Happy Three Year Anniversary Jeff!

Three years ago today we were on the beach in Florida having the time of our lives with our family and friends…

It’s hard to believe that in just three years we moved back to NY from Florida, Bought a house, renovated said house, tried and finally succeded in getting pregnant, had a baby and managed to get through the first 7.5 months of his life still in one piece!

And yes, in some ways we are a little worse for the wear, but in the important ways that matter we have so much to celebrate.

One year ago today we had dinner at a castle and decided on the name Jasper and wondered what he would be like.  I remember saying “I can’t believe that next year at this time we’ll have an almost 8 month old!” Here we are on the other side… and i’ts so much better than we could have ever imagined.

I love you Shmoo.


Your Wife.

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nanette says:

Happy belated anniversary! We were just one day apart! We were married April 8, 2006!

Narelle says:

A complete family!

ariana says:

Thank you all!
I have to give credit to our amazing videographer for picking out that song. :)

Sarah J says:

WOW! You’re stunning! Happy Anniversary! May you and your husband have many more years of happiness and love!

Sarah says:

The song, the video, the words!!! Beautiful, breathtaking, wonderful!! May you always feel as happy as you did that day no matter what life brings! ~Sarah~

kari says:

the look on his face when you are walking down the aisle is absolutely priceless.

Your Husband says:

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Tonya says:

How lovely, congratulations to you both. Yesterday was our third anniversary and we were reminiscing about all that’s happened since that wonderful day. Moving, babies (two!), and all sorts of other craziness. Amazing what fun you can pack into three years, isn’t it?

ariana says:

Thanks guys!
JBhat, we went small so we could focus on quality rather than quantity :) Doesn’t work for everyone (like people that have huge families!) but it was perfect and intimate for us!

jbhat says:

Wow. What an incredibly gorgeous wedding and reception. You two did it up right. That montage was just lovely. Thanks for sharing. Happy, happy, happy anniversary, and here’s to many more.

Farah says:

Happy 3 yrs