Happy 9 Months Jasper!

Playing with my new speedlite

Shot with my CanonRebel  xsi, Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and canon 430 ex II speedlite at F 2.2 and ss 1/80th.

9 Months.

6570 hours, 273.8 days, 39.11 weeks, .75 years!

You are oh so much closer to being one than you are to being born,  just 1/4 of a year away from that huge milestone and I can’t even believe it.

Nine-month-olds used to seem so OLD to me… they were eating solids (table food even!), crawling, pulling up, saying things and doing all of those things that you have somehow learned how to do in the past 9 months.

And it seems like so many of those things you crammed into your eighth month… If anyone were to ask I’d have to say this month has been the most amazing yet. SO many firsts!

First time saying Mamma and Dadda, waving bye bye, pulling up to standing & sitting, clapping (a little), eating some finger foods and biscuits that you grasped with your little forefinger and thumb.

It is also the month when you started putting that little finger in my nose while you nurse, started reaching over your crib for any furniture or wires that you can grab, started standing in your crib while you should be sleeping and any number of other things you shouldn’t be doing.

Except that it’s your job right now to test your boundaries. To learn that they even exist. Like when you hit mommy REALLY hard in her nose ring while nursing yesterday morning and her stern “NO!” made you cry a little.  Or like when you try as hard as you can to flip over on the changing table making changing you or getting you dressed a wrestling match. (I have a feeling NO is a word you’ll be hearing a lot of from here on out!)

Watching you explore your world and make these developmental leaps and bounds  this past month has been such a joy. You make your mommy very proud each and every day, and every month when I think it can’t possibly get any better than it already is, you prove me very, very wrong.

I love you my little monkey moo.


Your mommy.

Update: Back from the pediatrician.. he’s only 18lbs 7 oz and 27.5 inches..both on the small side (20-30th%).  I guess his decline in appetite did have an effect.

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nanette says:

Happy 9 months, Jasper!

Kimberly says:

Oh, and the fact that you called him your “monkey moo” cracks me up… James is my “monkey man,” and my pup is my “Molly Moo.” Or “monkey,” lol!

tryingin2007 says:

happy birthday cutie pie! :)

wow! ginny is pushing 23 lbs! eeeek!

ariana says:

LOL Kari, you always cheer me up! Same to you guys, can you believe we only have 3 months until the big “one”?

kari says:

HAPPY 9 MONTHS Jasper!!! We always add you in our monthly birthday song when we wake up!
We have our 9 mo. appt. tomorrow – i have a feeling chunk-a-monk will be on the other end of the spectrum. We’ll see… Kurt is like “are we feeding him too much???”… and i am like “gawd kurt, don’t pass your man-o-rexia onto the baby… he is a little young to have body issues already!!”

cheers to a fascinaitng and spectacular 9 months!

Kimberly says:

He’s not down, but his growth has leveled off. He was 20 lbs. even at his 9 month visit – 50th %ile still. Sometimes he’ll take a bite or two, then pinches his lips together so tightly, turns his head, flaps his arms… it’s pretty cute, but so frustrating. He hardly takes any milk during the day from the bottle, either… which means I’ve been having to dump milk lately – that KILLS me! I just keep chalking it up to a combination of his needing less volume of milk (maybe he’s getting more calories for fewer ounces?) and teething – but it has to end sooner than later… the kid only has 3 teeth and he’s cutting at least 2 more!

As for me and my flash… I think I’ll be stuck using my on-board flash with a diffuser for a while… maybe a Speedlite will be my Christmas wish! Or anniversary… that’s sooner!

Diana says:

OMG you so have me tearing right now…
Aliana will be 9 months on monday and she already standing on her own (for like 5 minutes) she is not eating as much neither… i wonder how what percetange she will be when i take her to the doctor.

ariana says:

Thank you JB. I better start working on my one year letter now.. how do I possibly put that one into words??

Kimberly, its really great to have the option to use flash if absolutely necessary! I got mine used for $200 in the Ilovephotography.com forums. BTW they are on rebate now new for $240 if anyone has been thinking of getting one, now is a great time!

Glad you found the Jammies! The feeding is ok, he’s not on strike, but clearly taking in less than he was. Its hard to know when to sneak solids in when I feel like he’s not nursing as much as I would like. So has James gone down the growth chart too as a result?

Kimberly says:

Oooh, I’m a little jealous of your Speedlite! Ok, a lot. I think it will be a while before I get to splurge on one of those! :) In the meantime, I’ll look for your tips as you learn it!

Adorable picture of Jasper, as usual… I did find those jammies at Kohls… got them in a footless version for summer… so cute.

Hope the feeding is improving for you… James is still pretty much on strike in the food department. He’ll eat a little bit once in a while, but he’s still getting most of his nursing in at night, unfortunately for me. :( Happy 9 months to Jasper… we’ve got 10 months just around the corner (Saturday)… crazy!

jbhat says:

You’ve got me tearing up again. So sweet! Happy, happy day to all of you.