8-9 month Milestones Part II: Cause and Effect

Around this time baby goes from exploring everything by mouth to using his hands as a means for discovery. This is also when they have the capacity to use one object to cause an effect on another, like banging a wooden spoon very deliberately on a pot to make noise.

This was actually an activity suggested in one of those “baby week by week” books. So simple,  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier.. oh yeah, because it’s LOUD! But also very cute:




(ok, so things still go in the mouth at one point or another!)


And, of course the video:

(The best part  is how he bangs the spoon out of his own hands half the time..his skill can’t quite keep up with his enthusiasm!)

One unfortunate development the last week or so is full blow separation anxiety. He actually bawled when I left him at lunchtime at daycare yesterday, and I can’t so much as leave his baby jail area without the whining and waterworks starting.

I thought it was because he was sick, but now I’m not so sure because he seems much better but is still as clingy as he was when he was really ill, maybe even more so. He also seems to just be more fussy in general than he has the past few months. I’m really not sure what all this is about or how long to expect it to last, let me know if you have any ideas!

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Juliana says:


I am going through the same thing with my boy. Everytime I leave him inside his portable crib he just starts crying. What I do is to reasure him that everything is okay and that mommy (in this case me with my heart just hurting to see him crying for me) will be right back or will pick him up as soon as I finish something. Unfortunatly, he does not understand why mommy can’t just pick him up from his crib already and just keeps crying until I do so. Rarely he does understand and wait for 10 minutes the most. If I don’t finish what I am doing, then I am in big trouble!! :-)

Keri says:

Oh my gosh, Jasper is just too cute! I love his enthusiasm. Hadley has started banging her toys together, too, mainly when she is sitting at the table eating. She bangs whatever toy she is playing with as hard as she can on the table. It results in a rather loud, obnoxious noise, but she loves it. Hadley has just started developing separation anxiety, too. I’m home with her, but if I walk away for even a second, she starts whining. I’m not really sure what to do since I’m right here with her all day anyway. I’ll let you know if I figure out a cure:-).

ariana says:

Samm, at lease I know I’m in good company! Jasper LOVES magazines (and paper of any kind) too.

ariana says:

Oh, Kari it’s ridiculous! His favorite things are the pot and spoon, a placemat from Ikea, the box that his stacking toys came with and a beer bottle. Yep, I have to give him his own so that he doesn’t freak out when I drink mine and don’t want to share (it gets warm pretty quickly when baby is drooling into it ;)

ariana says:

Kimberly, you need a flip.. its the easiest thing EVER! You plug it into your computer basically. I love mine.

The PJs I got from Kohls.. I’ll look up the brand in a minute when I get them out of the washer :) …Ok, they are the “Jumping Beans” brand!

Kimberly says:

It’s more about getting the clips off the camera, onto the computer. Then uploading and posting are easy… I’ve just never spent the time to figure out my Handicam. When I used to take short clips on my Powershot, easy-peasy.

Where are those darling pajamas from that he’s wearing? LOVE.

kari says:

oh – how did i forget to mention – great photos, LOVE this video!

kari says:

don’t you love how we spend all this money on “educational toys” to promote development etc. etc. and they love plan and simple things like this! i am going to pull this one out for Liam tonight!
re: separation anxiety – Liam JUST started showing signs of it this week! He didn’t want to go to grandpa or uncle todd for the first time, and was crying for mama. and the past couple of nights he just isn’t happy unless he is touching me somehow. So far, no crying when dropping of at daycare, I’ll keep you posted.
xo k&l

Samm Ivri says:

Mia started doing the same thing! I can’t walk aways from her cage (playpen) without her starting to whine and scream. I try to give her something new and really cool while i sneak away to the bathroom. A magazine that she can shred works great!

ariana says:

Kimberly, the video thing is so easy.. they basically just give you the code. Email me if you need help :)

Shane, how old is G now? Jasper is only just starting to pull himself up, and so far only on me! I’m surprised honestly, because he’s been bearing all his weight on his legs and “standing” since before 3 months!

Anyone have any requests for photoshop friday?

Shane says:

I always seem to notice the things that G isn’t doing yet. In the video at the end when he started to stand up made me smile and think “maybe someday soon”.

Kimberly says:

So, so cute! I love those big brown eyes of his! I really need to figure out the video-upload-on-the-blog thing! :) And I love the jammies he’s wearing in the video… where are they from?

James has a bit of separation crying lately, too… I think it’s most often when he’s tired and just wants to be held (usually while I’m trying to do my hair so we can get out of the house in the morning!) or when I go home at lunch and then put him down to leave. He does get over it pretty quickly, and often if I reassure him that he’s fine, he’ll believe me! ;) This too, shall pass.

Teeth probably are imminent for Jasper, and that will make him a bit more whiny and clingy… hope they cut soon!

jbhat says:

Actually, enjoy it while the “I need my mommy” stage lasts (even though it’s sometimes heartbreaking). This morning my kiddo actually asked me to leave his bedroom so that he could have some privacy! And he’s 4! What could he possibly be doing? (A bit later, when I went back in, after knocking first and announcing myself, of course (!), it turns out that he was taking coins out of his little bank and placing them all over his bookcase.)

But I second Amy’s assertion that you should always just say a confident good-by, and go. It shows Jasper that you trust that he and his caregivers will be just fine without you. That’s really important for him.

ariana says:

Amy, Japser does the same thing sometimes(the initial cry and then gets over it)but other times its just constant whine. Could be teething too I guess..still no sign of any teeth yet so they must be doing something.

Pamela, that’s good to know. He used to be a great independent player.. I hope that Jasper comes back soon!

Pamela says:

The pictures are just precious. We are seeing the separation anxiety as well. I feel your pain. On an up note, mine played independently for the first time while I was cooking the other night…they do get over it.

Amy, Peytie's nanny says:

All kiddos go through it and as far as it lasts…well that’s partly up to the parents (I said partly, no one jump down my throat, especially since I know I’m right). The main thing I would tell parents who would drop their kiddos off at the preschool I worked at is to bring in the little one and give big hugs and kisses and say “mommy (or daddy) loves you and you are going to have a great day, I’ll come back after work. Bye!” Make sure to smile to let them know that you trust who they are with and that they will be fine. Then the most important part, LEAVE. It really is NOT a good idea to keep running back to comfort your little guy. I know it’s not fun listening to them cry, rips your heart out, but they really will be fine.

Peyt went through a phase where she would be in her little jumpy toy and if I was right there in the same area she was fine but if I walked away she would cry. All I would do is turn and smile and say “You’re fine and I will be right back” and then I would go do what I had to do knowing she was in a safe area. It still happens every so often, but the funny part is she will cry as I walk away but once I am out of sight she will stop. So I know it’s just her trying to get my attention :)