Smushy Face

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I have so many images and videos from the weekend that I need a day or two more to put them in some sort of coherent post, so this morning I’m just posting a mouth watering teaser:

Patriotic Blueberry Pie

Patriotic Blueberry Pie

Isn’t that gorgeous? I can’t take any credit for this at all, (other than for the photograph of course!)  my mom baked it and Martha came up with the cookie cutter star idea.  But I ate it, does that count?

And just because it’s so damn cute, here is a little video of Jasper doing what I like to call Smushy Face:

In case you were wondering, the mesh thing is the lid to his ikea hamper/toy chest which functions in a fashion similar enough to a door that he is fascinated with it. Speaking of which, are your babies fascinated, ok obsessed, with doors? Is it just a boy thing? Just a Jasper thing?

Stay tuned for a full report of the weekend including Jasper’s first swim, more facebook family reunion and more!

PS: if you missed my post on Friday because you were on your way out of town for the holiday weekend, it’s a good one so you might want to check it out..

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I love smushy face!

kari says:

pie = spectacular
smushy face = adorable
doors = obsession (yes, here too!)

can’t wait to see your holiday weekend pics!

tryingin2007 says:

the pie is awesome!

send me your email address. birthday party invites! hope you can join us in the city!


Kimberly says:

So adorable!
James is obsessed not necessarily with doors, but with DOORSTOPS! He loves to flick them to get that sound, and then he pulls them off and they inevitably go right in the mouth. I’ve removed them from all our doors. :(

jbhat says:

That pie and that face are both scrumptious looking. I don’t have any door lore to share, but can definitely see the appeal of repeated opening and shutting. Good times!

Melanie says:

I had to laugh cause my sister nicknamed Zoe, “smushy face”, cause when she sleeps her chunky cheeks make her look like a pug!
Zoe is also obsessed with doors. She likes to open and close it, go in the room, close the door, say “bye”, and repeat! over and over and over!!

Michelle says:

Yes, yes, Jack is OBSESSED with doors. He can reach his closet door from his crib and it squeaks (which I think it makes it that much better for him), I can hear him playing with it over the monitor while he is supposed to be napping, it is even part of his routine. I have had to put blankets on both sides of the door so he can open and close with out it getting away from him or smashing his fingers. He crawls really fast towards doors that aren’t usually open like the fridge or bathroom doors to try to get in them. And, when I go to the bathroom, I see his little fingers under the edge. I wonder what it is about boys and doors..

Samm Ivri says:

Hmmm…no, I can’t say Mia is very interested in doors. Even when I always show her “open” and “close,” she kinda looks at me like “ok, whatever.” Must be a boy thing! The mesh thing is so funny. Mia does it too on her mesh playpen.

maggie says:

Doors are a total obsession. I have one cabinet in the kitchen full of toys for him (great distraction when I cook!) that doesn’t have a lock on it. Eddie doesn’t even care about the toys, he just opens and closes the cabinet, then will touch the hinge all over to figure it out…..must be a boy thing!