Phalate Free Rubber Duckies on Clearance Now!


I don’t know who referred me to the Mini Social Website, but who ever it was cursed me to receive a daily email with adorable new products.. on sale.. for a limited time only!! Don’t you know that’s like crack for someone like me?? Really, you should be ashamed of yourself.

So, now what? I’m going to pay it forward!

Mini social is one of those sites that you have to join to see what the daily sale is. You just basically give your email address and say who referred you and that person gets a $10 credit if you buy anything (you can use ariana@becoming-mom dot net, just saying!)

But more than just being some sort of multi level marketing scheme, they just have really cute stuff that I’ve never seen anywhere before.

Like today’s sale from “DesignRoom” which has these funky phalate free rubber duckies in various nontraditional designs. They come in packs of two and were apparently $46 now discounted to just $9! (Although I can’t imagine who would pay $50 for even two rubber duckies, but I digress.) How can a bargain hunter resist?

I’m thinking I’ll get either these:


or these..


or maybe even these:


and if I had a girl, I’d totally get these:


But I am already am waiting for these Umi Fisherman Sandals I ordered for Jasper last week:


On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t follow that link.. yeah, forget I ever said anything. Your wallet will thank me!

PS: I found the organic puffs at my BRU! I’ll let you know how J likes them when he wakes up from his afternoon nap..

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Claudia says:

Hi Ariana!
I am just now catching up on my blog reading (busy Summer) Jasper looks so adorable. I heart him because he reminds me of my Jordan so much (I’m sure I’ve said that a million times before) plus their birthdays are only a day apart!

I signed up for this site…too cute! My wallet will hate you for it.

Aghhh!!! Those sandals are too adorable for words! And I didn’t even know that I needed a ducky until I saw those, lol.

Keri says:

Thanks for the tip– I think I’m addicted now:-). I’ll let you know when I order something!!

Jenny says:

Oh no! It wont let me order the duckies! It says I have to “choose the color” to have them added to my cart, but there are no color choices. any idea what to do?

ariana says:

Thanks guys, way to feed my habit ;)

Jenny, I just added it to my cart and the only thing you have to choose is the size button which is the square that says “OS” for onesize (kind of stupid they make you choose it given that there is no other option!). It didn’t make me choose a color.. hope that helps!

Jenny says:

I am a new reader of your blog and I must say Jasper is a DOLL and I absolutely love your photoshop tutorials! I signed up and I am also getting the ducks (space and bullseye duckies) and the piggy bank…and well see what else! Thank you so much! enjoy the 10 bucks!

Lindsey says:

I also bought the army ducks. My husband was in the Army so he will love them! I figure he can’t get mad about that, right? You should be getting a credit from me! Yay!

Lindsey says:

I signed up. Thanks a lot! I’m going to be spending money when I should be saving. Bennett does need a blue and white polka dot piggie bank though! It totally matches his room!