Jasper’s First Swim

I STILL haven’t had a chance to edit the pictures I took over the weekend – work has been crazy! But, here is a video of Jasper’s first swim. Well, technically not his FIRST swim because my parent’s have a kiddie pool he’s been in once, but this was the first time in a real pool. And what a pool it was!

We are so lucky that our cousins Janine and Charlie (that’s Charlie in the straw hat)  are residents of North Rockland and buy passes to this amazing park called Bowline park in Haverstraw NY. It’s right on the Hudson so not only is the setting spectacular and the breezes cool off the water, but it has so many amenities! There is, of course, a regular pool (with giganto slide) but there is also an entire wading pool for toddlers complete with slides with animal sculptures. And don’t forget the sprinkler park.. or the beach volleyball net.. or the tennis or racquetball courts. Oh, and did I forget to mention this is all set to the backdrop of the Hudson river?? It was quite amazing and we look forward to being Charlie and Janine’s guests oh say every weekend the rest of the summer! (I took a little video of all the different areas in case anyone wants to see the amazingness.)

There are also several picnic pavilion areas with playgrounds that we were thinking might be the perfect place to have Jasper’s first birthday.. now I just have to call about the costs/permits etc. Yes, I am a little behind on the planning! So far all I have is the date (Aug 15th) and the theme Leopalooza, a lion/Safari theme. I have BIG plans for designing custom invites etc, but in all likelihood we’ll end up sending out en evite instead. There are seriously not enough hours in the day.

What are you all planning for the big ONE (or what did you do)?

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ariana says:

Hi Litsecita,
Wow, what an amazing set of circumstances that brought you here! So glad you decided to stay and get acquainted :)
The song is “Sea of Love” by Catpower.. a cover obviously, but I like how she made it completely her own!

Hope your thesis is coming along well..

Litsecita says:

Hi Ariana!

I only discovered ur blog a week ago and am a huge fan already (the funniest thing is how I found it…I’m writing my master thesis and I’m writing about aid organisations…one of my interview partners mentioned that a specific UN organisation is said to be very bureaucratic, thus having “big head, small legs”…so I wen’t to google if “big head, small legs” is proper English and can be used for my writing…but guess what? I didn’t find anything about UN organisations but the first hit was a mummy blog where somebody was writing about “big head, small legs” of a baby…that was u!!!! ur blog kept my instantly hooked…not good for my thesis – had to take a 3hrs break to read it – but soooo good for my well-being!!! It finally made me laugh again in all those weeks of stressful work :-
It keeps me awak and smiling when I’m in the library…
So what I actually wanted to ask:

what’s the song in the video of cute Jasper’s first swim?
It’s wonderful!!

Heather says:

P.S. Your little beach bum needs this hat:

Jake has it and it offers good protection for the back of his head and chest, and he didn’t try to take it off too much!

ariana says:

I WISH he would wear a hat!! The second I try to put a hat or even the hoodie of his sweatshirt on his head he totally freaks and proceeds to throw a tantrum until it’s off (so strapping it on doesn’t work either!). He’s such a drama queen it’s ridiculous.

Heather says:

Such an adorable video, and thanks for the tip on that fun-looking park! We’re always looking for fun things to do in the area! I love the birthday party idea! We just ended up inviting a ton of people (without realizing it), and I just ordered all the food, and made some cute monkey invites and cake. Usually, I’m the type that has to make/design everything myself, but I’m so glad I got it catered!

Sarah Beth says:

Cute video! He seems to really like the water. Do you just put him in the bath tub now?? Kaity has been in the bath for a while now, just easier. She LOVES to splash around ( which is hard when you have carpet in your bathroom!).

We are planning a huge birthday bash because in our family/exteneded too there 4 birthday’s and our anniversary in 2 weeks span. I made the invites on scrapblog.com and included a scrap page of each Jake (will be 3) and Kaity, then did the invite on there as well and had them printed at Wal-mart. Cheap and so fun! My plan is to do a big cupcake for both of them though, something fun and colorful. No theme really, just FUN!

Sarah says:

Great video — looks like you all had a blast — especially Jasper!
I still have three months until Finn’s first, but it sounds like I should get thinking; I have no idea WHAT to do….

Keri says:

I love the video and the pool looks fabulous, too! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the big first birthday party. I need to get on that:-)!

jbhat says:

What a fantastic place! You are so lucky to have it available to you, and it sounds like it would be the perfect place to host Leopalooza.

I think the general rule for a kiddo’s first birthday is that it not be too overwhelming for them and to keep the guest list down to fam and close friends. Our kiddo’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve Day. Pretty much every year, we have done a brunch at our place for family and friends. One year we did that in addition to a party for his PEPs friends at a Children’s Museum, but I prefer the low key brunches, personally. With this next baby, I am looking forward to a summertime birthday for more outside options.

I too wanted to say that it was nice to see Jeff in the pics, and hope that you guys are doing okay.


Samm Ivri says:

He’s such a cutie!!
I’m planning on a pool party for Mia’s 1st birthday. Nothing big though – just family.

AmandaG says:

He loved the polar bear sculpture! Looks like he had a blast!

I was curious to know what you used for Jasper in the pool for a diaper. Just a cover? Or a swim diaper?

Victoria says:

What a cute video! Looks like Jasper loved it and I can’t blame him. That is such a great park, I wish we had something like that here!

I have no idea what we are doing for Jake’s 1st birthday. Luckily I have a little over 3 months longer to procrastinate ;)

Kimberly says:

The pics and video are great – looks like an awesome place! I love that you and Jeff are doing things together with Jasper and hope you’re getting along okay.

The party theme sounds so fun! I love that your little Leo will have a leoapalooza party… I’m much less creative. ;)

I’m going to do just a blue and brown theme party at home (like his nursery, which I adore) with perhaps a very few monkey touches (the hubs wanted to do a monkey theme, I think it’s a little overdone) like a pinata. I’m going to make the cakes, one for everyone and one for him to smash. We’ll serve lunch and have some fun backyard activities for the little ones, etc. And I really need to get on the ball, since his party is 2 and a half weeks away and I’m just designing an invitation today!

chantal says:

I love the theme, that sounds awesome! I’m doing a french/paris theme in two shades of pink and black for Annora’s party. I’m going to have a candy buffet (since I didn’t do one for our wedding) and have custom designed a bunch of decor. I’m really excited about it!

That waterpark looks awesome! Annora looooves the water, so I wish we had something like this around us.

Funny, I just asked Craig last night what he thought a good theme for a first birthday would be. Leopalooza sounds DARLING!

Sarah says:

That video is so cute. Yay Jasper!!

Alicia says:

Jasper looks adorable in the water!
Leopalooza is an awesome idea!!!!
Charlie has really great legs, man.
Don’t tell Owen, but I didn’t do a damn thing for his first birthday other than strap a prince/king birthday type of hat to his head and take a photo…