Photoshop Friday : A More Accurate White Balance

In a previous tutorial I showed you how to quick fix your exposure and color cast by setting the white and black points in a curves adjustment layer by guessing the light and dark points.   I also showed you how …

8-9 month Milestones Part II: Cause and Effect

Around this time baby goes from exploring everything by mouth to using his hands as a means for discovery. This is also when they have the capacity to use one object to cause an effect on another, like banging a …

8-9 month Milestones Part I: Pincer Grasp!

Because so many of you said your babes were a little younger than Jasper and enjoy knowing what is around the corner I want to talk about a few of the milestones that have happened recently. This month seems to …

Mommy S.O.S. : Diaper Rash

Your responses to yesterday’s pity party for one post were just the pick me up that I needed.

Thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to post how you found your way here and …

Happy Mother’s Day

That was the highlight of my otherwise totally craptastic Mother’s Day.. there were nice gifts from Jeff & Jasper, but the rest of the day/weekend consisted of:

1) Just when things were going well, a complete re-disappearance of milk supply …

Jasper Saying Mama and Waving Bye Bye

Sorry, it’s unedited but totally worth the wait!!

Update: after carefully reviewing the footage, I can honestly say my son is a genius!

Not only does he seem to start clapping after I do, but his insistance on saying “bah …

Croup :(


That’s the bad news. Jasper developed the characteristic croupy barking seal cough last night… his fever did break, so that at least is a good thing.

We almost went to the emergency room this morning when he woke up at …

Jasper Recommends: Dr. Seuss Bright & Early Board Books

Shot with my Canon Digital Rebel Xsi
Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens at these settings:
F 2.5
Shutter speed 1/80
ISO 200

We are big Dr. Seuss fans in our house. There isn’t a story time that doesn’t feature at …

Derby Day

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Shot with my Canon

Photoshop Tutorial : Adding Texture

It’s photoshop Friday! I’ve actually done TWO tutorials on texture, the first video starts and ends in Photoshop for those of you not interested in Lightroom.

Here is the link to the free texture used in this tutorial: