Jasper Recommends: The First Years Take & Toss Spoons

Sending your child to daycare does have a few perks…

Like this morning when I dropped of my little teething monster I can not say that I didn’t breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.  Mr. crankypantsgrumpy face was in rare form, I actually felt SORRY for his two teachers that they have to deal with him all day!

But there are a few other perks too, like benefiting from their many years of experience.

Case in point, I had been giving Jasper his prevacid in these little gerber spoons for a month or so before we started solids:


and I would have also continued to use them to feed him solids.

That is until the daycare teachers told me about the Take & Toss Spoons!


Now before you go accusing me of being all environmentally unfriendly, I want to say that even though these are meant to be taken and tossed, I don’t toss, I wash and keep them.

Why are they so great? Because they are really soft, round and comfy on baby’s mouth. They also hold the PERFECT amount of food, creating the ideal bite size every time.  I’d probably still be feeding Jasper his breakfast right now if I were using the Gerber infant spoons!

Not to mention that they are incredibly reasonable at $3.49 for a 20 pack.  What this also means that you will have enough of them that you will NEVER be stuck with baby banging his fists on the highchair while you are searching frantically for a spoon.

Hmmm, Jasper Recommends..I think I feel a new series coming on!

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nanette says:

Ooohhhhh, interesting! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to give those a try!

Laura says:

OOPS! Forgot to mention that the logo has changed on the package. The brand is now Learning Curve, not The First Years.

Laura says:

Goes to show that even a 3rd-time mom can learn something! I used the Gerber spoons with my boys (7 & 5.5) with no problems, so of course I bought them for my little Sarah (7 months, born at 32w6d). I just started her on solids, and she LOVES to eat (except the green veggies, just like her mom), but she seemed to have trouble with her tongue using the Gerber spoons. More of the food wound up on her than in her. After reading your blog I figured I’d give these a shot. At worst I’d be out 4 bucks. OMG! I almost didn’t have to wipe her face! Granted, she was eating bananas, one of her favorites, but barely a drop ended up on her face. I wish I would have tried these the first time I saw them 5 years ago when my younger son was a baby. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

katie says:

I just found your blog, and I must say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these spoons. I have been using them since my son started eating solids, and I have never thrown one away (in fact, one time when we were out at a restaurant my husband suggested that I just leave the spoons I had used for trash, I nearly had a meltdown right there in the restaurant) I totally suggest them for toddler spoons as well.

ariana says:

LOL Sara, it’s the power of suggestion!

Sara says:

I am beginning to feel like a moron…we have both the Take and Toss AND Gerber spoons and for some reason IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME to use the Take and Toss at home instead of just when we’re out. Duh. Goodbye crappy Gerber spoons!

MrsTotty says:

I swear by these as well … LOVE them.

jenn says:

we have them for Luca too – i actually bought them with my daughter and loved them then!

Keri says:

We love those spoons, too, and like you, we wash and reuse them! I love that they are so reasonably priced, too– I don’t feel bad if we accidentally leave one behind when eating at restaurants or grandparents’ house. Love the new series, too!

jbhat says:

I too have those spoons and have never tossed even one. Why would anyone want to toss the perfect spoon? I also have some of the Gerber ones and I should totally get rid of them.

ariana says:

Judging by the responses, apparently I was the only one not in on the secret! I’m going to have to get more creative in my future Jasper recommendations ;)

Jessica says:

We also love these spoons.

Kimberly says:

James recommends these spoons, too. ;) And they’re free of BPA, PVC, and pthalates. The take & toss sippy cups and snack cups are great, too!

We use those spoons, too! I don’t toss any of them, but somehow they disapper so the price is right, too!

I’ve tried the Gerber spoons and something about them just doesn’t work…I’m not sure why :)

Jessie says:

Antonio is 6 months and he uses these spoons too! I always carry extra spoons in my purse… I also like the Munchkin spoons… They have a great shape, but the handle is a bit on the long side…

kari says:

we love these spoons too!!!

TheRightWife says:

Great find! I wonder if they carry these at Target?