Happy 14 Months Jasper!

Dear Jasper,

I can’t believe you are 14 months old, in my mind you just turned one – the days have flown by since your party. Fall is in full swing, winter weather even made an appearance last weekend when it snowed briefly. I’m not sure how I am going to keep you warm because this year, unlike last, you refuse to wear a hat and even the sight of your new coat sends you RUNNING across the room making the sign for “all done”, your way of saying you don’t like something (as in I’m all done with this, make it stop!)

Since I wrote your last letter at one year you have already changed so much, perhaps most noticeably your vocabulary has expanded dramatically.   You can now say Mama, Dada, Ball, Door, Up, More, Cheese, Keys, Ice, Eyes, Horse, Dog, Duck, Ohs (as in cheerios), Nana, No, Yes, Hi, Bye Bye and so many more that I can’t think of right now. But the most interesting is how you are refining these words and sounds lately – Dada and Mama have become “Da-dee and Ma-mee” and your “Hi” used to sound like “Ha,” but is now a definite “Hiyee” as you can see in the video from yesterday.

You are getting pretty much all of your teeth at one time now, the two eyeteeth are poking out as well as their bottom counterparts and I see other swollen red bumps in your gums where more are sure to follow.

You have free reign of the downstairs of the house now, rarely if ever entering your enclosed play area to play with actual TOYS, preferring instead to literally run around in circles from forbidden item to forbidden task – your favorites being opening the accordion door to the pantry, opening the trash can, pulling paper out of the recycling bin, sticking your hands in the toilet if one of us forgets to close the bathroom door and any number of other icky or dangerous things. If you aren’t running around getting into trouble, you are lifting your hands above your head at our feet and demanding “UP” a hundred times a day. Not so you can cuddle, but so you can direct us to bring you closer to the things that you can’t reach on your own, things like the microwave door, the light switches, the freezer door and the stereo.  You are quite insistent about your “up” to the point where you physically pull me away from a counter and turn me towards you!

You have a soft spot in  your heart for stuffed animals – even the ones in books – which you “pet” and say “niiice” to. But your true devotion is reserved for your bedtime teddy bear which you call “bear bear” (sounds like “beer beer” when you say it!) He used to just be your bedtime buddy, but now you won’t let him go when I take you out of your crib in the morning or after a nap, carrying him with you downstairs and even insisting he come in the car with us on the way to daycare in the morning.

You have the mind of a scientist – you are determined and quite successful at figuring out how things work. NOTHING gets by you – you have the ability to understand and zone in on the function of even the tiniest button or switch. You can look at something and find the “on/off” button in 2 seconds flat, including the sign-in computer in your daycare hallway!

Speaking of daycare, yesterday you amazed us all by grabbing the door handle, pushing it down and casually swinging it open as if you’d been opening doors all your life. Your curiosity and determination never cease to amaze and make me proud, even though each new “discovery” usually means another round of intensified baby proofing!

A few weeks ago you said the word “hug” and wrapped your little arms around me and buried your little soft head into my neck. That may have been the best moment yet, the kind I live for. Happy 14 months sweet baby boy..


Your Mommy.

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anne marie says:

OH ariana.. he is just too precious!

ariana says:

Uh oh Jb! You have my sincerest sympathy ;)

jbhat says:

I just adore reading these. It’s funny to read about how busy he is, and how he gets into everything. Our first kiddo was and is pretty mellow. But his new sister, who shares Jasper’s birthday, is going to be the exact opposite; I can tell already and she’s only 2 months old.
Our little Leos! Love it.

G.G. says:

Just. WOW. I love him! And you write so beautifully, Mommy.

kari says:

absolutely perfect!

Ava says:

Too cute! Love the hugs.