Jasper’s First Drink at a Bar..

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Yes, we like to start ’em young!

Our overnight trip to Brooklyn required a stop at Irving Plaza so Daddy could pick up tickets to see the Drop Kick Murphys. The detour was the perfect excuse to drop by the East Village and visit uncle Justin who was working behind the bar at our old hang out 7B. We had hoped to see Nicole who’s family owns the bar to show her how cute Jasper looks in the shirt she gave him but we missed her by an hour!

Jasper of course got thirsty (it is a bar after all) and once he finished his bottle he still wanted another round… so I nursed him in the photobooth.

As my friend Amy put it: “That is not the first time that has happened there”.

“Huh? You think other people have nursed their baby in the photobooth?” I asked.

“No, I mean I’m sure that’s not the first time someone has put their mouth on someone else’s boob in the photobooth.”

Good point Ames.

Anyhow, it was fun to come back to the place we’d spent so much time as a carefree couple. How much change 5 years can bring!

In other news, Jasper seems to have completely unferberized over the past two days. Kill me know.

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ariana says:

P – wow, small world! I wonder if we ever were there at the same time. Some people still call it the horseshoe bar, I think the original “official” name that the phone number is still listed under is “Vazacs Horshoe Bar” because there was a Vazacs Catering Hall above it that also owned the bar or something. It’s amazing how many tv episodes and movies were filmed there.. like the movie rent and that sex & the city episode where they go looking for pot. And a gazillion others. Now I see why.. it’s very photogenic :)

tryingin2007 says:

I just remembered in the shower — we used to call 7b “horse shoe bar.”

yes, it’s almost 4 pm and I’m just now showering. I have been working all day in my pjs.

tryingin2007 says:

ahhhhh! 7b! my old stomping ground. awesome juke box! I’m glad you’re starting J young!


ariana says:

Sara, that’s so funny! I’m sure we know that regular that gave you attitude.. was it a girl with long dark hair and bangs that kicked you out? That would be our friend Nicole!

Sara says:

Ah, 7B…here’s a funny story for you. I was visiting a friend in NYC 4 years ago and we stopped into 7B at, oh, 1:30 am or so, and I sat down at the bar. Probably very close to where Jasper is sitting in these pics. I apparently took some regular’s seat because he came up to me and started giving me attitude about sitting in his seat. Well, of course, being as stubborn as I am, I refused to move. And then I promptly got my butt kicked out of 7B…at 2 am…after fighting with an old man…and I only knew this happened because my friend replayed the whole thing in the morning. It was that kind of night.

ariana says:

LOL Farah, I don’t think I will either!

Marybeth, I’m going to post more on sleeping in a bit.. I have some good news on that front.

Kari, it is too bizarre isn’t it? I hope we get to meet our west coast dopplegangers someday. It will be like the Seinfeld bizarro world. Oh, and I was totally thinking about that line too!

Jbhat, definitely.. I actually had some captions posted on facebook to that effect :)

Alana, you won’t be sorry!! I love my rebel, though I wish with all my heart I could afford a 5D!

Thank you Jenna, they actually look better on flickr because they aren’t artificially resized down. Here’s a link to the set:

If you click on any picture and then on the left click on the little blue text that says “more properties” you will actually get the exif data with all my settings for each shot. ie.: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45102966@N00/3341238010/meta/in/set-72157615015711652

These ones are easy though, they were all shot with the lens wide open at 1.8 because it was dark in there and I needed as much light as possible. The trade of is that the ISO is high and they are pretty soft and a little grainy when viewed at 100%, but for a small to medium print they would be fine.

Jenna says:

These shots are fantastic! Out of curiosity, what setting were you shooting in? Aperture? They really are great!

Alana Powers says:

Super cute pics. I am totally getting an SLR, probably a Canon.

jbhat says:

Jasper looks totally wasted in some of those pictures. Right on!

Katie says:

I am interested in how the sleep situation is going. My now 4.5 month old has completely 180’d on her sleeping perfectly in a crib. She now is fussy for at least an hour and it is becoming harder and harder to listen to her cry! ahh. Any insite would be wonderful!!!!

kari says:

i swear we are living parallel lives on other sides of the country! we went to santa monica this weekend and stopped for lunch at the kings head (british pub) we sat outside and ate… kurt ran in to get some hot water to warm up the bottle – and someone gave him the stinkeye and the comment “you have a baby… in a bar…” all i could think of was that line in sweet home alabama when reese witherspoon says it! then her friend is all “this one’s still on the tit so i can take him anywhere!” i’ll post some pics later.
happy monday!!
(and if it makes you feel any better… my once perfect sleeper has been waking up every 4 hours since Thursday)

Oh, bummer about the sleeping–I was just wondering today how the Ferber method was going for you. I’m sorry to hear it’s not going well. I’m interested in hearing more about what’s happening and your plans.
The pictures are fantastic, though :) My husband loves the Dropkick Murphys, too…Good luck with the Ferber.

Farah says:

Great photos. You will never look at phonebooths the same.
I am sorry to hear about the unferberized. I have heard this is a common occurance