Photoshop Tutorial : Making the Sky Blue

Yes, I am that omnipotent!

Just kidding..

But when my messageboard/flickr friend posted this picture online, I knew it would be a great subject for a tutorial on how to add a fake blue sky in your pictures that have a white/grey sky. As usual with Photoshop there are many ways to achieve the same effect, this is just one quick method.

Here’s the before:


And the after:


Ok, so I may have gone a little too dramatic/overboard with my color and saturation choice for the sky, but it’s the technique that’s important here :)

>> Click here to watch the video tutorial now!

Have a great weekend everyone..

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Great tut! I’ll look out for more…you have a nice way of explaining things.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers from Philadelphia,


Kate says:

Thanks for that! It makes a huge difference.

Kristen says:

Awesome! I just love your tutorials Ariana, they’re quick, to the point, and I can do it instantly after, thank you!

You are so awesome! I’ve tried a little bit of everything you have put up tutorials for, and my only problem is that I forget how to do it after the first time :)

Heather says:

I think I should have tried that trick this morning to wipe away these rainy skies! I loved the comparison photos of you and Jasper! I think he has a lot of both of you in his cuteness!