Yessir, That’s My Baby!

One of the most exciting things about being an expectant parent is just wondering what this little being will be like, not the least of which is who will he/she resemble?

In our case, the popular consensus has awlays been that Jasper is the spitting image of his father. In fact,  If I had a dollar for every time someone said that Jasper looks like a mini Jeff, let’s just say I’d  I’d be a very wealthy woman. Or I’d have more singles than a stripper on a Saturday night at any rate.

It actually got to the point that if I hadn’t seen him coming out of my body with my own two eyes I would have doubted if he was really mine at all!

Even though Jeff is a very handsome man and I wouldn’t mind in the least if Jasper WAS in fact his doppelganger, I have to admit there was some small measure of pride when I began to notice that Jasper looked a lot like me when I was his age.

See for yourself!

Baby me:



and for comparison’s sake, Jeff:

Am I right?

Here are a few more:

Do you guys see it or is it just me?

One thing that he definitely has that is 100% daddy is the little cleft in his chin. I love that cleft:

Not that it’s terribly important who baby looks like, it’s just fun to see it play out. (I’m actually much more interested to see how/where his talents lie and who he will take after more in that regard.) But sometimes it can be a source of pride or even annoyance – I actually have friends who tell me that their child looks so much like their husbands that people mistake them for the nanny!

What about you, do you feel like your baby resembles all you, all your partner or some combination of the two? Has he/she started even exhibiting behaviors of one or the other parent?

Since we’re on the topic of families/genes..

I wanted to share this link to a music video starring my little sister Roxanne and her boyfriend Adam. How cool is that? (she’s the girl with the long hair, the one that cries.)  Lest you think that she got all the beauty AND talent in the family I just want to say for the record that I was a musician first! ;)

I’m just teasing, I’m incredibly proud of everything she does and all her considerable talents. Love you Rox!

PS: Yesterday when I picked Jasper up at daycare he stood and balanced (he looks like a little surfer it’s so cute) for about 6-7 seconds! Things are about to get much more chaotic interesting around our house..

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Melody says:

I am glad to hear that another mother has had the same thought lol (about if you hadn’t seen him come out of you you’d wonder whose he was)! My baby boy looks very much like his father, I have been asked more than a few times if he is mine.. But similarly, he resembles me quite a bit when I was his age! Love your blog. Thanks! :-)

Jeff says:

He looks like me, youre grasping at straws!

ariana says:

Very interesting link Stephanie, thanks!

Hmmm, so most mom’s are trying to convince their husbands that their baby is a spitting image of him… except me, who is writing blog posts to the contrary ;-)

Stephanie says:

Both of my daughters are in love with Annabelle the Sheep. :-)

Tabitha says:

yes sir, that’s your baby! genetics are such a funny thing. when my 1st was born i was so shocked to see him with my coloring, blonde hair and blues eyes. i always thought babes got their coloring from their daddies and that the darker colorings were more dominant. my husband has dark hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. both of my boys took my coloring. however the 1st looks just like me, and the 2nd looks just like him. the only thing that ties them together is their coloring.

Rachel says:

I totally see it! and Bright and DH have that same chin too!

erin says:

Hannah looks like DH, but both he and MIL think she looks like my sister. I don’t see it. DH swears if he hadn’t seen her come from my body he might think her mother was the other lady in our family.

Jasper is beautiful, by the way!

Kim says:

OMG I just wanted to let you know that I followed your link to your music page and you’re voice is beautiful! But I’m sure you already know that! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I loved your songs!

Kristen says:

LOL, I commented on your flickr pic before I even saw this about how much the pics look alike!

We get the same comments at our house. Everybody comments on how our boy looks like DH, but my baby pics and his are exactly the same! It’s definitely fine by me, I usually keep it to myself, better that then people commenting he looks like a girl!

Auntie Rox says:

So cute! He looks JUST like you in those pics. Thanks for posting the video!

jbhat says:

I love this post, and I love the shots of when you and Jeff were babies. Jasper really does resemble you at that age. And no matter how it plays out, he’s sure to be gorgeous…great genes!

Our kiddo has always looked like a combination of my father and my husband’s mother. From when he was born until now, in fact. Of course he looks like himself, but he resembles them more than either of us. Funny.

Juliana says:

I know how you feel when people say that our babies look like their fathers. I hear that all the time too. But, I am not as lucky as you are. My baby is even the same as his daddy as a baby…. :-( I think that the japanese gene is too strong and I just need to get used to that…

So, keep a photo of you when you were a baby and the next time somebody tells you that Jasper looks like Jeff, just prove them they are wrong and that Jasper is just like you!!! I am sure they will not be expecting that comming!!! hehehe

Alicia says:

Wow! Is that YOU in that bath pic above Jasper’s bath photo???? That is IDENTICAL to Jasper! Gorgeous!

Yah, I pretty much agree with most all of the above comments – I look at most every pic of Jasper and think he looks just like current Jeff, but now I can see he also looks exactly like baby Ariana!

I think Owen is the same way. I can’t see any resemblance to me now (thank God), but I have a few baby pics where we look identical… Hopefully, he’ll turn out to look like his biological father (uber hottie).

Drats! I soooo wanted to see your music video but the link on your site wasn’t working… You are incredible – what CAN’T you do????

Katie says:

Ohhh, I definitely see it. Something about the eyes and definitely the mouth. In fact when I saw your picture I thought he looked exactly like you… but isn’t it crazy how he can still look exactly like his Daddy too?! It really is amazing.

Keri says:

That is so funny– everyone (even the checkout guy at the grocery store) tells us that Hadley looks like Sean. Like you, if I hadn’t been there for her birth, I would start to question whether she was really mine:-). I totally think Jasper looks like you in those pics, though.

Kimberly says:

This is a great idea for a post, and I think I may have to copy you on my blog!

That first pic of baby you is beautiful (your mom must have been a photographer, too!) and totally looks like you now – the lips! I do see a great resemblance between Jasper and your baby pics, and I’ve actually never been struck by a strong resemblance between Jasper and the pics of Jeff you’ve posted. I actually think he’s kind of a blend but looks more like you than daddy!

As for me, my son IS his father. LOL… I’ve yet to find one feature (except MAYBE his nose) that he inherited from me. I jokingly call Tommy a big ol’ DNA hog. ;) His face, coloring, hair, even his hands and feet are all Daddy.

AND… I had no idea you were a musician! I looked through your site, listened a little… you’re awesome! Are you still doing anything with your music? I’m a singer, too… but I’ve really done nothing with it in years. I don’t really live in the right kind of place. :) Thanks for sharing!

Dawn says:

I think he is a combo of you and Jeff but I definitely think he looks a lot like you as a baby. I can’t wait to see what he looks like as he gets older!

I, on the other hand, have absolutely no stock in my kid’s looks. For the record I don’t think they look like my husband either but mixing mutt white genes with Chinese just always seems to turn out the same. I have weak blood!

emily says:

I totally see it!

Katie says:

I think Jasper is a great mix of both you! I love the chin! My husband has the same thing and it is adorable!

As for my little girl. She looked just like me up till about 5 months old then she started to look more and more like her daddy.

But most people say she is a perfect combination of daddy and mommy.

ariana says:

Meggin, I LOVE aubrey products, I’ll have to try that one. We use the California baby one (I heard it was the best??) and it’s so crazy $$!

Anna, I’ve heard that too and totally seen it in action in our friends’ babies. Nature is wise and amazing.

Kari he DOES look like you! I haven’t actually seen 2 days in Paris, I’m glad to know you liked it though which means i probably will too :)

Jill, someone said the same thing on flickr! It is pretty uncanny at times.

Jill says:

For a second I thought the one of you in the tub WAS Jasper! Ava looked just like me when she was about a month old, but now she looks exactly like DH, lol. I really can’t deny it, unfortunately.

kari says:

AND for the record… i am checkin out your music site .. such a talent and a beauty!

kari says:

he so- TOTALLY looks like you :)
we get the same thing (liam looks just like his daddy) – which is why i wrote:
that post… we do have some resemblance in baby photos.

great video! so cool your sisters bf is AG! We loved 2 days in Paris!!

Anna says:

I definitely see the resemblance.
weird fact… it’s typical for babies to look more like their fathers when they are very young. they say it’s one of nature’s old ways of making sure the dads bond with the children and desire to protect them. A friend of mine’s little boy was the spit of his dad when he was born and through babyhood, then all of a sudden around a year the resemblance to his mom became much more pronounced.

Georgia says:

Genetics are scary cool sometimes. Olivia looks way too much like her daddy, but she has her moments when she looks like me. We’re still not sure if they’re my eyes or his eyes. They’re so much bigger than his, but everything else about her screams “Daddy!”

Meggin says:

I totally see you in Jasper!

Of course my mother in law thinks K2 looks like his daddy, however she is the only one!!;)

On a side note–If anyone is interested in Organic sunscreen for their baby that is not super expensive, I discovered Aubrey Organics. It works well and is sold at Whole Foods. It is not in the baby section but says it’s ideal for children. I have been using it for a few weeks and think it works great!!

Victoria says:

I totally see you in Jasper in those baby pictures! Some of them look exactly like Jasper does!

Jake looked identical to daddy when he was first born and I kept saying the same thing you did. I started doubting he was my child and Irwin had birthed him without me lol. Somewhere though he did a complete 180 and everyone says he looks just like me and nothing like Irwin. I can’t wait to see who he keeps changing into and looking like as he grows.

That’s awesome about your sister, you must be so proud!

Oh yes! I think he and you look very much alike when I see the baby photos side by side: you two are precious.

As for Wes, we don’t think he looks like either one of us. And like you, if I had not seen him come out of my body myself, I’d be wondering whose baby he was, lol!