Jasper Sings Row Row Row Your Boat

Wednesday when I picked up Jasper from daycare they asked me if he sang Row Row Row your boat at home (no, he had not.)  Jasper was standing there when they asked and he immediately started singing it! I’ve been trying to capture it on video ever since, this is the closest I got:

This performance isn’t his best, but I take what I can get with the videos.. particularly because he was in the middle of doing something else.. which you might guess if you pay attention to the little expressions between the rows. Anyone?

He’s so going to hate me for this someday..


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Melanie says:

Do you sing Pattycake to him? Cause Zoe does that too and it’s for the “ROLLLL” it part. just a thought!

ariana says:

JB – you guessed it!

Keri says:

Oh my gosh, how cute. And Jasper is clearly advanced singing a whole song!!! Love it:-)!

jbhat says:

Was he pooping? : ) Very cute.

One time when he was around Jasper’s age, or maybe a little bit older, our kiddo was reciting Humpty Dumpty in the tub. I looked at him in shock because we hadn’t taught it to him. So I started saying it along with him, and he looked at ME in shock, as if I’d been holding out on him. He’d learned it at school…I guess! What the heck.

McLuvin says:

Wow – that’s really impressive and cute! He’s just the brightest child, honestly!