Let’s Discuss Halloween Costumes!

As much as I hate to acknowledge it, fall is here.  And with fall comes Halloween of course.  As I mentioned yesterday, my inbox has been graced with some great reader questions lately – ones that I too need answered. Like this one in an email from Susan:

Any great Halloween costume ideas for a 12 month old…who
won’t wear hats, lol!?  Just wondering what everyone is planning on
doing for their LO.

And honestly, it was the first time I’d actually thought about the fact that Jasper doesn’t wear hats. Period. And virtually all baby Halloween costumes have a rather prominent hat component. What to do? Anyone have any great ideas? If not, just share what costume you have picked out with a link so we can all see the cuteness!

The sad realization that Jasper will go hatless this year makes me all the more glad we went OVERBOARD with the headgear for last year’s Scooby Doo costume:

Then again, perhaps his hatred of hats is his secret revenge??

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erin says:

We are doing “family” costumes this year for Hannah’s first Halloween – I picked her up a little pumpkin fleece sleeper, and I am going to make pumpkin costumes for DH and myself. DH gets to be the scary pumpkin. :)

I wanted to be a witch, and DH could be a frog (and Hannah the pumpkin), but he didn’t want to be a frog, so that put the kibosh on that.

And yes, there are costumes on Etsy! I know, I’m selling some at hannahstoybox.etsy.com. :)

Stephanie says:

I’ll second that about Old Navy, especially if you live in a cooler climate. Their costumes are polar fleece and keep the babies snuggly warm. We have a pumpkin costume from Old Nacy both of my girls wore when they were one. My older daughter was ok with wearing the hat. My younger daugher was not, but because the pumpkin part of the costume was around the belly, she still looked like a pumpkin. She’s two now and still likes to wear it (it’s in the dress-up trunk in our playroom) so maybe we’ll break it out again this year (even though she probably won’t wear the hat this year either. I can barely get her to wear a barrette!)

eBay is a fantastic place to look for Halloween costumes too. And while I haven’t looked (mainly because I *just* thought of it) I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find stuff on etsy.

mandoo says:

My little one will only be 4.5 months old, so I’ve been struggling with a costume idea for some time. I finally decided I’m going to make his costume and that he’s going to be a little fried egg! We’ll see how it works in execution… (I joked that I could dress up as toast and Dad as bacon, but yeah, that’s probably going too far).

Barbara says:

I always read your blog to give my nieces ideas for their babies.(My kids are now grown). When I saw this post, I thought I’d try to help. Target, Old Navy, Marshalls and TJ Maxx have great costumes every year…many don’t require hats or masks. Good luck!

ariana says:

Susan, Jasper won’t even wear a hoodie!

Juliana says:

I am so glad that here in Brazil we don’t have Halloween, otherwise I would be in the same boat as all of you!!

Good to you in finding a costume for Jasper!!

Susan says:

So far my best idea is to make a penguin costume out of black pants and a hoodie. Then at least the “hat” would be attached. How hard can it be to sew on the white belly, wings, and a yellow beak?

Sarah says:

Ahh — this is such a tough one! That Chewbacca costume Erin recommended is hysterical, but it’s so hot down here in So. Fla; there’s just no way. I’d love to see Finn as a little alien, but I’m sure he won’t tolerate antennae (the fun part). As a matter of fact, head pieces/hats are precisely what make costumes fun in the first place! Hmm… a hatless costume…. A couple of months ago, he would have made a cute sumo wrestler, but he’s not quite as fat these days…

ariana says:

Superman IS a good idea, thanks!

Dawn, Noah will make the cutest monkey ever. I hope he’s not too hot!

Erin, last year we thought about all going as popeye, olive oil and sweepea, but never got it together. But since you love star wars you and your DH should definitely be Princess Leah & Luke. Think of the priceless family pictures you’d get out of that one :)

Kari, that lion (for Liam the Leo) is adorable!! I didn’t know Marshalls even had costumes. I will be going there tomorrow for sure. And yeah, good call on returning yoda, because once you show a guy star wars there’s no real going back from there!

Melanie says:

i went on http://www.buycostumes.com and got her a ladybug outfit for $9.99. She’s at that age where they don’t want to wear costumes, definitely not a headpiece! i just figure i’ll put on black leggings and the bodysuit and hope it doesnt bother her too much. i’m not even attempting the headband it came with!

kari says:

i was just at target and got liam baby yoda (how funny!)… then stopped at marshalls on the way home and picked up an awesome lion… not sure which to keep… i am sure kurt will want yoda (maybe i wont show him, and just take it back!)

here is the lion on ebay… not a good photo (the butt says “wild one” in whimsical cursive font… so cute!

Erin says:

I haven’t come across too many ready to wear costumes without hats or headgear of some type. What about a superheroe or a career type costume. Even those that usually have hats aren’t really essential to the costume like a policeman, fireman or baseball player. What about a doctor, spider, skeleton or knight.

Halloween will be an extra special day for our family this year. It is our son’s first Halloween and it is also my husband’s birthday. I am still trying to figure out what our son Ewan is going to be, and us too! Here are some of my favorite ready to wear baby costumes :

baby Chewbacca – http://www.brandsonsale.com/ca-006907.html
or baby Yoda – http://www.brandsonsale.com/ca-006896.html.

Or any of the Tom Arma costumes, I like the frog, dinosaur and monkey – however they are a bit pricey.


Martha Stewart also has some fun ideas on her website.

What are your thoughts on Mom dressing up? Or Mommy, Daddy and baby? Any suggestions or themes for family costumes?

Dawn says:

Halloween is always a challenge here (in Florida) because most costumes are meant for cold weather and our poor kids sweat to death! Last year Noah was a football player sans helmet and it was weather appropriate and had no hat. This year (he’s 3) he really wants to be a monkey, he picked out his costume and will wear the whole thing. When he was one he was Nemo, which looked very Nemo even when he grew tired of the hat. Good luck!

Stephanie says:

My baby brothers were both Superman when they were young–they HATED hats, too. It really was just Superman PJ’s I think, with a little detachable red cape. Super cute and super easy!