Jasper Recommends : Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

This is a product recommendation, giveaway and autobiography all in one, so please have patience, I will eventually get to the point!

The thing is, I LOVE Weleda baby products. They are so fabulous that I would love and recommend them even if I didn’t have so much personal history with the company. But I do have a personal history with the company, too much to recommend their products and not disclose that history, plus putting this post together has been a fun trip down memory lane for me.

Ok, so here’s the backstory..

Sean and I at my senior Prom

Sean and I at my senior prom!

Weleda was my first employer. My two best friends and  I started working there when we were just 13 years old making minimum wage, which back then was $3.33 an hour!

I worked there every summer and three days a week after school until I graduated high school and went to college out of state.

My highschool sweetheart Sean was the son of the couple who ran the company at the time, and I even was the model in a print ad they did for their Citrus Body Oil. I’ll never forget the copy: “Girl at Beach with her Weleda Citrus Body Oil.”


They received so many complaints that they called me “girl” rather than “woman” that they had to pull the ad almost right away!

I became close with many of the people I worked with there and was delighted to run into one of those old friends, Dena, who I learned had become a mother since we had last seen each other and was now the customer service manager and also blogger at Weleda.com!

I had been meaning to write about our love for the Calendula products for a while now, but reconnecting with Dena was just the catalyst I needed.

Finally getting around to the point..

Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body WashThe point is that I have a fierce love for all of Weleda’s Calendula baby products, but the Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash is the one I could not live without.  It’s natural, reasonably priced, smells great, and best of all it’s so CONVENIENT! One product at bath time -that’s all we need.

Obviously when it comes to natural baby products there are a million choices that have cropped up recently to satisfy the organic/natural craze. Far from jumping on the bandwagon, Weleda practically FOUNDED natural body care. They cultivated their products biodynamcially back in the 1920’s before anyone even knew what biodynamic WAS!

What you get with Weleda isn’t just a modern natural product, you get years of history, thought, care and wisdom about nature and it’s interaction with the body and spirit and that’s why I love and trust their products completely.

Back in the day when I worked for Weleda they were relatively obscure and the distribution of their products was limited to a few specialty health food stores and the like.  The good news is that now the Weleda Baby Starter Kitrest of the world has caught on and you can pick up their baby products at Babies R Us and even at Target.

And… right here right now by entering the Weleda Baby Starter Kit Giveaway!

The starter kit includes a trial size version of ALL of the Weleda Baby Care products and is not only a fabulous why to sample each product, but is super convenient for traveling and/or just throwing  into the diaper bag without adding extra weight.

To enter, simply go to the Weleda site,  browse the baby care products and post a comment here stating which product you would most like to have!

Entries will be accepted through Thursday June 18th, winner will be selected via Random.org and announced next Friday June 19th.

If you simply CANNOT wait and want to try the Shampoo & Body wash, Click here for a printable coupon to use at Target to get $2 off!

Now that you know everything you need to know about how to enter the giveaway and way more than you wanted to know about me, you may want to never come back stop reading.  But just in case you want to learn more, Dena graciously answered these  two questions I had about the products that maybe you were wondering too:

Me: “What is so special about the Calendula flower that makes it the key ingredient and foundation of the Weleda baby products?”

Dena: “Weleda’s founding as a natural pharmaceutical company gives us special insight into the healing powers of plants. The Calendula or marigold is a beautiful, orange-yellow flower that captures the warmth of the sun. It contains valuable antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In Weleda Baby Care it provides gentle, soothing care for baby’s delicate skin.”

Me: “When do you use Calendula Baby Cream vs. Calendula Diaper Care? “

Dena: We suggest the Baby Cream for daily use as a preventative against diaper rash and for treating areas of dryness. During teething or at other times a more severe diaper rash develops. The Calendula Diaper Care is a medicinal product, used at these times. The zinc oxide allows the skin to be protected, despite the moist conditions, so rash can heal. Once the diaper rash is better we recommend returning to daily use the Baby Cream as often as needed.

So there it is, as promised.. recommendation, autobiography, interview & giveaway all rolled in to one.  No wonder it took me two weeks to pull this post together!

(Are you still with me? ;)

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Calendula says:

i also love calendula products – realy great stuff

I can’t say enough good things about Weleda.
I make most of our body care products, although I haven’t gotten brave enough to try making tooth gel yet. I may not have to, Weleda’s tooth gels are fabulous. I use the plant gel, my DH uses the salt one, and my DD (who’s 3) uses the calendula tooth gel. We’ve also used the conditioner on her hair as well. Great stuff!

Stephanie C. says:

I would love to try the face cream on my guys sensitive skin.

Monica says:

Thanks for the review! I would love to try them all but the Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash would be the one I’d try first!

Juliana says:

Ariana, I use the body oil for massages (I used to give him Shantala massages and now at day care they do that twice a week). My little one just loves it and the smell is just wonderful. I found out about Weleda when the pediatritian told me about this product and said that it is natural, so, for the baby skin, it is just perfect. I don’t know if you would send this abroad, but I would like to try the Calendula Shampoo and body wash. Well, I think that next time I go to a Weleda store I will buy one for trial…

Have a great weekend!!!

Sherean says:

Don’t make me post just one! But if you’re going to force me to choose, I’d say the shampoo and body wash. Loved reading the back story.

Keri says:

Great post, Ariana! We love the shampoo and body wash… and I want to try the lotion when we run out of our california baby.

Suzann says:

I definitely want to try the children’s tooth gel, my little one has 11 teeth already and I’ve been looking for a natural alternative to the infant toothpaste…thanks for this post!

Lisa says:

Such an interesting post! It was nice to read the backstory. I’ve never tried any Weleda products, but you have me very intrigued. I would love to try the baby cream or the shampoo & body wash.

kelly says:

Great post! I also love the weleda products, but have only just started using them. I’d love to try the children’s tooth gel as Alice is on her way to some teeth.

Shanea says:

Great post! I have been wanting to try their products for my son…wondering if the diaper cream is ok for cloth diapers though.

Carly says:

I love the lotion and I am sure I will be trying the tooth gel soon, as my little one is on the verge of teething! I love your blog and your photos are beautiful!

Samm Ivri says:

Good timing! I would love to try the Weleda shampoo and body wash on DD. I was just at Mother’s Market yesterday with DD buying some organic baby stuff which I was going to post about in my blog! It will be posted soon.

Sadye says:

I’m due with my 1st in Sept. and I LOVE the Waleda pregnancy oil. I can’t wait to try the diaper creams.

Eva says:

I’m most interested in trying the tooth gel on my baby’s tiny little teeth! Right now we just use a little finger brush occasionally but I need to be better about remembering to use it!

Laura says:

I would love to try the shampoo/body wash. My little preemie, Sarah, has had eczema on her forehead and scalp, and now has sebborhia (sp?) on the top of her head. I’ve been using sensitive skin Dove per her doctor’s instructions, and it has helped the eczema tremendously, but it doesn’t make a very good shampoo and it burns her eyes terribly. Now that she finally has some hair :), I need to find something else that won’t irritate her skin (and hopefully won’t send me to the poorhouse!)

ariana says:

JB, so glad you entered, otherwise I was going to enter for you :) LOL about going bankrupt over keihls.. I can see how that could happen.

Kimberly… I was wondering if anyone would DIE laughing about the copy on the ad. If I recall correctly (and this was like 20 years ago) they really wanted to use my actual words to describe the product.. and when they decided to “interview” me about it I was totally unprepared (and probably hadn’t really used the product much) and muttered a few incoherent sentences.. You have to give them credit for not going over the copy with a revisionist brush even though it CLEARLY needed it! ;)

HamiHarri says:

Very cool history!

PF says:

Love the diaper cream! I can’t wait to try the other products!

Rebekah says:

I have yet to Weleda as I use Aveeno (after a quite nasty rash from J&J) but I will have to check them out this weekend at Target. I think the product that looks great to me is the Calendula face cream because my LO has some dry/sensitive skin issues on her face that resulted in a not fun problem with eczema this winter. I’ve since learned prevention is key.

Kimberly says:

BTW, I’m cracking up at the copy on the ad! What fun pictures though. :)

Definitely interested in this! Our baby has sensitive skin, so I opted for the Aveeno all natural baby products – They STILL made my baby break out in a rash. Suprisingly the Johnson’s and Johnson’s product does not cause a rash on my little guy, but I am trying to stick to the all natural stuff for him, so if this would work that would be fantastic!

-Kerith (formerly TheRightWife)

jbhat says:

I loved reading about your history with the company. And I am intrigued by the shampoo and body wash. We used the Khiels shampoo and body wash on our kiddo for the longest time, until I started going bankrupt because of it. Then we switched to the same thing offered by Burt’s Bees, which I like (it smells yummy)…but I found out that that company is owned by CLOROX. So even if I don’t win the drawing, I will look into the Weleda products for sure. Thanks again for sharing the goods and the story behind your <3 for them.

Kimberly says:

I love Weleda diaper cream…. as I think I’ve mentioned, I won’t use any petrolatum based products on James… and Weleda is one of the few that doesn’t smell funky-herbal to me. And incidentally, I picked up some calendula ointment last night to put on a rash that developed under my wedding rings… seems to be helping already! :)

I’d love to try their baby lotion or the cream bath… so the sampler pack sounds fabulous. Maybe I can finally get away from the Johnson’s baby bath… the one non-natural product I can’t seem to get away from – love that fragrance!

Emily Peck says:

I love your blog and all the fun recommendations! :) My husband and I are expecting our first baby in December so I’m doing so much research and compiling all the products and things I love. It’s so nice to hear straight from real mommies what really works! So i went to the Weleda website and I think the product i’d most like to try is the “calendula cream bath”. How YUMMY does that sound? Can adults use it? lol! I feel like it would smell good too. I’m going to pick up a little something next time i’m at target and see it but in the meantime, i’d love to get entered in the drawing! :)

Erin says:

Stumbled upon your website while I was pregnant and have been coming back since I had my son, Ewan in April. Love your photo tutorials. I have been wanting to try the diaper cream, and body wash.

ariana says:

Nice Sarah, thanks for sharing!

We actually have two types of yogurt at home for him to try (goat and grass fed cow!). I’m just waiting for his cold to clear up because dairy creates mucus and that’s the last thing my little snottyface needs right now :) I hope he likes it as much as Kaity!

Sarah says:

LOL I put in the wrong blogsite :) Momnesia moment :)

Sarah says:

I was looking at one of my coupon blogs and came across this one for Stonyfield and if you sign up ( name, e-mail and zip code) for it you can get coupons ( $2 off of 2) for those organic Happybaby meals you posted about a week or so ago and 28 other organic items. Kaity has been having the yobaby yogurt and she loves it! Has Jasper had yogurt yet?

ariana says:

Why didn’t I ever think of that??? BTW everyone, Alexis is one of the “three best friends” mentioned above ;)

Alexis says:

This is so timely, I use this as my shower gel. When your father stayed with us he used my shower and was raving the next morning about how he loved the shower gel and that it was just what he has been looking for. Its not just for babies!