Simple Solutions :Toy Storage

ikea hamper toy storage solution

Ikea FYLLEN hamper – $9.99

It’s cheap, collapsible and holds a TON of toys (ours has long since been full). But the best part is that you can easily see what’s at the bottom!

And while you’re there, here are a couple other favorites from our fine Swedish friends..


BARNSLIG hooded bath towel, $7.99
It’s twice as big as the Carter’s versions so I can really wrap him well when he gets out. There are more colors available in store (whe have a white one with red trim.)


ANTILOPE high chair, $19.99
So simple, so cheap, so effective. Make sure you get the tray (sold separately!)
*If you are short on space and have a table the right height (it has no tray) this high chair is a great alternative


BARNSLIG placemat – $1.99
Maybe it’s just my nutty child but Jasper is OBSESSED with this place mat (as a toy, not a place mat of course!).. could it be the cute colorful design? Still not sure, I’m just going with it.


MULA bead roller coaster – $7.99
Jasper really liked playing with this one when he first started to sit. Now he’s too busy standing to be interested, but we got a good run out of this one!

What are your favorite Ikea baby finds?

PS: If you don’t have an Ikea near you, I feel your pain!

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Liz C. says:

I bought a set of bibs that I love. Nice soft plastic with red trim, long, with a pocket at the bottom to catch the cheerios and other food. They rock because they are so long and super easy to clean. Can’t find a picture of them on the website, but in one of the high chair pics you can sort of see the baby wearing it.

Pamela says:

I wish Ikea was closer to me…you keep posting all this stuff that I must have

Georgia says:

We have the rollercoaster toy. It’s awesome. It’s so awesome in fact that I went back and got one for my niece.

kari says:

LOVE ikea.(just not on the weekends.. EVER)
i know this is totally random, but our latest fave find is the KALAS tumblers. 1.99 for 6 cups. They are the perfect size for learning to drink from a cup – and BONUS… like the placemat for Jasper, Liam loves to play with them. He fills them up with his blocks, dumps them out, fills them up (this goes on and on) – oh – they are great for bath time too!
Next time we go – we will pick up some of the bowls/plates too :)

Jill says:

Grr…. our closest Ikea is a good hour away. I NEED that hamper (and Ava needs the bead toy)!

Amy, Peytie's nanny says:

You know…I love those placemats that have suction-cups to hold it to the table and a little catcher cup that goes over the edge of the table…
here’s a picture, but I have seen cheaper ones that I like better! (I am all about saving money)

I’m also a big fan of the wipe-clean bibs that have the catcher cup too!

jbhat says:

OMG, I adore the highchair. We had it too, and every time I ever see one of those horrible ones with fabric and bears and all the unnecessary fussiness, I thank the Swedes for the simple and cleanlined design of the Ikea high chair. Can’t wait to bring it out again.

We have cute hooded towels from Land of Nod that we STILL use to this day. Super cute.

ariana says:

Kate, what a great idea!

kate says:

I read somewhere that you can mount the bead roller coasters to the wall and that makes them a heck of a lot more interesting to the cruising set…