumper besides for the initial pics of our nursery. It’s stashed in a closet now. We use the breathable mess one on the crib. It actually sucks that these always come in the sets, when you don’t use them.

ariana says:

@Dee – While by no means do I have perfect composition, cropping with head cut off is not NECESSESARILY a bad thing as long the composition is pleasing and follows the rule of thirds. Having said that, I can see that maybe I went a bit overboard here :)

@Christina – I did use them but really for decorative purposes until about the time he started being mobile (rolling) at which point I removed them for safety reasons and replaced them with those breathable bumpers.

christina says:

I’m looking back at your nursery for some inspiration on my own. Did you end up using the bumper pad in Jasper’s bed? I know that may be a strange question, but with all I read about SIDS the bumper pads are a topic. I see some out there I like, some too expensive, so I’m just trying to decide if it is really worth it? Too dangerous? Nice to have the padding to protect them?

Dee says:

I have some feedback abt your pics: Wondering why your close up shots sometimes crop off the head?? Like these pics of Jasper, I am not sure why his head isnt fully showing except for the first few ones? If I want photos of my LO, as a client I would expect that you are not just focusing on his face alone but making sure that his/her head is in the final pic as well. Trying to provide some constructive feedback, specially since you are so talented and creative.

Jaimie says:

My son must be a giant – he is right around Jasper’s age (14 months) and is wearing 18-month clothing and size 5 shoes … and they fit him perfectly!

Alicia says:

I have to throw my vote in for the 4th one where he’s peeking – just too cute!

Sarah says:

Super adorable pics! I have to say that my favorite is the first one; the shirt sticking out from the jacket and the way the feet are posed make it so quirky-cute. Plus — he’s holding a bear down by his side! Isn’t that what all the kids are always doing in those quintessential “sneak down to see Santa” scenes? They sneak down the stairs sleepily dragging the bear behind them…

Valentina says:

So cute! Love those pictures :)

Fiona says:

As usual, all your photos are fantastic but pictures 3 & 4 are especially great. Picture 3, I imagine Jasper thinking ‘More photos mom?’ and in picture 4 ‘Oh, if it’s for Christmas cards…go on then’. I just love Jasper’s expression in picture 3 – he’s a real character.

I don’t think you need red and green in the photo…I bet with your design skills you can build that into the card somewhere else….perhaps the frame or card colour? He looks so smart in his little outfit!

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

LOVE those shots!!! Way to go for thinking about Christmas photos already… Always better to be ahead than behind come Christmas time!!!

I think we are going to do a picture of my 2 munchkins buried to their chest in giant plastic ornaments, probably shirtless, but I haven’t figured that part out yet. Found the ornaments at Target, (large, plastic ornaments meant to dress up tress in the front yard) and am hoping my 4 year old and will be almost 1 year old squirts will sit still long enough to take the picture!

Marisa (from the Knot/Nest) says:

Uh, you better get Kenneth on the phone. I think they have a new spokesbaby! Jasper looks very dapper indeed!

Diana says:

too cute! love love these pictures :O)

Keri says:

I feel so behind– I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas card pics yet! I love the second pic, too, and think it would be perfect for your card. I don’t think you have to have Christmas colors in the picture at all. Just a cute pic:-)

These are just amazing Ariana — well, as always! The craziest part is seeing how Jasper looks so much like, well, a little man! Can you believe how grown he is already??? Crazy/Wonderful. (I kinda love the second one too, but they are all great!)

Amy says:

Ariana- I LOVE these pics. I especially love the first one– it’s SO cute. The look on his face is priceless. I would totally go with something like this for a Xmas card.

Mason and Jasper must meet– they are both the cutest little dudes in their sport coats and vests!

I don’t know if you thought M’s stuff was more holidayish but we got the sweater vest/pants/corduroy hat at Janie and Jack, as well as that bow tie. I got the pinstriped pants and vest at Crazy 8. All are 12-18 months– you are welcome to borrow for a shoot if you’d like– I’m sure they’d fit J.

Kimberly says:

They are all sooo cute. I actually really love the second one! And the first one… with Bear and the cute shoes!

I have been hoping to have some family portraits taken before the fall color completely disappears, but my photog friend who said she’d do a shoot for us (using my camera / memory card so she doesn’t have to process anything) seems to be avoiding me. :( Guess I’m going to try to give my sister a crash course on using my camera and see how it goes.

I do not think Christmas card pictures need to be Christmas-y… we often use a more fall-ish photo of our family, unless we haven’t had any good photos before we go cut our tree on Thanksgiving weekend, then we take one at the tree farm.

ariana says:

LOL Alicia, yeah it does look a little like a print ad for Kenneth Cole ;)

Alicia says:

OMG – I LOVE these pics – what a big handsome boy Jasper is!!! Where’d the little baby go???
I could be way off here, but for Xmas card pics, I’d get some holly or something and pin it over the Kenneth Cole label on the jacket, which is slightly distracting anyways. But other than that – OMG – so adorable!!!