Jasper’s First Steps – Caught on Video!

As promised, we return to our regularly scheduled parenting programming.. and it’s a good one. Jasper’s first steps!

I’m standing on the other side of baby jail and he wants to get to me so badly that he’s  trying to RUN  (just like Jasper to run before he walks!) Then my mom comes home and that just gets him even more excited and eager to run to the other side. He’s like a little windup toy:

As exciting and thrilling as this all is, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness that my little guy is growing up so fast…

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Dawn says:

That’s awesome! Go Jasper! He’s so animated!

Kath says:

He is beautiful!

Kristen says:

Awww! And his noises are too cute!

KaiRayne says:

That was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! lol I loved how excited he was! He’s such a beautiful little boy! I know you must be such a proud mommy! :)

Connie says:

What a cutie! I love to hear the excitement in his “Eeee-eee! Eeee-eee!” You must be such a proud mommy!

ariana says:

Alicia, the camcorder I just bought today is a really really good deal http://tinyurl.com/l8cdmu and has gotten great reviews. The reason it doesn’t look so grainy on my site is because its so tiny. If you view it larger on blip.tv you can see what Im talking about..

And then when you look at it on a huge TV (like my parents’ 40″ screen) it will look even worse.

Technology these days is wonderful though, I bought my flip regular last year for about the price of this one that is now HD and has twice the viewing time.

Graininess in pictures is usually related to ISO (if it’s high) and also when you take a pic that is underexposed and try to increase the exposure in photoshop. That introduces “noise” which I agree looks worse it pictures than in video :)

ariana says:

LOL Kimberly.. I know, I’m pure evil. Its the “Gold Box deal of the day” so I think it’s $80 off.. it’s the #1 selling item in the whole photo & video section. Plus people gave it great reviews.

Too bad it’s not as cute as the flip meno though! I’ll give Jeff the flip so he has it at becoming-home to capture anything cute there too..

Alicia says:

You’re right – he’s soooo tiny – and to see a baby that small walk/run makes it even more amazing that their little bodies can carry them!!!

Hmmm, maybe you could do a post one of these days on cameras and camcorders for us who have no clue – and which brand and where to buy! To me, the video doesn’t look dar so much as grainy. Like every single one of my photos taken indoors with the flash off. And I can’t figure out how to get photoshop to fix it – the graininess… oh well… But for video footage graininess isn’t so bad – kinda adds a cozy warmth to it – like the scratchiness on old music records!!!!

Kimberly says:

Crap. I looked at the link, and now I might need one, too. You are not good for my shopping urges! :P

Kimberly says:

Oh, wow… awesome for you! What a great deal… and I would agree that retail therapy is definitely in order. :) I will look forward to HD clips from now on!

ariana says:

I did it.. I ordered an HD camcorder! It was on sale for today only (talk about good timing) for just $130.. couldn’t resist.

HamiHarri says:

Hehehe! He is soooo excited! Love it! My nephew is *just* about to start walking…exciting stuff!

Heather says:

You totally deserve the new flip HD…you (more than anyone I “know”) will put it to great use! He is just adorable! It seems like he’s so young to be walking (clearly he’s gifted)! My son started walking early as well…and everything is just sheer enthusiasm! I love it!

Victoria says:

awww go Jasper, that is an awesome milestone!!

ariana says:

I’m so glad I caught it on film too, but the quality is so bad b/c its a bit dark. You can’t tell here when it’s small, but larger it’s really obvious. Which is why I really NEED the flip HD!

(I deserve a little retail therapy right?)


kari says:

ok… THAT is adorable!
i love it!!!

Allyson says:

Awwww you are so lucky to get that recorded! So precious.

Molly says:

Awww, too cute! And I hear you about the twinge of sadness. I am a big ball of emotions lately about planning his 1st birthday party!

sarah says:

SO stinkin’ adorable!!!!! He is SOOO proud of himself!
What a sweet moment, so glad you caught it on tape! It’s hilarious how he wanted to just run!!! Like saying “let me go!!!!” Cutest video yet! =)

Kate says:

I am crying with laughter. Best video ever! Okay, it’s a tie with the one featuring the military crawl. My favourite part is his hysterical excitement about doing something so clever! What a little cutie pie, I had no idea babies were so “aware” at such a young age.

Jill says:

That is AWESOME! I love that they get so excited when they finally figure it out. Have fun with him! I know it’s a little sad, the growing up thing, but really, I love this age so much. He’s going to start learning things so fast now. It’s like once they figure out the walking their brain really fires up and they are just little sponges. Cute, cute, cute :)

chantal says:

That’s awesome! I love his laugh all the way through it.

Pamela says:

He is adorable and obviously so proud of himself!!!!!!!!!!! Brings a smile to my face.

Kimberly says:

SO CUTE! The best part is his excited little “laugh” the whole time… he really was in a hurry to get to you / Grandma! Glad to see Jeff was there for this big milestone, as well. :)

How quickly they go from being our small, snugly babies to this… running! Bittersweet, indeed.

Leah says:

So cute! And his little excited laugh is the best!

Danielle says:

You are so lucky to have this on video. So flippin cute.

Jill says:

Oh my gosh — I love it! It made me laugh AND brought tears to my eyes. What a happy little guy!

Oh, wow! How exciting! He is so cute :)