Jasper Recommends: Nosefrida Snot Sucker

the world's best snot sucker

the world's best snot sucker

Here’s a product tip aimed at our moms of younger babies and moms to be:  With the arrival of fall also comes the snotty/stuffy nose that, at least in our house, seems to last straight until spring!  Last winter I couldn’t have lived without the Nosefrida, I used pretty much daily to clear out Jasper’s nose before nursing or bed.  A squirt of  saline solution and a good suck on the nosefrida and even the stuffiest nose becomes clear again.

I first read about the Nosefrida in Dr. Sears’ Baby Book. He recommends it because unlike bulb syringes that  irritate the delicate lining of the nasal passage inflaming them even further, the Nosefrida doesn’t go IN the nose.  I remember when Jasper was a newborn I was terrified of sticking that big syringe into his tiny little nostrils . I really wish I had had the Nosefrida then, I only bought it when he was 5 months or so. Personally, I think they should be standard issue and no family should be allowed to leave the hospital without one!   Such is the high esteem in which I hold the Nosefrida.

So why doesn’t everyone have one?  Well, partly because no one has ever heard of it, but also because most people can’t see past THIS product image:


Yes, it looks like what you are doing is sucking the babies snot right into your mouth!

But I’m here to tell you that this is definitely NOT the case. What you are doing is sucking in to create the vacuum action, but there is a chamber with a sponge and the snot CANNOT get into your mouth, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Now that we have that all “cleared up”, I can tell you that if you have a young baby or are expecting a newborn for the winter season you will grow to love the nosefrida as fiercely as I did!

Now, does anyone have recommendations on how to clear snotty nosed toddlers? Jasper can imitate a blowing action, but not strongly enough to actually clear his nose effectively yet. And I don’t see him letting me suck his nose with the Nosefrida anymore, though maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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ariana says:

Thanks Jessica!

Eva, I did that once last year.. I will probably have to resort to doing the same this year. I asked the Nosefrida people and they said that they definitely recommend it for toddlers! The trick is to sort of make it a game.. like let them do it on you sometimes etc. Worth a try anyway!

Eva says:

My little trick for holding down Lauren for de-snotification is to sit down on the floor, lay her down in front of me and hold her arms down with my legs. It’s the only way she’ll let me near her with the snot bulb.

Jessica says:

This is a really neat invention. I am glad that the baby snot can’t go all the way up the tube, though! I found you through your home blog, and I will definitely be using your monkey tree mural idea in our nursery- it is the BEST I have seen, either hand-drawn or vinyl.

erin says:

You’re supposed to stick the bulb syringe up in their nose? I thought you just put it at the end of the nose. No wonder it doesn’t work for me, though TK still hates it. I always end up using Q-tips, which she hates even more but work better. Who knew I would need a lesson on how to properly use a bulb syringe?

I am so getting one of these. ASAP.

jbhat says:

I have never heard of it, but am willing to try it with our newbie. The bulb syringe made our first kiddo scream. Thanks for the recommendation.

Sheri says:

I LOVE this thing too. It is the single item that made CSV bearable last winter.

Juliana says:

Maybe I could think in buying one of these when my baby was way younger. Today, at 1yr and 2m I wouldn’t be able to get him to let me use that, even when he is sleeping or if his nose is really stuffed. Ariana, you are not the only one with uncooperative child!
But I like this product, maybe when my second child is born I will try to order one…

ariana says:

LOL Kari, well Samm says she can still use it on Mia.. maybe she does the full body tackle? I did that once out of desperation last spring – or maybe everyone’s babies are super cooperative (except mine of course!)

kari says:

where were you with this review a year ago ariana???
i so wish i would have known about this!! liam had chronic stuffy/runny nose problems as an infant – and of course we used the bulb syringe (yes only the hospital one worked for us too!)

Samm Ivri says:

We still use Nosefrida!! I love that thing. Mia doesn’t love it, but it’s for her own good! (There was a time I swore I’d never say that).

ariana says:

Oh, I can’t believe i forgot to mention it in the post, but boogie wipes are AWESOME. The are coated with saline so they really loosen things up! http://www.boogiewipes.com/ (you can get them at BRU)

KaiRayne says:

to help clear up a stuff nosed toddler, turn the shower on very hot and let it run and steam up the bathroom. and then sit in the bathroom with him for about 10 minutes or so and it should start making his nose run so all you have to do is wipe. :) HTH! I wish I would have known about this product when my boys were babies, they’re 5 & 6 now, I doubt they’d let me use it on them. lol

Shane says:

I like this product. Although a little Saline drops in the nose first helps before sucking. What I hated about the bulb things is that you just start getting the snot out and run out of suction. G would niffle it back up the nose and we had to start all over. With this product you can keep the suction going longer — although you still need to hold G down to keep him from squirming.

I bought ours from Whole Foods.

Kimberly says:

I wish I’d known about this a year ago! The only thing that worked for us was the bulb syringe that we got from the hospital… EVERY one you can buy in the store is crap. Now I just wipe him good with a baby wipe, after a shower or bath is best since that seems to loosen everything up. And I’m remarkably un-squeamish when it comes to my baby… I’m not adverse to actually picking his nose if there’s something I can reach. ;) (I of course immediately wash my hands.) Q-tips work well for that as well! But for the next baby… I will keep this in mind, for sure!

ariana says:

C’mon guys – all those poopy diapers and god knows what else and the mere IDEA of snot is too much for you LOL? Since becoming a mom I think I’ve been cured of any squeamish tendencies where body fluids are concerned! ;)

pam says:

Yeah, um, I ordered that one night after a couple of glasses of wine, but I’m such a squeamish wuss that I had a hard time getting past it, even though I knew the sponge was there.

Now my boys’ favorite toy is the bulb snot sucker. Figures.

Ava says:

Ha! Is this Jasper’s recommendation or yours? ‘cuz if you have a baby that likes their nose sucked, that’s a keeper right there!

We have a Nosefrida too. You’re right, I can’t get past the mouth to snot image, so I’ve still been using my bulb-syringe. This was Shane’s purchase though, and HE uses it, so maybe he can rave about it too.