Ode to My New iPhone

Dear iPhone, where have you been for the last 36 years?  Finally, I can browse the web, listen to podcasts, TEXT with a keypad (I was the world’s slowest texter on my old phone that had no keypad) have access to all my flickr photos, read the NYTimes at will – take VIDEOS and a million other things that I don’t even know how to do yet (the simplest things seem to confuse me – I am slightly iPhone challenged but still loving it!)

Definitely one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten.  And even though the quality isn’t anywhere near my beloved Vado HD video recorder, it’s really handy to have the option- like when your phone is in your pocket and you have no idea where your video camera is.  And the quality isn’t too awful, not for sharing on a blog or facebook anyway..

Like last night I posted a tweet/facebook update about how darn adorable Jasper looked in his superman costume and received a few comments back that people wanted to see.. so I pulled out the iPhone and uploaded to facebook. It’s that easy!

Jasper as superman  (warning, the cuteness is almost unbearable)

FLYING super Jasper!

So here’s where you come in – I’m so late to the iPhone game, I’m wondering what aps you have that make your life so much easier? Free or paid, I’m just looking for a way to navigate the ap overload!

So far my favorite is the free flickr ap. Because I upload all of my images to flickr anyway, I have easy access to all of my images without having to remember to save them to any specific folder or size and without having them take up space on my iPhone.

And one more thing, is there an ap that you have always wanted but could never find? I have a good friend who writes iPhone aps (he wrote this excellent and popular news feed ap) and he’s always looking for a great idea. It’s amazing how pretty much everything has been done already though, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to pick your brains a little for him.. and you may get a useful ap out of the deal!

PS, the toddler 1-2 year costume ended up fitting him fine. Yes it’s long, but what isn’t on our little peanut? :)

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kate says:

My personal favorite apps are:
Shazam – if you hear a song you like but don’t know the name of, shazam can listen do it and figure out what it is
Pandora – don’t know if you already use this on the computer or not, but you tell it what music you like and it creates a personalized radio station.
FML – stupid little stories people post about crazy things that happen in their life.
yelp – use reviews of local restaurants, shopping, etc. the iphone app can figure out where you are and then list nearby restaurants with the reviews. great for traveling!
facebook – pretty self explanatory
and if you happen to have usaa as your bank, they have a great app where you can take pictures of checks you need to deposit and they’re automatically put into your account.
enjoy your new toy!

jbhat says:


Maddie says:

Oh and ‘Occasions’. It pulls birthdays and anniversaries from
your address book (if you are on Mac) and gives you push notifications when they are coming up.

Maddie says:

My husband and I can’t live without ‘Things’. It’s probably one of the most expensive apps but it is worth every penny! If you are like me, I have a million little pieces of paper all over the house and in miscellaneous coat pockets with shopping lists, to-do’s for the week or even long-term goals. This app keeps it all in the one place and it’s so satisfying ticking them off when you complete them!! As a first time Mum of an 8 month old, it’s a handy app because as I remember something, I can put it in on the fly and come back to it later when I have the time. I love this app! (I also love the iPhone – we just moved to a new country and the gps is SO HANDY!!!) -sent from my iPhone ;-)

kari says:

update – the app is called “Baby Go” not baby blocks


they must have something like this or better for iphone!

Sarah says:

That “baby blocks” app sounds great — except for the fact that Finn puts EVERYTHING in his mouth; if I let him touch my iphone, he will likely ruin it with his saliva one day.

I really love to play scramble while I’m nursing. Not a practical application, but a fun one…

Oh — and it’s great to access Sirius (if you’re a subscriber) or Pandora (free and open to anyone) for new music anytime, anywhere.

Congrats on the phone!

Justina says:

Oh, I just downloaded one called Baby Flash Cards… Seems pretty good and beats getting the real flash cards… Plus, its free! :)

Ava says:

Re: locking the phone. You can actually password protect your phone. As you start using apps that might have some sensitive data (like CardStar) you might want to add the password protect feature.
Then the added benefit is that little fingers can push the slider until the cows come home (or your battery dies), but they won’t much with your apps (or got forbid delete any of them)

To lock w/ a passcode, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock

Congrats on your new toy. I love mine too!

Shane says:

another post: 20 Free iPhone Apps for Parents.


Justina says:

Jasper looks sooo cute in the superman costume!

Congrats on getting the iPhone… I just got mine a few weeks back and I’ll never want to go back to using other PDA phones again! Am having fun videocamming Jude, and its so handy since usually you have your phone with you most of the time… Am still new to all the apps too, so I can’t really advise on that area, but I’ve heard about educational apps that can teach kids to spell/read that perhaps might help to entertain Jasper on trips or something, at least for a short while?

priscilla says:

My son Louis works in the Apple store at The Westchester. Stop in and ask for him if you ever need help.

ariana says:

Kari, I definitely need something like that.. I’ll have to explore. The amazing thing is that Jasper can unlock the iphone! (You have to slide this bar on the screen).

And I TOTALLY forgot about his 14 month b’day.. I’m such a bad mommy, thank you for reminding me!

kari says:

happy 14 months jasper!

congrats on the iphone.. i am stuck in blackberry land because that is what my company supports. i have an app (bbry) for Liam called “baby blocks” since he ALWAYS wants my phone, and when i LOCK it, he seems to figure out how to make an emergency call…the baby blocks is a game where when they push the letters, a kid voice says the letter name, and the alphabet block dances across the screen… and there is no way they can get out of it without the adult sequence… i am SURE they have something like this on iphone… although yours (right now) is probably so new and precious, you wont revert to it being a baby toy for at least another 6 months (or when it is the ONLY thing that will calm him down – particularly in a quiet, public place! :)

again, congrats on the new phone – thats major!!

ariana says:

Thanks Shane, that cardstar one sounds particularly useful for me, I currently have them all attached to my keychain!! Oh, and I have and love the NPR one too, but why doesn’t it have a link to This American Life (my favorite??)

Shane says:

Here are the apps that I use often:
Night Stand – digital clock. used w/ a small biz card holder as my bedside clock.
Remember the Milk – To Do app used w/ the RTM Pro web version
Y! Finance – I like the charting and stock info better than the iPhone standard app
TweetDeck – i’ve used several Twitter apps, but this is the one I’m using now. Supports multiple twitter accts.
Facebook – the UI is much better than the main web site but it doesn’t play video (darn iphone/flash battle)
FlightControl – great game!
SiteCatalst – if any of your work sites use Omniture SiteCatalyst web analytics then this app is useful.
Google Apps – links to several google and GApps stuff
myWireless – AT&T’s app to get updates on your calling minutes, data usage etc. Quite nice for us since we share minutes.
CardStar – store those freq buyer cards in your phone. the BRU card can get scanned from your iPhone. No need to carry around all those little cards. note: Costco can’t seem to scan this app so still need that card.
NPR News – is a nice app too. easy to navigate shows and listen to Live shows or old ones.