The Drama Queen & His Sweater

So remember when I told you how Jasper is such a drama queen? And remember how I said that he hates hats so much that I needed to find a Halloween costume that has no hat component? Well, just so you know I would never lie to you, witness me trying to get some pictures of Jasper in the GORGEOUS sweater my Aunt knit him:

everything is going fine..we’re just playing in the playhouse, enjoying the afternoon..

until, mommy brings out the evil hat of destruction, Jasper’s SWORN ENEMY..

How could she be so cruel and heartless??

and like Kryptonite and Superman, he has a complete melt down..

Because, you know, wearing a hat is about as bad as the WORLD COMING TO AN END!

But then.. the hat comes off..

..and all is right with the world again.

Speaking of Superman..

Little Superman Toddler Costume - 2T/4T

This is the Superman costume I have been wanting to order Jasper, but according to their sizing it’s going to be HUGE.

Their toddler age 1-2 costume is actually a 2T-4T size and the height is for 35″=39″… Jasper is 31 inches at best! Does anyone else have this size costume and it ginormous?


And THANK YOU Auntie for the beautiful sweater and hat.. at least he loves the sweater. :)

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Susan says:

Ariana, my husband and I were both cracking up at the pictures. I don’t know what we’re going to do when it gets really cold – Emily will barely keep a hood on her head, much less the hat I spent hours knitting for her.
Thanks for sharing the pics!

Alison says:

Thanks for the response, Ariana!
I’m new to this photog talk! :) What do you mean by “shooting wide open” at 1.8 all the time? How can I alter that to avoid blur?
Thanks for your help!

G.G says:

Happy Birthday Fabulous Mommy Blogger!

Kudos to your aunt – that sweater is PERFECT!

And Jasper, even in the midst of a meltdown, is still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

ariana says:

JB, yes, it is – thank you!!

jbhat says:


If so, happy birthday! Here’s to a happy and healthy year for you and yours.


ac says:

i have been totally in love with the knitted look lately…so of course i am in love with this sweater and hat set. I would be consulting dr google with ways to figure out how in the world i would convince him to wear the hat…it is just too cute. i am currently in love with (as far as knitted stuff goes) the knitted baby loafers….you have to look it up on etsy cause they are one of the most precious things EVER!!

♥ ac

Keri says:

Oh my gosh, I know he was not happy, but the breakdown photos are so cute! Hadley does the exact same thing with hats:-). I love the Superman costume. You’ll have to update us on what you end up getting!

Heather says:

Your photos are just the best!
I’m wondering if you did order that costume, if you could just shorten the pants on it?
Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could probably make that pretty easily if you found the right color shirt, and just glued the emblem on the front, and got red fabric for a cape. I made my son an elf costume, and really, it took about half and hour to make (it’s on my blog if you want to check it out

Alison says:

Hi There!
I love reading your blog! Your pictures are always BEAUTIFUL! You really have a gift. I have the XTi (with kit lens) and I recently bought the 50mm 1.8. I have been trying to achieve the blurred/soft background in my photos, like in your most recent posts…but I am not having too much luck!
If your up for it, I would love to see a tutorial on how to do this! Thanks!

ariana says:

Hi Alison,

The blurred background happens when you have a shallow depth of field. There are a few factors, one is a wide aperture (small number), two is distance to subject (closer = more blurry background) and the other is the subject’s distance to the background (farther away = more blurry) . There’s a good article here:

Just beware of trying to shoot wide open at 1.8 all the time.. I did that when I first got my camera and it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get good focus that way..anything not on the same plane will be blurry, so the back eye will be blury, or the nose. Plus, lenses are never sharpest all the way open, they usually sharpen up one or two f stops down. Hope that helps!

Maria Naccarato says:

Love love love the pictures! And the sweater is beautiful..such talent!

jbhat says:

I agree. I love pictures of babies when they are crying.

Hat theory: They make your hair fall out, and he’s trying to grow his in. Hence, the meltdown. : )

pam says:

wow, that’s a gorgeous sweater! do you think your aunt might knit me one? XL, please.

and i have to say, crying baby pictures are so freaking cute.

lelu says:

You might have better luck finding Superman pajamas in Jasper’s size. They even have some with detachable capes. AND he’ll get a lot more wear out of pj’s than a costume. I have seen them at Target and Kohl’s in the past. I haven’t seen them this year, but I haven’t been looking. Good luck! Oh, and that sweater is so lovely!

Dana J says:

Awesome sweater! As for the costume, they make them big so that if it’s cold out you can just put the costume over the regular clothes so you don’t need a jacket. :)

Kimberly says:

That is just hilarious… wonder what it is about hats that they hate so much?!?!? (James doesn’t really like them either… but he’s nowhere near as aversive to them as Jasper.) Your Aunt is very talented… what a gorgeous sweater and hat!!!

heartartz says:

What a cutie! Jasper is adorable in the beautiful sweater.
I understand about the hat thing. I have one boy that loved hats and the other, like Jasper..hated them.
However now a baseball cap is always on his head and goes everywhere with him. There are times I have to tell him to “take it off”!
Ahh our amazing boys!

Michelle says:

Okay, those tears are the cutest…. so sweet! That sweater and hat are so cozy! She should sell them!


vala says:

the sweater is amazing! (and the pics are really cute :)