Jasper Recommends: Dr. Seuss Bright & Early Board Books


Jasper "reading" Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

Shot with my Canon Digital Rebel Xsi
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F 2.5
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ISO 200

We are big Dr. Seuss fans in our house. There isn’t a story time that doesn’t feature at LEAST one rendition of “Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumbs” ,  “Mr. Brown can Moo”  and “The Foot Book“.

There are many ways in which Dr. Seuss is brilliant, but for young babies I think it’s the rhythm that really holds their attention… I lightly bounce Jasper on my knee to the “beat” as we read and he flaps his little arms in excitement.

The other, perhaps less desirable quality of these books is that they are like crack for your brain… totally addictive and impossible to get out of your head!   If you have ever read Dr. Seuss’s ABCs then you know of what I speak (Big B little b, what begins with B? Barber Baby Bubbles and a Bumblebee…)

The bomb in the series (as far as I’m concerned) is “Ten Apples up on Top” which is one of the few in the series not written by Dr. Seuss himself.   I don’t really have a problem with that, but is it just me or has anyone read this and thought that it was written by someone who doesn’t speak English at all?  Plus the illustrations are just sub par in my opinion. We use that one as a “teething” book rather than a bedtime story.

Despite having almost the whole Dr. Seuss collection as well as Goodnight Moon and Polar Bear Polar Bear What do you Hear?  and Jasper’s other absolute favorite “Peek a Who?“, I am definitely craving a bit more variety in our bedtime story collection.. Jasper doesn’t have a problem with reading the same 5 books over and over but sometimes I do!

So what are/were your child’s favorites? What “must haves” am I missing?

PS: You can often find the Bright & Early Board books for $3.99 each at TJ Maxx & Marshalls!

PPS: Jasper still has a fever :(

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ariana says:

Cute Claudia! I used to love curious George too.

Claudia says:

I used to read Curious George’s ABC’s board book to Christian when he was a baby. I think that because we read this book so often is why he knew all his letters by 23 months! I haven’t started reading to Jordan yet, but I will soon.

Kimberly says:

James’ favorites are Colors by Little Scholastic (http://tinyurl.com/d4kvwr), Goodnight Moon, The Going to Bed Book, and Mommy Loves Her Baby / Daddy Loves His Baby (http://tinyurl.com/ddfuea )- it’s a “flip” book (two stories in one) and it’s by far one of my faves.
We also have lots of Dr. Seuss. Some of my other favorites are The Napping House, Mouse Paint, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Hope Jasper feels better SOON!!!

Kelsey says:

“All the Places to Love” is a work of art, and very poetic. It has a soothing rhythm–good for bedtime. The first time I read it I cried!

lelu says:

One of our favorites is Time for Bed by Mem Fox. I have read it to all of my kids at bedtime. We also love Dr. Suess, Boynton and Karen Katz. I love getting books at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Great prices. My four year old has always loved the Priddy Books, esp. My Big Truck Book. They don’t rhyme but they have great pictures. When he was potty training he would sit on the potty forever looking at these books.

Gina says:

My oldest son also loves Sandra Boynton books, especially Hippos Go Beserk! Plus Birthday Monsters, Barnyard Dance, The Going-to-bed Book are “must reads” at our house. I am rediscovering these books again as I start reading them to our 6th month old.

Also, when Jasper gets older, I recommend Chris van Dusen’s books: If I Built A Car, Down to the Sea with Mr Magee and A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee. His books are fabulous to read.

kari says:

We also are big fans of the doc!
Also love Shel Silverstein (I think my dad read me every book he wrote when i was a kid) Haven’t started them w/ Liam yet… selfishly worried he will ruin “my” books!
Liam is in love with his Noisy Farm/ Noisy Pals books.
We got them at Costco for 10.99 ea.

Jane says:

Hey now,Ten Apples Up On Top was the first book I could read all by myself! Not that I had great literary taste in those days. I recently ordered a Pippa Mouse book which was my *favorite* in first grade. Wanted to go back and be all nostalgic. It was horrible! I couldn’t get past the first two pages. So boring! The illustrations are still cute and just as I remembered tho.

theresa says:

We love anything by Sandra Boynton. She has so many great board books. We especially love OhMyOhMyOh Dinosaurs! and Hey! Wake Up!

Kari says:

Pee-ew! Is That You Bertie? (can get at amazon)
That Yucky Love Thing
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Little Critter books
Knuffle Bunny
Who’s in the Zoo
Chicken Cheeks

erin says:

Where the Wild Things Are was always a favorite at my house growing up, as well as all the Corduroy books, anything Winnie the Pooh (the original ones, not the Disney stuff), If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

And I don’t know if they might be too “advanced,” but I personally love Click Clack Moo and the Mr. Lunch books by J Otto Siebold and Vivian Walsh.

jbhat says:

Tell him to knock it off : ) And to stop playing with fire.

Okay, well, if it has to be board books, “Good Dog Carl” is amazing and all of the Sandra Boynton stories are cute too. Very rhymey.

elizabeth says:

After four kids I never got tired of “Goodnight Gorilla”, hands down my favorite!

jbhat says:

I think it will be okay if you read him ANYTHING at this point, even if it seems like he’s not old enough. Just browse the children’s sections and find your old favorites, look for some new ones and read away. If you limit him and yourself you will both definitely grow bored. Bored with the boards.

In particular I recommend anything by Margaret Wise Brown or Virginia Lee Burton. Also vintage Golden Books. Ooh, and the “Little Bear” stories are really good, especially Little Bear’s Visit…I LOVE that one.

ariana says:

JB, that would be true except he LOVES paper!! Loves it as in attacks and crumples it whenever he sees it.. that plus books are one of his favorite “teething” toys so we need to stick with the boards for now. Also, I really love “Guess How Much I Love You” But he’s not impressed.. if it doesn’t rhyme he’s not so interested. Even Goodnight Moon he hated until recently, but now that he thinks he can “pick up” things in the book with his newly acquired pincer grasp he likes to try to pick up the fire in the fireplace!

Pink says:

He is getting SOOO BIG! Love it!

morganmelim says:

A few Faves (some maybe a little older):

-Are You My Mother? (five gold stars!)
-All Barenstien Bear Books
-Is your mama a lama?
-Stella Luna
-Where The Wild Things Are

ariana says:

Sheri, he’ll LOVE that! Ever since he mastered the pincer, he has been pointing at and running his little index finger over everything..so cute.

Sheri says:

We love Dr. Seuss too – especially Hop on Pop! But Aaron’s favorite are the Usborne touch and feel series. The best is “That’s Not My Monster.” He will flip through the pages over, and over, running his hand over every page. I definitely recommend them!

ariana says:

Meggin, that does sound like teething. Poor li’l guy! If he had other sx, I’d be worried about swine flu too, it just broke out about 20 minutes from here at Rye Country Day school!

That class sounds awesome! I love UT (and Austin), I went there for a semester my Junior year (following my high school sweetheart across the country :)

Meggin says:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that some of my friends and I are taking an informal class at the Univ of TX this summer called “Photographing Children.” It is only 7 classes and whatever cool things I learn I will be sure to let you know:)

Meggin says:

Kirk Jr is a fan too! His favorite is “Put Me in the Zoo” that his daddy bought him for Christmas. I have a similar picture of him reading it too:) One of his other favorite books is “The First 100 Words” by Bright Beginings–he LOVES IT:)

Kirk has been running a lowgrade (99-100.4)fever on and off for about 2 weeks but he is not bothered by it at all. I am just the paranoid mom!! The Dr said he could be fighting a virus or teething. I have been checking him daily with the whole swine flu thing–we live in Austin, TX! Who kows???

ariana says:

Diana, you are the 4th person to mention roseola to me.. I’m beginning to think that’s a likely culprit!!

Marybeth, i’m not sure to take him to the pedi or not, my gut feeling is that it’s viral (temp too high for an infection, plus no other symptoms not even loss of appetite!) so not anything he can do right?

Katie, Going on a Bear hunt sounds adorable, going to check it out!

Diana says:

Good morning :O)
My daughter had a fever or 103 for 3 days just fever nothing else… I tooked her to the doctor and she said that maybe she was coming down with something but her ears and nose chest were fine. So after those 3 days of fever she started getting this little bumps on her body… and my mom and husband thought it was just a heat rash… i was worried becuase she had them all over her body and so i took her to the doctor again and they told me she had roseola. :O( check this website out…. http://www.babycenter.com/0_roseola_1616.bc

Oh, and to answer your question on the your last post about when I noticed baby had the ear infection, I actually never did! We had him in for his 9-month checkup and the doctor just looked in his nose and ears as part of the routine. She’s the one who found it. His only symptom was that he hadn’t been eating well (about half of his bottles instead of all of them) the past few days. I had mentioned that before she started the exam and the doctor wasn’t concerned since he was sleeping well and taking his solids fine. It turns out the pressure from sucking on the bottles was hurting him, so he could only take so much before pushing them away.

Anyway, you probably shouldn’t let a temp of 102 go for much longer. Can you get him into the pedi today?

Katie says:

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” is pretty engaging… he’ll probably do it in all of his daycare classes over the years, so you could give him a headstart now and he’ll impress his teachers:) There are different hand motions that you could do with him. I’m sure he would love it!

You are so right about the ABC book…it will stick in my head even if I haven’t read it in weeks! It’s just rediculously catchy!
We love the books by Karen Katz. “Where is Baby’s Belly Button” makes my son giggle, so we also picked up “Peek-a-Baby.” It’s so cute to see him smile for a good book.

ariana says:

Thanks Jill, 5 stars on Amazon, looks great, it’s going in the cart!

Jill says:

Every night, the last book we read is The Going to Bed Book. It is so cute — short and rhyming. I actually have it memorized, and sometimes when she is fussy I will whisper the rhymes to her. We also love the “If You Give a ____” books (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, etc.) — really fun. During the day, Ava loves anything touch & feel. Her favorites are Tails and Dogs (there is a Cats one, too). She gets so excited when she sees them!