He Walks!!!!!

Yesterday Jasper started strolling around his baby jail as if he’d been doing it his whole life (witness the middle clip of him walking WHILE chewing ice in the mesh feeder!)

It was amazing to watch the little light bulb go off in his head when he learned how to use his upper body and core to balance his shifting weight. So instead of step step fall, step step fall, its step step balance, step step balance.

Little Jasper, your mommy is so proud. And yet so sentimental mushy and sad. My little monkey moo is a toddler. How did this happen??

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend everyone..

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Molly says:

Way to go, Jasper! I love the baby jail. Where did you get it.

Danielle B says:

That is so GREAT!!!!

Samm Ivri says:

WOW JASPER! Mia is almost 10 months, but not even close to walking! That is really cool!

Stephanie says:


Jill says:

That is quite possibly the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen!

Keri says:

Oh my gosh, walking!! Go Jasper!! And, he’s only 10.5 months. I agree, he’s a genius!!! I can’t believe it has been 10.5 months already for you. It’s hard to believe how far the little ones go in that short amount of time, too. From sleepy bundle to toddling cutie. So fun!

Kimberly says:

That is just awesome… he’s so proud, and SO cute!!! I love that you have these first precious steps on video! Sweet little man…

jbhat says:

Oh my goodness! That is amazing. Humans are amazing! It’s so crazy to see a human who is brand new to walking…it just blows my mind. What a little person he is getting to be. Wow!!!

I have to ask. What is up with the grown-ups who are just standing around in the kitchen? I kept thinking that they should come over to where you guys were to witness the miracle! How could they not be drawn to it??

ariana says:

Thanks for sharing our excitement everyone!

Shane, he’s only 10.5 months.. don’t go taking away two weeks of genius ;-) And yeah, the first few months WERE a complete blur!

Melanie says:

WOW!! He’s doing awesome!! It’s so funny cause that is exactly how Zoe is starting to walk now too, except she’s already 15 months!!

Aerialsoul says:

are you sure he’s only 11 mths (or close to that)? Maybe the first few months are a blur and your memory is blank :-)

That’s amazing!!!

Sherean says:

LOVE how he comes right to his Mommy in the last clip, with a big ‘ol grin on his face. He knows he’s a super genius! Way to go, Jasper!!!

HamiHarri says:

Wow~ I can’t believe he is walking at his age! Amazing! My little nephew was just here for a visit from Ontario. He’ll be a year old on the 13th and he just scoots around! lol He has yet to pull himself up. It amazes me how different babies are!

Yay Jasper!

Anna says:

Yay, go Jasper!
the look on his face every time he gets over to you is flippin’ priceless.

kari says:

that is so exciting!!
what an accomplishment!
how appropriate… he walks for independence day!
have a GREAT holiday weekend.
We are officially CHECKED OUT!

Sarah says:

Wow that is so exciting!! I can’t wait for that but I also don’t want my son growing too fast!!

Alicia says:

Wow! He’s a super genius! Imagine what he’ll accomplish if he harnesses his genius for the good of the world?!

Happy 4th Ari & Jasper & Jeff!

Farah says:

Gooooo Jaser go!

Rachel says:

That is so cute! By the way, what brand of baby jail is that? I’ve been looking for one like that and can’t seem to find it!

ariana says:

Rachel, it’s called the “Li’l playzone”. I have a link to it in this post:

emily says:

Yipee! I love how proud of himself he was.