Consignment Sale Scores

Consigment Sale


Ever since I scored the in perfect condition $125  glider last year for Jasper’s Nursery (same model retailed for close to $800 new) I have been completely enamored of our  twice yearly local consignment sale “As They Grow“.

This was the first time I participated as a seller and Marybeth asked me to let you all know how it went, so here’s the rundown..

For a $10 registration fee, I could sell as many items as I wanted (clothing limited to 20 though) and keep 60% of the sale price,  plus a pass to shop during special “consignors only presale” hours. Everything is done with barcoding software so the consignors enter
their items in online, print out labels and affix them to their items.
From your online account you can see which items sold and which did not
at the end of the sale and for what price (you can choose to
participate in a 50% off fire sale the last day).  When the sale is over you go and pick up
your unsold items (you also have the option of donating them to charity) and they mail you a check. Easy Peasy.

It’s a totally brilliant business idea and completely recession proof. If anything it’s probably even MORE successful during a recession. If someone wasn’t already doing this in my area I’d be all over it… Think about it, for the price of renting a large space (this year it was in my alma mater’s gymnasium which rents for a song and a dance) and working their tails off for a weekend they keep 40% of every item sold! That’s a huge profit.

I had about 16 clothing items up for sale, all but 3 sold along with our swing and bouncy chair which made me so very very happy.  It’s great to clear out the clutter and make a little pocket change as well. All in all we made $126, which is only slightly more than I spent at the sale.. doh!

Anyway, onto the fun stuff, what I bought!

Here are some of my best scores:

Gymboree "Mechanic" Jacket

Gymboree "Mechanic" Jacket with car lining, New With Tags for $8

New in Box Robeez for $15

New in Box Robeez for $15

Zoo house toy

This zoo house toy was $20. I don’t know what these types of toys are called, but they have them at Jasper’s daycare and the kids love them!  The nice ones usually retail for $50-$80.

Saving the best for last, this Melissa and Doug Latch board for $4 (similar to this one) is Jasper’s absolute favorite toy now:

melissa & Doug latch board

I knew as soon as I saw it he’d be in heaven – it uses real window and door latches which he is completely fascinated by:


There’s only one teeny tiny little problem..


..I really love it mom, but I just can’t figure out how to get it in my mouth..


..Nevermind! Problem solved :


I could probably gotten better prices if I had waited until the last sale day when everything is 50% off, but we had a busy weekend and wasn’t able to make it back on that day.  The one thing we REALLY needed that we didn’t get is one of those play yard gate sets. We simply cannot keep Jasper in his playroom for more than 2 seconds without him crawling right for (insert nearest dangerous object here).  Rather than baby proof the whole house, we want to set up a large enclosed area for all of his toys. Does anyone have a portable gate/play yard enclosure that they can recommend?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

P.S. You can use this site to search for a consigment sale near you!

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Kristen says:

Great finds! I am in love with the zoo house toy! Has anybody figured out or told you the name or company of it? I would love to find one.

ariana says:

Alicia, I think that is precisely the appeal!

Alicia says:

Wow!! That latch puzzle is right up my Penelope’s alley. It seems like something that she shouldn’t play with, so I’m sure she’ll love it :)

Off to spend some of her birthday money…

Jill says:

I MUST locate that latch puzzle! That is quite possibly the coolest puzzle I’ve ever seen. Maybe, just maybe, it will hold my son’s interest for longer than 2 minutes.

Kristin says:

I was at a friends home today they have the Sure and Secure Custom-Fit Gate by Summer infant:

They have a little climbing monkey and he can’t climb out of this gate(he can climb out of anything!!) It’s a little on the $ side with the extensions but it was secure, and didn’t wobble at all. She had it where it took up a huge area of her open plan living room and gave just the perfect place for baby to play. I think it would work outside nicely too.

Thx for the re-sale links!

Keri says:

Sweet deals! I need to find a consignment sale in our area!

Meggin says:

I love consignment shopping too! We just had our biyearly sale here in Austin called “Mama Cents” last week. I got a bunch of clothes for Kirk. We also have some great consignment shops that I shop at often. You can get great deals on just about everything– high end gear and even new cans of formula:)

Amanda says:

I use something called a playzone. I bought it online at target or bru…not sure. It comes with four “walls” but we have added two more to enlarge. It has a door entrance and one of the walls has activities on it complete with music.

jbhat says:

What a fantastic idea! And you found some GREAT stuff.

Hey, I found out this morning that we are expecting a sister for our son. Yay!

Jen says:

Wow! You scored some great stuff!!! Love the zoo house toy.

kari says:

great work mom :)
happy 8 months Jasper!

this is the gate thing i am considering – you can enclose an area using your own walls, or get extra panels and do a free form thing. it looks a lot softer than a lot that i have seen.

vedjen says:

I haven’t read any reviews yet, but I noticed this weekend that Ikea is now selling baby gates for seemingly decent prices.

nanette says:

BRILLIANT! And that puzzle is AWESOME!

Thanks for the update! I’ve been considering selling in a consignment sale, I think I’m convinced! That zoo house toy is great, and the Melissa and Doug toy was a fantastic find! I’m jealous :)