Jasper Saying Mama and Waving Bye Bye

Sorry, it’s unedited but totally worth the wait!!

Update: after carefully reviewing the footage, I can honestly say my son is a genius!

Not only does he seem to start clapping after I do, but his insistance on saying “bah bah” instead of da da is CLEARLY him trying to say “bye bye” instead, probably because I repeated it a mere 50 times just prior! (right? Or am I reaching here?? :)

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Alicia Mick says:

Wow – he is truly advanced! At this rate he’ll be talking before he’s 1! Cool vid – and you have the sweetest voice mommy!

Farah says:

Purely a Genius!

Faith says:

So cute! thanks for posting : )

ariana says:

Kimberly, carter’s fleecy are the best! He does stop performing usually.. he used to just stare, now he usually tries to grab it out of my hands. I have several videos of that :)

Kimberly says:

So cute… I think Jasper and James have pretty much all the same jammies… we have that one, too! :) Does Jasper stop “performing” as soon as you point a video camera at him? I have the hardest time getting clips of James doing any of his “tricks,” because as soon as he sees me point the camera at him, he stops. Yet, if he sees the regular camera, he grins. Go figure. :)

HamiHarri says:

Haha – very cute! I’ve never actually been around kiddies that are learning to talk…so cute – and amazing!

ariana says:

Hi all!
Stephanie, yes, he is starting to try to clap now! Also when watching it again I realized he almost sort of started to try to say “bye bye” when I was saying it to him incessantly!

also, UPDATE: Dr. mom was right, it is viral croup as confirmed by pedi. The daycare said they haven’t had a case of that in two years and no other kids are sick.. where in the world did he get it then??

kari says:

i love it!
what a smart little cookie!
he makes me smile :)

jbhat says:

Is he advanced for his age or what? He’ll be saying, “There goes an articulated bus” any minute now.

So cute!

Stephanie says:

Too cute! Was he clapping, too?

Marcia says:

How cute! My daughter is just about the same age as Jasper and as you tried to get Jasper to wave she waved at the computer screen. Oh the cuteness!! Now if I could only get her to say mama on cue…