Jasper’s First Military Crawl

And I even caught it on video!

I’d say we are just days away from a frantic crash course in babyproofing.

In response to my last post, the STTN was, sadly, a one-time thing.  The last two nights he’s woken at 3:30 on the dot (is he hiding an alarm clock in his crib?) and then again for good at 5:00am – 5:15am.  He does get awfully cranky about an hour or two later and has been taking an additional nap for 35-50 minutes. Why can’t he just stay asleep if he needs it?

The only good news is he referberized.. or at least he didn’t cry at bedtime the last two nights, so maybe it’s one or the other -crying or STTN, but not both (cause that would be just too easy mom!)

And on a completely unrelated topic… my new camera lens is coming today!

It’s a long story, one that I’ll post more about when I have more time, but I’m sending in my Canon 50mm 1.8 for repair and didn’t want to be without anything but the kit lens so thought I’d try this Sigma 30mm 1.4 from Amazon and hope I get a sharp copy!

Will keep you updated of course ;)

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Sarah T. says:

He’s getting so big! And I love how excited he got whenever he realized he was really moving around! Good luck with the babyproofing!

ariana says:

@heartartz, it’s amazing what a little training can do.. And also how quickly they progress. Jasper is already MUCH faster today than yesterday!

@jbhat, Jasper also loves to grab books, much more interested in putting them into his mouth than say listen to me read to him :) We don’t have TOO many dangerous things, but we do have old school steam radiators that we will probably have to build covers for. They get pretty hot! And outlets of course. Other than that I guess we’ll play it by ear?

@Meggin, I’m so excited for you! What a great price on the camera.. post a link to some pics when you have them!

Meggin says:

Good job Jasper!!

I just watched the video w/ Kirk (5 1/2 mo) and he was mesmerized. Maybe he picked up some pointers:)

I just got my Cannon Rebel from ebay this week for only $300-lens included and it’s in great condition. Can’t wait to get started!!

jbhat says:

That was just so amazing. He’s trying so hard and you can tell that he is loving that he is about to become mobile. Wow.

You know, we never really babyproofed. We put a few things away, and latched one particularly toxic cupboard, (of course, heavy furniture had already been tethered upon its installation), but really, we just watched him like hawks and steered him away from sketchy situations. One thing I know we did was make one of “our” bookshelves contain a lot of his books on the bottom two shelves, and that was a big draw. He could pull them out to his heart’s content. And he did.

Jasper is on the move. What the heck! It’s so true: the days can be long, but the time just flies by somehow.

heartartz says:

Jasper is just adorable!!!
Crawling …. reminds me when our son began trying to crawl.
We went on vacation/business trip to my parents. They babysat for our son that 1st weekend while we went to a weekend conference.
We left Friday and returned on Monday.
When we cam back on Monday, my dad had taken videos of my mother down on all fours teaching our son to crawl.
Either Mom was a good but persistent teacher or our son was a very fast learner, because after 3 days our son could crawl all over the place.
Needless to say, when we got back home it was a frantic rush to baby proof our own home!

kari says:

Ariana, that is the cutest EVER!!!
he is getting to be such a grown up boy :)
Have a fun babyproofing weekend!

tipperella says:

He could not be any cuter. Seriously! Sorry to hear that the STTN was a one time thing. Hope it happens again soon. :)