Memorial Day 2009

I am so swamped, it’s amazing how losing one day can just completely put you behind! But anyway, just wanted to post quickly about our little memorial day gathering..

Brian, Ami & Peyton came over for a few hours and Sara, Mando and little Lola made the trek from Brooklyn via train. It was a gorgeous day so we set up the baby jail with some blankets out on the deck for the little ones to play in:

Brian helped Jeff put up the canopy we bought at Ikea over the Pergola, but he and Ami had to leave before we could enjoy it:

Lola did manage to enjoy herself under the Pergola though:

But not so much on the grass – she’s a city girl through and through!

There was some Monkeying around on monkey bars:

Some belly laughs in the swing:

And some snuggling on the deck:

and some enjoying the beautiful light at sunset:

And most importantly, the sharing of happy memories with  family & friends:

View the whole set of images here.

Not only are Sara & Mando blessed with a beautiful (and very photogenic!) baby girl, but she may also be the easiest going baby I have EVER met.

At one point in the afternoon when she got tired she put her head on her Daddy’s chest and took a nap. Right there in the living room. With a party going on around her!!!!??

Clearly Jasper could learn a thing or two from her.. we need to get together more often and hopefully a little of that will rub off on him. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Perfect little Lola does have one tiny flaw though, she’s terribly afraid of grass of all things!¬† So much so that it almost motivated her to take her first step ever just to get out of it – and I even have the video to prove it:

I love the wasy she tries to point that little foot and leg up in the air so it doesn’t touch the ground. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

OK, back to the grindstone!

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Kimberly says:

I would love that… but we’re literally there for like 2 days… let’s see if we can make it happen! We get in at 5pm on Thursday the 18th, and then leave at oh-dark-thirty Sunday morning. The wedding is Friday night on SI, that’s where Tommy’s family lives. So mostly it’s a trip to introduce James to his Great-grandmother and all the extended family.

I’m glad to hear it won’t (probably) be sweltering-sticky-hot like I think of the East being in summer! :)

ariana says:

Kimberly, maybe we can meet up! It’s pretty variable. probably in the 70’s, but can be anywhere from 60-90, you never really know here..

Kimberly says:

We are coming to Staten Island for a wedding on June 19… my first trip to NY! Unfortunately, it’s a short one, but I’m going to try to cram as much “NYC” into the trip as possible! What’s the weather typically like that time of year?

Kimberly says:

As your previous Kimberly commented (oh, and Pink, too, just noticed!), I’m a little envious of your GREEN!!! Not sure where you live, I figured East coast as well… but your yard is gorgeous and so lush. You have more green in one corner of your yard than we have in all of northern Nevada, I suspect! ;)
Beautiful pics of the kids… that little Lola is stunning!!!

ariana says:

We live in the suburbs of NYC, so yes the East Coast! Fortunately for us, the house was owned two owners ago by a landscape architect. We are reaping the benefits of his hard work and hoping we can just keep everything alive ;)

kari says:

gorgeous pergola! your backyard is so yummy!
looks like you guys had a super fun holiday weekend – that swing video is priceless!

Pink says:

well, I’ve been a bad blog reader and just now getting back to reading again! Jasper is getting so big! Where ever you live is so beautiful!! and I love your home! U must live on teh east coast. Everything is so green, I live in Texas where is dry and HOT! LOL!

Kimberly says:

ariana, what a great backyard/patio you have. It’s completely charming.

Victoria says:

Those are gorgeous pictures!!

Jake could learn a thing or two from Lola too, the thought of Jake ever napping without being forced ferberized is a foreign concept to me!