Mason’s Christmas Card Photoshoot

I’ve known Amy for a while via the bump message boards. We even traded emails about new york photographers a while back.  She’s a bit of a photo connoisseur in that she has Mason photographed professionally every three months or so.  So I was a little nervous when she asked me take pictures of Mason for their family Christmas card – what if none of them came out and she would regret not hiring a “real” photographer to take the pictures? But I couldn’t say no, because, well – look at this face!

I learned a lot on this shoot.. like that toddlers Do NOT like to look at the camera (it’s not just Jasper!) and that I need to plan accordingly. A photo messageboard buddy of mine posted recently about a “lens buddy” that she makes for her camera for such situations, it’s a red scrunchy with pingpong-ball eyes and pipe cleaner arms – she pulls it out sparingly when she REALLY wants to get eye contact. I could have definitely used that here, or at least a squeaky toy.

I also learned/confirmed that as much as I love my 85mm 1.8, even outdoors it’s not so ideal for toddler shoots, particularly when you are trying to get eye contact you sort of want/need to be close to the subject – you can’t get closer than 3 feet or so (because of the minimum focusing distance) with the 85 and I should have taken it off and switched back to the tamron zoom – no matter what other lenses I try I do keep coming back to the tammy as my work horse, it is really the perfect focal length on a crop sensor camera like my rebel!

You can see a few more on my photoblog – bigger and better :)

In other news..

I got an email last night from the administrators.  Becoming-mom was nominated and is now a finalist in the bump best baby journal blog awards (and I’m truly honored to just be nominated!) Here’s the thing – I suck at hate self promotion, and I totally don’t expect to win because Jill from Baby Rabies can write circles around me any day, but I really don’t want to come in LAST (brings back bad memories of grade school dodgeball!)   So if you are a registered member of the bump, here’s the link to vote – if you choose to take pity on me and vote for the underdog!

That’s all I’m gonna say about that  :)

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kari says:

amazing photos – that mason is a charmer!

i voted!

Kimberly says:

Thanks for that link… I’ll be checking it out!

Happy early birthday… tomorrow is also the 5 year anniversary of the first time I ever saw/met my husband! It’s a good day. :) Enjoy it… don’t worry about the number of candles on the cake.

ariana says:

yep, sad to say.. ! The worst part is that I’m going to be a year older than I thought until Jeff corrected me last week. Dang.

jbhat says:

Um–your birthday is tomorrow? (thx twitter!)

Off to vote…

ariana says:

Thanks Amy, next time we’ll get some mommy/baby shots! :)

Thank you Marybeth!!

Kimberly & Lou:

I was one of at least a few who nominated you–you’re my favorite mommy blogger!

Amy says:

Ariana– as I’ve said many times, we are so happy with the pictures. It was great working with you and I look forward to working together again (when Mason is hopefully a little easier to photograph and when I’m back on my feet!). Thank you again :)

ariana says:

Oh, and Lou – TOUGH call between the speedlite and the tamron.. if you lived up here in the NE, I’d say the speedlite because with winter coming it helps indoor shooting.. but being that you live in sunny FL and can take outdoor pics maybe I’d go with the Tamron.

To both you and kimberly, keep your eye on the ILP Buy/sell messageboard, I see the Tamron go up there quite often..!

ariana says:

Aw, thanks everyone, now I feel like I’m fishing for compliments :)

LOL Jill, I voted for you too!

Pam, of course!

pam says:

sweet pictures! nice big brown eyes.

i voted for you, will you vote for me? i’m in the multiples category. :)

Kimberly says:

Once again, beautiful photos! Mason is a little doll baby!
I agree with Jill… your blog IS wonderful! And it’s a TOTALLY different type of blog than Baby Rabies, which is also wonderful. Yours is more conversational and photo-based… while Jill’s is all about the hilarious prose. Both fantastic in their own right. Wonder how many times I can vote? ;)

And… you’ve been tempting me with your glowing reviews of that Tamron lens… I keep going back to the reviews online and I’m thinking it might just need to go on my Christmas list! Thanks for the insight on the 85… I’m shooting a family session (Mom & Dad with their 3 y/o who doesn’t like to look at the camera) in a couple of weeks and I will keep it in mind! Too bad there’s no possible way I’d have that fab zoomie yet… the 50mm and 85mm will have to do!

1. Your photography is beautiful! Those are some amazing shots.

2. Your blog is wonderful, and I already voted for you :)

Carmen says:

I voted for you – have been following for over a year now and am now expecting my own baby in February. I’ve been going back to re-read your old posts from your pregnancy, and I’ve learned so much from you in terms of parenting, photography, etc. I always look forward to your blog posts. Just wanted to post this so you know I’m a huge fan even if you don’t end up winning the bump blog awards – you’re #1 in my books for beautiful photography and honest mommy blogging!!

Of course I voted for your blog!

I’d love to get a nice shot of Wes for holiday cards…not sure how or where though. We’re getting professional photos taken soon, so maybe I can come up with an outfit then and let them have a go at it. I’ve never even sent picture holiday cards before, but now that I have a baby I can totally jump on the bandwagon, lol.

I think these photos are amazing, and as I said on your flickr, this kid is hella cute!

You’re totally making me think about using my birthday money for that Tammy lens. But I also need a Speedlite, which I could use with my 50mm. What to do, what to do?

G.G. says:

Really fab shots! I love Mason’s unique eye color: green-gray-brown – so cool! And looks like you did manage to get lots of great eye-contact shots without a squeak toy.