First Words.. Bye Bye Banana

I’ve neglected to blog about a pretty exciting development over the past few weeks.. Jasper has started talking! Since this is, after all, his virtual baby book, I figured I’d better post it for posterity so when he asks me years from now what his first words were I’ll be able to remind myself.

He’s been saying mama and dada consistently when he means us for a while now, but two weeks ago he started saying “uh oh” which sounds a bit like “ah oooh” when he says it. It’s the cutest thing EVER. Somehow, even though he walks around repeating it for 20-30 minutes at a time I have STILL been unable to capture it on video! Lately, my attempts with the video camera provoke all out tantrums when he sees the video camera and can’t have it. Hence the lack of videos over the past month or so.

So I have to distract him with things like food, or in the second part of the clip playing with the toilet and the toilet paper holder. Yeah, I’ll do anything for the blog (or let jasper do anything apparently!)

He still didn’t say uh oh, or his most recent language acquisition “no” , but he does grace us with several bye byes (which he says as bah bah) and banana (which is usually nana or sometimes nadah) and throws in a daddy too.

The thing is that he’s an incredible mimic – EVERTHING we do gets mimicked back to us (yawns, snorts, sighs – you name it!) so I have no doubt that now that he’s begun to form words they will start flowing pretty rapidly.

But for now, we have “bye bye banana” and that’s good enough for me:

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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Nanette says:

How CUTE! Em is the same way with our Flip video. If she sees me filming with it, she’s too busy trying to get it to do whatever I was trying to film in the first place!

jbhat says:

Congratulations on the big words! He is right on track, isn’t he?

kaboogie says:

Awwww! I miss those days, but alas, #6 is almost 3. My daughter started an “isms” book for the funniest of things her and her siblings have said. Like her sister who loves to eat at the “resternaut” and go catch “tadapults” in the pond. These vids will be so precious, someday I need to show you Jo Jo dancing to “tar hero” music…but for now, I just want to gobble Jasper up!

Ack! I can’t believe how fast Jasper is growing up :) He is sooo cute! :)

I’m really wishing that I had purchased the Flip. I ended up with some high end Canon HD camcorder that is a MAJOR pain when it comes to uploading. Now, for recording recitals and stuff like that later on, sure, great. But for getting cute clips of Mikey learning how to walk? A bit over the top and a lot of hassle.

lelu says:

Oh he is so cute! And smart! I love all the videos. I wish I had more video footage of my kiddos. Jasper is so lucky!

ariana says:

Thanks Sarah 1! Sarah Finn’s mommy Sarah, absolutely! I actually DO have a pretty bad potty mouth and yeah, I know I’m going to have to start watching what I say now. Kind of bittersweet :)

Sarah says:

So sweet — and smart! He really DOES seem to mimic you! Do you feel a new vigilance about watching what you say around him? I try to be careful these days (and it’s not like I have the worst mouth or anything), but it still scares me to think of what Finn’s already picked up and stored in his brain for later!

sarah says:

Oh my he is TOO precious! I love him talking! It’s adorable!
He just gets cuter by the day! Great clip!!!!

ariana says:

Hi Lauren, thanks for being such a long time reader and delurking :) It goes by UNBELIEVABLY fast. He will be babbling away before you know it!

Kimberly – defintely get the flip! It will make getting the videos and posting them so much easier.. and also because I want to see James talking! Thanks for the tip – I actually have been trying to do that lately but need to be firmer about it. Usually if he whines loudly enough for something I give in like today when instead of signing “more” for more cheerios he threw a mini tantrum. Isn’t toddlerhood wonderful? ;)

Kimberly says:

Too cute… I HAVE to get some videos of James talking, too. I did find out I have a connection to get a Flip for $60… so I hope to get one soon!!! :)

*** Just a tip as a developmental therapist (I use this with kids we’re trying to get to use words…) Early in the clip you offer him the banana… WAIT until he says it, THEN give it to him. It’s called “pivotal response” and it reinforces the language attempt. It’s a good way to get kids to say what they want (especially when they actually have the word in their repertoire).

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Lauren says:

Wow! I have been following your blog for about a year and a half and it seems like just yesterday when you had Jasper! I have an 11 week old and cannot believe this will be him a year from now. It does go by so fast, doesn’t it? Jasper is obviously a genius!