Jasper Clapping!

Sorry for all the videos, it just seems like there’s a new trick every day and I don’t want to miss documenting any of them!

What is it that is so darn adorable about a baby clapping? I love how he doesn’t really bring both hands together but rather holds one and claps with the other:

I SWEAR he does have more than one pair of pajamas despite all appearances to the contrary (I’m not sure why it seems like every time I get the video camera out he’s in those ones?)

I also promise that there will be more than videos coming this week including a finger food discussion and a giveaway. Things have been hectic, please stay tuned!

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HamiHarri says:

Super cute clapping! There are never too many Jasper videos! My nephew who is a bit older than Jasper is coming for a visit later this month – hopefully I’ll catch some video of him :)

Kimberly says:

Awwwww… yay, baby Jasper!!! So seriously cute. I love the videos! And at least the jammies he keeps appearing in are super adorable… you know I had to go get James a pair of them. ;)

I’ve got to bust the video camera out again… James is now WAVING! So cute… and he does a funny little hand slapping thing that could be “all done” or sort of a silly clap… at any rate its adorable and I need to get it recorded and posted.

Keep ’em coming, Ariana… love it!

Lisa says:

Aww, he’s absolutely adorable. I don’t see how anyone could complain about the videos of him.

So much cuteness! I look forward to being a mother one day.

ariana says:

Alicia, that’s my parents’ house!

JB, it is a great lamp isn’t it? It’s an old art deco lamp I think, I have to ask my mom where she got it.

LOL Marybeth, Jasper often misses his eye when tired and trying to rub them and rubs his head instead. So cute!

So cute! Sometimes when I’m trying to get my baby to clap he slaps the side of his head instead. He gets it right MOST of the time though :)

Allyson says:

Awwwwwwwww I love that age!

jbhat says:

Not only was that so super sweet, I am now in love with a lampshade. The aqua one next to Jasper.

You certainly have my okay to keep the videos coming. Jasper must be the happiest baby on the block. And then some!

Alicia says:

Well crap on a cracker! Jasper is tooooooo advanced and tooooo adorable! btw, was that video shot in your house?! That interior is amazing!