As predicted, Jasper’s vocabulary is just exploding these days.. particularly words that start with “B” as in “ball” which he demonstrates in this video. But he also says banana, book, baby (which sounds like “boh boh”) bye-bye and my favorite, bear, for which he says “bow” when he sees his sleepytime bear.

He also says night night (“nigh nigh”), hi (“ha”), hello (“oh”) , uh oh, no and yes.  He’s become quite the little mimic, it’s like having a living tape recorder who plays back every sound you make. He’s game to pretty much repeat any sound after you ask him to, but the words above are the ones he has attached meaning to.

I absolutely LOVE this age, every day brings a new word or a new skill.. and peppered in between his tantrums he’ll look up at me and give me a kiss on the lips as if to say “even though I’m being bad you still love me mamma, right?” If I could freeze time in those moments I wouldn’t even hesitate.

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HamiHarri says:

Aww…so cute!

It really amazes me just how differently babies develop. Jasper is walking and talking, and my nephew who is a couple of months older, doesn’t walk and his vocabulary includes Ma, Da, Na ;p I really need to stop comparing!!

Keri says:

That’s so cute! Hadley is also loving “b” words, like banana, ball, Bella, and book. It’s so fun to watch her learn a word and its meaning!

Samm Ivri says:

I adore those kisses. Mia does that when I give her THE look for doing something she’s not supposed to. Like, when she starts playing with our shoes. I tell her “No shoes!” and give her a look. She smiles, crawls over and kisses me. Gah! They are precious!
And yay for the new vocabulary!

kari says:

adorable and brilliant that little jasper is!!
it’s so awesome to see the light go on in their head when they actually can recall what something is – and then SAY it! great video!

Oh this does seem like such an exciting time! He’s looking as cute as ever.

Kimberly says:

SO CUTE! I agree, this age is so fun, just amazing how they soak up the world like little sponges! I need to get some vid of James with his ball, too… I love it!

Peytie's Nanny says:

That is super cute, great video! I love love LOVE this stage of their young lives too! It is just so much fun to see them learn and grow and become real little people :-)